The Ultimate Guide on How to Store Duoglider Stroller

Are you tired of how your duoglider stroller takes up all the space in your home?  I know how you feel, and there is a solution! In this blog post, we will be going over how to store your duoglider stroller so that it’s out of sight and out of mind.

We will discuss how to pack it for travel, How to Store Duoglider Stroller, as well as how to take care of the fabric while storing it. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

Duoglider Stroller


Ways to Store Douglider Stroller at Home

Storing the stroller in a closet: This is how most people store their duoglider stroller. It’s out of sight and so it doesn’t take up any space, which makes life easier! However, this has drawbacks, such as damaging your clothing. The best way to avoid this problem?

Use some folded-up blankets or pillows to pad the bottom of the storage container so that there isn’t much pressure on your clothes. You can also place something like a shoe organizer around each leg for extra protection.

Hanging up the top half of the duoglider stroller: If you’re storing one part of your double-sided vehicle on its own then hanging it might be an option for you! Just make sure you have a sturdy hook and something to hang the stroller from. If it’s not too heavy, try using your ceiling or door as an anchor point.

Hanging up both halves: Another way to do this is by hanging two hooks on either side of your duoglider stroller on opposite walls. Then just attach them with string so that they’re close enough together for the whole thing to balance between them!

Hooking onto other large objects: Just like how I hung my bikes in my garage? This can work if you’ve got another really big item near where you want to store your vehicle. What about putting one end inside a bike frame or even propping it against some shelves? It all depends on how high you want to go!

Securing it: Finally, you can secure the two wheels separately by tying one end of a rope around each wheel and then attaching that same side with some sort of hook. For this method, I recommend using something other than string because how often does that last?


How do you Close a Duoglider Stroller?

The best way to close your duoglider is by folding one side in and the other out. The seats should now be facing each other with the folded sides pressed up against each other.

Now just lift them over their stands, fold down or remove any of the bicycle locks that are still attached to either wheel, then snap on both sections of the umbrella cover from inside it. Done! You can store this however you like but since I want my stickers to stay clean and scratch-free, I leave mine hanging next to my bike frame.


How to put a Carseat in a Duoglider Stroller

Just like how you would put a carseat in any other type of stroller, with the Duoglider it’s no different.

You can either strap your seat onto one side and then use the safety straps on that same side to clip them together or if you want more security for little ones who are sitting up then just strap each seat into its own bottom bar loop so they’re both secure.

It doesn’t matter which way you do this because when done correctly it will be the same thing but I prefer doing things as securely as possible for my kid’s sake.

Now all four rings should be attached to your carseat (or whichever device). Next, make sure everything is level by adjusting each top barring until the assembly feels even –  you’ll want to make sure that any bumps or bents in the frame are evened out and not leaning too far forward. You can do this by using your hands, but it may be easier with an adjustable wrench if you have one available.


How to Fold up an Old Graco Stroller for Storage

Now too folds up the stroller for easy storage, you should first make sure that it is completely folded and closed. You’ll want to do this by pulling on each side of the frame towards the middle until everything is connected securely with one another.

Next, take your hands and push them down on both sides of the frame until they are as close together as possible without forcing them too much or bending any parts of metal.

Now use your hands and slide each handle over into its own respective slot so that you have created a narrow rectangle from which every inch of space has been used up (the handles will now be sitting parallel with the top barrings).


What car Seats Work with Graco DuoGlider?

There are two car seat compatibility options for the Graco DuoGlider. The first is to use a convertible car seat like the Graco Contender in rear-facing mode and using the included adapters, or you may opt to purchase an extra base that has been specially designed for your vehicle (if it’s not listed as compatible).


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