How To Store Pressure Washer? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to store pressure washer? First, store the device in a dry area to protect it from extreme weather and freezing temperatures. Next, place it away from the heat sources that ignite the fuel vapors or dry out pump seals. Make use of an antifreeze or pump lubricant. Also, a solution can help the onset of mineral deposits. Finally, cover the pressure washer to protect it from holding in moisture.

And when you store the pressure washer exceeding thirty days, it’s likewise essential to take preventative steps in mind.

how to store pressure washer

That way, the pump and all other components are protected from further damage brought by cold temperatures. Also, use some fuel stabilizer to protect the engine while removing the water from the pressure washer. Well, my friends, this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Tips To Store Pressure Washer

Are you living in a location with a hard winter and freezing temperatures? If yes, think about two things like draining the pressure washer from the rest of its fuel. Secondly, adding some fuel stabilizer into its mixture is essential. Also, do not forget to add 1-part of antifreeze & 1-part of water through the pump. Or else, the water freezes and expands. Later you will see it’s breaking the pump already. Get the attachments disconnected before you store the device. Place it alongside a dry and cool place. Thus, use it again during the spring season. Make use of onboard storage as well.


Tips When Maintaining Pressure Washer On A Long-Term

There are maintenance measures to keep in mind in the long term. They can keep the pump and engine working correctly. But then, you must change its oil every fifty-working hours. Change it anyway if you do not use it for over twelve months. This oil change is essential to keep the component lubricated and keep the heat and friction at a minimum. A gas-powered pressure washer requires a difference in the spark plugs once every year if you want the pressure washer to begin every time. It is enough already if you change the oil every year and also flush its pump.


Preventative Measures To Keep In Mind

Here is the list of some of the preventative measures to know before you use the pressure washer.


#1. Making sure components work properly

Make sure the essential components work properly. Next, check the air filters and wash them for each 4-working hours. Change it after 100. Wash only the foam air type of filters and replace the paper filters. Check if the fuel is enough in the pressure washer tank so that it powers it. Also, check the engine oil. If it is dark, it’s a sign that you must change it. Monitor the time you change the oil. Change it every fifty working hours.


#2. Ensuring the pump is working correctly and all other parts

Ensure the pump works after you check the engine. Check its oil level right through the pump. Then, change it after reaching fifty working hours. Check the in-line screen and the water inlet to clear things, and no other stuff clogs them. And, check its tire pressure because a flat tire can cause lugging around the pressure washer.


#3. Checking the different attachments

Now, check the different attachments after the essential components are out. Ensure the high-pressure hose has no leaks in it. Replace it if it is leaked with a higher rating in PSI to avoid new and potential leaks.


#4. Checking the connectors and couplers

Check the connectors or couplers on its wand. Install a brand new type of O-rings if you see some leaks. Run through it with some water before you wash the washer hose. Thus, it will be free from bugs and debris.


#5. Run cleaning the water in the system

Run clean the water in the system for about 2 minutes if you use detergent. Relieve its design of pressure. Trigger the gun after you turn off its engine. Clear the water pump and pull its recoil handle.


Steps To Store Pressure Washer

So, how to store pressure washer? Here are the four steps to consider getting the pressure washer ready for the next season:


Step #1. Prepare to store the fuel system

Store the pressure washer long-term but first, maintain its fuel. If you store the fuel for thirty days, it can turn out harmful, damaging vital components. Drain the rest of the fuel into its container. Add some fuel stabilizer to avoid breaking the gas down and gumming up its engine components. Once you add the stabilizer already, operate its engine for 10 minutes. It should circulate freely in the engine. Store the prepared fuel for up to twenty-four months.


Step #2. Prepare to store the engine

Change the oil first before you prepare to store the engine. Remove its spark plug and place a tbsp of clean engine oil. Spray the proper fogging agent in the cylinder. Pull the recoil start many times to hand out the oil in its cylinder. Replace its spark plug and pull its recoil slowly. Wait until you feel the resistance and thus avoid moisture from continuing to the cylinder.


Step #3. Change its oil

Change its oil which is essential in the annual maintenance. Doing so helps eliminate corrosion and moisture and thus avoids excessive wear. Remove its spark plug after you change the oil. Pour some tablespoon of clean oil for the engine into the cylinder. Then, pull its recoil start several times. Distribute oil in the cylinder. Replace its spark plug while you pull the recoil slowly. Also, please wait until you feel its resistance so that the moisture does not enter the cylinder. Know what kind of oil for pressure washer pump.


Step #4. Prepare to store the pump

Turn off its engine, water supply, and fuel valve. Place the spray gun in its safest direction. Then, squeeze its trigger to bring relief to the trapped pressure. Next, get the drain water and hoses disconnected from the spray gun, lance, and hoses. Also, get the pump empty of its liquids. Pull its recoil six times to eliminate the fluid from its pump. Then, winterize the pressure washer pump.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to store pressure washer, which emphasizes keeping it in a dry and cool place. Cover it to protect it from holding moisture. Then, follow the rest of the steps when storing a pressure washer so that it can last for years. It may also be a good idea to read about why wont my pressure washer start and how to start a pressure washer.

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