How To Store A Wedding Dress Before The Wedding

We have two steps to help you learn how to store a wedding dress before the wedding. First, we start with the proper preparation procedures after receiving the dress, then go into the tips on keeping the dress to ensure it looks best on the wedding day. 

To further help you with storage, we will also talk about how long you can keep the dress stored and what to do when you take it out of the storage. For example, you will know how to keep the dress clean and without wrinkles or odors after storage.  

how to store a wedding dress before the wedding


What Is The Best Way To Store A Wedding Dress?


Step 1. Preparation

  • Get the wedding dress out of the box and plastic upon its arrival to allow the materials to breathe 
  • For light wedding dresses, put the garment on a padded hanger then inside a garment bag
  • For heavy wedding dresses, wrap the garment in a cotton sheet and lay it flat inside an acid-free cardboard box because hanging can cause the embellishments to tear the seams due to their weight
  • Do not use a synthetic garment bag for a wedding dress that is made of natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, or linen because it’s not breathable enough; the fabrics can deteriorate and develop mildew or musty odor because of the potential condensation trapped within the bag


Step 2. Storage

  • If you can store your wedding dress hanging, put it inside a closet that’s out of the heat, direct sunlight, or moisture
  • Allocate enough space for the hanging wedding dress as close spaces can cause wrinkling
  • If you will store the wedding dress inside the closet for several months, cover it with a clean white cotton sheet for added dust protection
  • If you will store the wedding dress flat, wrap it first in a cotton sheet before putting it inside an appropriate size cardboard box to minimize wrinkling
  • Select an acid-free cardboard box for storing the wedding dress as the acidity can cause the deterioration of textiles 
  • Depending on the size and thickness of the wedding dress, you can choose between folding or rolling it, whichever leaves the fewer wrinkles
  • When folding the wedding dress, add acid-free tissue paper on the layers for better wrinkle protection
  • Place the box with the wedding dress under the bed or any part of the room that stays cool, dry, and away from pets
  • Avoid using humid areas like attics and basements for storing the wedding dress as they can leave a musty odor on the garment or even cause mildew due to the damp air
  • Before ultimately storing the wedding dress, make sure that you’ve already tried it, and the fitting is already perfect; you don’t want to constantly remove and open the covered wedding dress frequently to prevent debris buildup

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How Long Can You Store A Wedding Dress?

You can store the wedding dress a maximum of six to seven months before wearing it on your wedding day. However, ensure that you have already done the final fitting and the seamstress has already done all the needed alterations on the wedding dress before you clean and store it. 


How Do You Unpack A Wedding Dress For The Wedding

You can remove the wedding dress from storage a day or two before the wedding. Then, check its condition to know what to do to restore it to its perfect form. 

You may need to hang the wedding dress to remove the creases and wrinkles, or it might need a quick trip to the dry cleaner if it has an odor. You can also read this guide on how to steam a wedding dress for home solutions regarding wrinkles on the dress. 


Will My Wedding Dress Turn Yellow Before My Wedding?

It’s unlikely for your wedding dress to turn yellow before the wedding, but it’s possible depending on how you use and store it before the big day. Usually, the wedding dress can be yellow after six months if it’s not cleaned and kept correctly. 

This is because the fibers that make up the textiles will degrade, and it’s more noticeable on wedding dresses since they are white. The decay turns the white wedding dress in a shade of light to even dark yellow. 


How do I keep my wedding dress clean before the wedding?

  • Make sure to do all the final fittings before storing the wedding dress for good since sweat, makeup, and other factors that you can transfer to the fabric can hasten deterioration
  • Store the wedding dress somewhere cool and dry
  • Check with the boutique regarding the proper cleaning, washing, and steaming of the wedding dress according to its fabrics

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And that’s it! You just learned how to store a wedding dress before the wedding, where it’s crucial to identify if it can be hung or better folded. 

Lightweight dresses can be hung, but heavier ones must be folded for storage to prevent damaging the fabric due to the weight. Then, use a breathable garment bag on hanging dresses and layer the folds with acid-free paper on folded dresses inside a cardboard box. 

Finally, always store the wedding dress somewhere cool and dry. 


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