How to Store Unplanted Tulip Bulbs

Are you wondering how to store unplanted tulip bulbs? These bright-colored plants bring a magical feeling to every spring garden. Read on to learn everything you need to know about tulips.


How to Store Unplanted Tulip Bulbs

A Closer Look At Tulips

Tulips have more than 150 species with 3,000 varieties. In addition, there about 75 wild species of tulips. Tulips are popular for their bright colors and symmetrical shape. They come in many different colors such as white, pink, red, orange, yellow, and purple.

Their beautiful flowers consist of 3 sepals and 3 petals that appear to have almost the same size and shape. This cup-shaped plant grows more than 18 inches in height, depending on the variety.

Every tulip color represents different meanings. For instance, white tulips symbolize forgiveness while pink and purple tulips symbolize happiness and confidence, and royalty, respectively. In addition, red tulips represent love. Lastly, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts.

The Netherlands is known for a lot of things and tulip is one of them. In fact, the national flower of the country is the tulip. However, tulips did not originate in the Netherlands but Central Asia and Turkey.

It became popular around the world when it was brought to the Netherlands from Turkey in the 16th century. Today, the Netherlands is considered the largest producer and exporter around the world, producing nearly 3 billion bulbs yearly.

In the old times, tulips were considered as one of the most valuable items, even more valuable than houses. In fact, in the 1600s, it was one of the most expensive flowers, which costs almost 10 times more of the salary working man’s average salary in the Netherlands.

Tulips festivals are held around the world to welcome the spring season. In fact, there is a historical origin behind this festival. One of the most famous is the Canadian Festival Tulip, where it all first started.

It originated after WWII when Princess Diana from the Dutch royal thanked Canada by giving 100,000 tulip bulbs for liberating the Netherlands by the Canadian troops and providing her and her family a place to stay during the war. Every year, she sends tulips as an annual gift to the country.

Furthermore, other famous festivals are Tulip Festival Amsterdam, Indira Gandhi Tulip Festival, International Istanbul Tulip Festival, etc.

Tulips are usually planted in the fall, however, they can also be planted at different times of the year. Tulips usually bloom during spring. It only blooms for three to seven days. Tulips need cold to thrive. In fact, they need at least 14 weeks of cold to gather enough nutrients from the soil.


Tips on How To Store Unplanted Tulip Bulbs

Don’t worry if you have unplanted tulip bulbs. If they are stored properly, they won’t be destroyed.


Tip #1: Store them in a cool and dry place

The best way to store these is to place it in a cool, dry place with a temperature above freezing – at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The refrigerator is a good place to store these bulbs. If you bought the bulbs in the winter, these bulbs can be stored in the basement or at the garage, as long as it is kept away from any heat.


Tip #2: Use an insulated container for storage

Furthermore, bulbs can be placed in an insulated container, such as a Styrofoam cooler, for extra protection.

Tip #3: Place summer bulbs in peat moss

For summer bulbs, it is best to mix some peat moss and place the bulbs. Make sure to check the storage environment from time to time.


How Long Can You Store A Tulip Bulb?

Bulbs are different from seeds – they do not live forever. Stored bulbs will last up to one year if they are stored properly.

The longer they stay out from the ground, the more chance of getting rot and damage. It is recommended to plant the bulbs as soon as the planting season starts.


Benefits Of Growing Your Plants In A Semi Pro

Are thinking of investing in a semi pro greenhouse? To help you decide, check out the benefits of greenhouse gardening:


They extend your plants’ growing season

Semi pro greenhouses have the capability to extend the growing season of your plants. The extended growing season can produce more high-quality blooms or crops. This can also result in higher production.

You can plant anything you want

Regardless of whether you live in a warmer or cooler place, you can have a wide variety of plants to choose from. Plants that aren’t available in your area can be planted in your greenhouse. In case you’re wondering, the enclosed space creates an environment where you can control the temperature and humidity needed to grow the plants and protects them from harsh weather.

It protects your plants from bad weather and pests

Rainy summers can kill tulips. Growing tulips in greenhouses can protect the plant from heavy rain. A semi pro greenhouse acts as a protective barrier against the elements. However, it can also keep your plants safe from pests and vermin.


Recreating Tulip Gardens In A Semi Pro Greenhouse

Tulips are one of the most beautiful plants ever. Tulips thrive in cool weather. Whether you live in a warmer or cooler area, you can plant tulips in your backyard with the help of greenhouses.

In a semi pro greenhouse, you have control over the environment, especially the temperature. You can set the right temperature needed for the tulips to grow and produce high-quality blooms.

Now that you know how to store unplanted tulip bulbs, maybe you might want to try to plant your stored tulip bulbs in the semi pro greenhouse. You can recreate a small version of a beautiful tulip garden in your backyard!

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