How To Straighten Hair With A Hair Dryer? 8 Easy Steps!

You need to know the steps on how to straighten hair with a hair dryer; straightening your hair shouldn’t be complicated.  Yes, you can do it using your hair dryer!

Straighteners or flat iron, in particular, are not necessarily needed when you want to achieve that straight hair. 

how to straighten hair with a hair dryer

The heat coming from the iron can produce a burnt smell and even damage the hair. So why not do it with the use of the hair dryer only. Please scroll down and find out the steps on how to do it. Believe me. The process is very straightforward! You can achieve it in no time. Plus, it is a better alternative to flat irons. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Steps To Straighten Hair With A Hair Dryer

Before we get into the process, you should know your hair type first. This will help you choose the right way to get straight hair better and quicker. For instance, if your hair is naturally straight, then the other steps might not be necessary, and you need to blow-dry it like normal. On the other hand, if your hair is curly or naturally afro, you need to learn the drying techniques below to straighten your hair. So without further ado, let us get right into it. Here are the steps on how to straighten hair with a hair dryer:


Step #1. Preparation

First, you need to get a brush that you are comfortable using and use this in holding your hair firmly as you blow-dry. This also makes the process quicker. Pick a particular brush appropriate to the type of hair you have. For instance, if your hair is voluminous and thick, you need a bristle brush with deep teeth. You can also apply some hair products for extra care of your hair. Different hair preparation products can be used to protect your hair against split ends, frizz, and heat damage. You can also apply serums or oils afterward to keep your hair straight and silky.


Step #2. Washing the hair

Your hair won’t become straight if you have not washed your hair. It will be too hard for you to straighten it. Not only that but the hair will be too dry without washing causing it to become brittle and damaged after you blow dry it. Find out the differences between shampoo and conditioner so you will know whether or not you will use either or both!


Step #3. Drying the hair

It would be best to use a towel to dry the hair after wash. But it shouldn’t be completely dry. The hair should not be dripping with water, but it should remain damp for an easy straightening process using a hair dryer. After towel drying, apply a hair care product to condition your hair. This will serve as protection.


Step #4. Dividing the hair

The hair should be divided into three sections using your comb. Take the side sections and leave the back portion. Then, choose your starting portion. The back portion you left earlier should be divided in half. Brush the section you choose. Ensure that the rest are clamped up, especially when you have thick hair.


Step #5. Blow the section

Set the temperature of the hair dryer at its high level and ensure that the airflow is fast. Then, start blowing out that section. Direct the blow dryer into your brush as you brush your hair downwards. Use the brush in straightening and pulling through your hair gently. The hair dryer and brush should be moved in sync in drying and straightening your hair. Remember, the key here is to create tension. Repeat the same process until you have dried and straightened the section entirely.

Take note that the hair dryer should not touch your hair through the entire process as it can burn it. Ensure that the first section is completely dry and straight before moving to the next one.


Step #6. Repeat

After you finish the first section, keep moving to the next one until you get the straight style you want. Repeat, repeat, and repeat until all hair portions are already dry and straight.


Step #7. Maintaining the straight hair using cool air

Once you are done with all the hair sections, one very important step has to be taken. In order to keep your hair straight the entire day, you can set your hair dryer on its cool temperature setting and allow the airflow to close the cuticles of your hair gently. A brush can also be used to pull the hair through nicely and gently.


Step #8. Spray

After that, you should apply argan oil or serum to make your hair shiny and silky. For stronger hold, you can sprit on a hair spray or firming spray to secure your style through the day. Then, you can go out with your beautifully straight and silky hair.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have reached the end of this guide, you can surely achieve a straight hair day by simply following the steps we provided on how to straighten hair with a hair dryer. If your flat iron is damaged or regular use has damaged your hair, do not worry because a hair dryer is a better alternative. Thank you for reading! Read related articles; know how to straighten hair with blow dryer and how to choose hair dryer.

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