How To Store Celery In The Fridge? 2 Easy And Direct Methods To Try!

How to store celery in the fridge? There are lots of ingredients mixed into foods to make them taste better, and one example of it is celery; as much as you want to retain its quality, how to store it? Celeries are used differently in various cuisines around the world.

Each people have their twist in making dishes they like which is why it is essential. To accomplish that, you will first need fresh celeries, which can be purchased anywhere on the market today. Check for bundles for better deals.

how to store celery in the fridge

The only problem that you’ll have to deal with is how you can retain their freshness; to answer that, there are many ways to do that. So to help you out with your problem, we are here to find the solution for that, and that is what we are going to learn in this article today. So keep on reading to know more.


Methods To Store Celery In The Fridge

How to store celery in the fridge? When you think of storing vegetables or fruits, the first thing that comes to mind is putting them inside in a fridge’s crisper. Well, yes, since it is guaranteed to retain your food item’s freshness.

Thanks to the help of the refrigerator, the life span of a food item gets longer. Celeries themselves can be able to last for a long time already, though. It can withstand a week or two without the help of the fridge, though it might not be that fresh since it has been staying in the open air for a long time already.

With the help of the fridge, typically, whole celery can last double the amount of time that celery can last outside. Always choose fresh celeries. Because they last longer than store-bought ones, their shelf lives are vastly different when compared to each other, allowing you plenty of time to plan your meal.

Celeries are an essential part of one’s diet. It is a low-calorie vegetable that mainly consists of water but contains many vitamins for the body to absorb. This is why it is necessary to keep them fresh as much as possible, or else they would lose all the vitamins they have and start to rot in your refrigerator.

Of course, who wants that to happen? Not a single person, right? Rest easy; we got you. We will assure you that your celery stays good still so you can consume it. Below are ways or methods that you can efficiently use for these situations; you don’t have to worry about anything. They can be done with ease too.


Method #1. Wrapping celery in aluminum foil wrap

Some of you may not know that wrapping celery in aluminum foil can be able to retain the vegetable’s crispiness. Bags are not advisable since they trap gases. For best results, these are one of the methods that you can put to use without you having to spend a significant amount of money just on some fruits and vegetables.

When using this, they keep the celery’s head whole and directly wrap them in aluminum foil. As usual, could you keep it on the crisper? With this, celeries can maintain their freshness from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on how long it stays in your crisper drawer. Also, learn how aluminum foil keeps things cold.

Regardless, with this method, we can ensure that no gases get trapped inside its storage so that it doesn’t rot fast as it is supposed to be As much as possible, you’ll want to wrap your celery in a very tight cover of aluminum foil so that the moisture coming from the vegetable doesn’t escape.


Method #2. Covering with aluminum plates

If you have these at home instead of a wrap, you can make it work still. But first, before doing anything else, you’ll need two pieces of plates to cover each other. Now to start the process, wash your celery up with some water so that it wouldn’t dehydrate quickly. Next, chop them into several pieces depending on your desired size.

And wash them once more to make sure; do not over wash it though, it may lose its crunch factor and appear soggy when cooked with some dishes. Once you’re done, place them into the plate, ensuring that the vegetable is wet before putting it in the fridge. Cover it up so that it doesn’t freeze quickly.

The cover acts as a protection to distribute the cold air around other areas with ease; this is to retain the vegetable without freezing and rotting. Finally, these are some best ways to store celery; I can assure you that your veggie will last long enough before you use it for your next meal. That is all.



And that is how to store celery in the fridge. This method can also be applicable for some vegetables if you want them to maintain their natural crisps and texture. Again, using aluminum for these situations is crucial; it will help your food maintain its moisture so that it lasts for several weeks.

If you ever need to read anything about storing it, go back to this article anytime to understand our discussion further. On the other hand, to widen your knowledge about refrigerators, you might as well learn about how to fix a mini-fridge, another informative topic to read.

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