How To Straight The Hair With A Blow Dryer? 8 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to straight the hair with a blow dryer? The one secret whenever you blow-dry your hair to make it straight, and silky is to make your hair dry that is not wet.

When you start blow-drying your hair, dry 80 percent of your hair, it is better to apply the hair spray, which helps prepare your hair for the blow dryer. 

how to straight the hair with a blow dryer

Use ceramic hairbrush because it produces form and a sleek look in parts with the best hair dryer for an elegant style. Increasing quantity and flawlessly outlining, you can do the expression in just a few basic tricks. Regardless your hair is long, medium, and you have a short haircut, making a  Straight hairstyle with blow-dry a breeze to include in your everyday princess look. So, if you are interested in this article and want to learn more about how to straighten the freezy and puffy hair with a blow hairdryer, read this article at the end!


Steps To Straight The Hair With Blow Dryer

Are you tired of your freezy hair look and want a stylish silky straight hair look by using a blow dryer? Then don’t be panic. We have mentioned all the steps that help you get rid of freezy hair. Here are the steps on how to straight the hair with a blow dryer:


Step #1. Using suitable tools

A branded hair drier with a nozzle that directs the hot air in a focused stream is the essential item you must have to blow-dry the hair. This gives your freezy hair a straighter blowout than if you’re using a hairdryer that doesn’t contain a nozzle. A nozzle adaptor is usually included with dryers, but you may buy one extra from the cosmetic shop if yours doesn’t. In addition, when you blow-dry your hair, you must have the following items: ceramic brush, the product that protects against heat, and the best hair serum.


Step #2. Washing your hair

Before straightening your hair, make that you should wash your hair. Then, use the shampoo and conditioner suitable for hair straightening; because you are going to a straight blowout, use a straightening conditioner and shampoo to lower the volume just before starting blowing it out. Read about how to properly shampoo your hair.


Step #3. Drying your hair

To dry your washed, wet hair, use your cleaned shirt and a soft towel and wipe it gently into your damp hair to absorb the water from your hair and make it dry when you shower.  Avoid squeezing, rubbing, or twisting it since this may cause it to become wavy. Instead, absorb the water falling from your hair with a soft towel or extra t-shirt. Before you blow-dry your hair to make them straight, it is better to use a broad toothbrush. These brushes help you in making your hair from knots and make them smooth. If you are using a simple comb, keep in mind that it harms your hair, making them snags and tangles during the blowout. Starting blow dry with knot-free hair makes your work easier and gives a sleek hair look at the end. 


Step #4. Using heat resistance items

Polymeric materials in heat-protective agent products bond to the hair and prevent it from being burnt by the blow dryer. Spray a little quantity of this product on your hand and rub it into the hair roots. If you notice that these heat protective products work poorly, then use hair straightening creams in the hair tips before blow-drying your hair.


Step #5. Drying your hair roughly

It is not recommended that you straighten your hair directly by drying it with a hairdryer. Before you start blow-drying your hair, make sure that your hair is more than 80 percent dry. Then, hold the hairdryer in one hand and dry all your hair and in your other hand, hold the comb you comb your hair and dry every layer of hair. Make you’re your complex and hairdryer have few distances when you notice that your hair is just most but not drenching stop drying it.


Step #6. Pinning up the hair

The top layers of your hair should be gathered and pinned or ponytailed at the crown of your head. Dry the lowest layers first, and then unpin the other hair layers till you notice that you dried your hair. Next, wrap your brush in a tiny portion of hair. To begin, pick a piece and lay it over your meeting towards the hair tips. The ceramic contact your head, and your hair should be stretched and dangled downward for straightening your hair. 


Step #7. Adjusting the heat level

To avoid damaging your hair, have used a medium heat level much of the time. However, you can use the highest temperature to guarantee that low blowout is straight if you have curly hair. 


Step #8. Continue drying

A single pass typically was not sufficient to completely dry a portion of hair. Continue to dry the same area until it becomes entirely straight and dry. Comb from the base to the ends, keeping the hair tight. The hairdryer should be angled below. Section by section, continue. Continue till the lower portion of hair is completely dry, then deselect the following selection of hair and again.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you’ve known how to straight the hair with a blow dryer. We have mentioned all the steps above, which I’m sure will straighten your hair with the use of a blow dryer. Thank you for being with us! You may also want to read about how to curl hair with blow dryer brush and what is the best blow dryer for black hair.

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