How To Store A Mattress In 2 Best Steps

If you want to know how to store a mattress, you need to tackle two critical steps. Why is this crucial? Let’s face it; mattresses are quite pricey, so you want to extend their lifespan. 

Furthermore, proper storage affects the quality of the mattress. You want to keep it in the best conditions until you plan on using the mattress again. You also want to apply the tips below when moving the mattress whether with a significant distance or not. 

How To Store A Mattress


What Is The Best Way To Store A Mattress?


Step #1. Prepare



Before anything else, you want to check your mattress and do the necessary clean-up. Never store your mattress without checking for odors, stains, and other build-ups. The first method for cleaning your mattress before storage is to vacuum all of its sides. 

This is similar to how you’ll ensure pillows last longer and prevent the deterioration of materials. After you removed all the bedding, you want to freshen your mattress by letting some baking soda sit on the surface. Vacuum it off and ventilate your mattress before wrapping it. 



The key to avoiding issues in mattress storage is sealing your mattress tightly with plastic. Use a light material with packing tape so that it’s still breathable yet secure. Remember that the reason why you’re sealing your mattress for storage is to prevent moisture development that can encourage fungal growth. 

You can also check for a mattress bag if you intend on storing your mattress for an extended period. This material should keep your mattress dry without you worrying about tears. But regardless of what you choose to cover your mattress, you still want to let it breathe every few months as maintenance. 


Step #2. Position 



The next step will depend on how far you are to the storage area. Are you just storing your mattress in another room, or are you traveling with a moving truck? You may need to cover your mattress with old sheets to protect it from damages for a more extended trip.

This way, you can feel confident that it won’t get holes or collect dust throughout the trip. You’ll also have an easier time organizing your items in the truck since you’re free to position the mattress on its side. However, be mindful that you’re not folding the mattress and damaging its form. 



Once you’ve selected the place for storage, position your mattress accordingly. Understandably, you’re going to place it on its side to save space. However, this isn’t ideal for a long time because it affects the mattress structure. 

If you’re storing your mattress for a long time, please lay it flat to ensure that the coils and interior remain natural. Otherwise, you risk damaging the cushion and the form of the mattress. You also don’t want to place anything on the surface as they can wear the mattress down. 


Can You Store A Mattress In A Garage?

One of the primary concerns is where to store your mattress. Because of its size, a typical area that may come to mind is the garage. However, this is a big no-no because the temperature is not stable in this part of the house. 

The same goes for your basement, attic, and shed because you risk mold growth due to humidity. Moisture and temperature are crucial factors that can damage your mattress if they fluctuate. Consider renting a storage unit with climate control, especially if you’re storing your mattress for extended periods.

This way, you can feel confident that your mattress won’t deteriorate from the conditions throughout the year. But if you have no choice but to store it in the house, you want to control the conditions in that room. The requirements should never fluctuate to keep your mattress in pristine condition.


Can You Store A Mattress Upright?

As mentioned earlier, you want to position your mattress naturally when storing it. You can temporarily store it upright, but it can damage the form if done for too long. Therefore, keep your mattress flat without any objects over it so that it maintains its structure. 


Is It Bad To Keep A Mattress On The Floor?

You can store a mattress on the floor as long as it’s clean. You can even stack your mattresses on top of each other if you’re keeping multiple of them to save space. A useful tip is to place plastic or cardboard on the floor, followed by the box spring, and then the mattress. 

However, don’t be tempted to push your mattresses on the floor when arranging them. You don’t want to damage the coils or even the fabric. Carry your mattress when setting it for storage to ensure that it stays well for the next use. 



Mattresses are one of the household items we struggle to set aside due to their size. Therefore, you must be familiar with how to store a mattress correctly to save space and ensure that your mattress will be free of any damage. You can simplify the process into two steps where you’ll clean and cover your mattress.

Transport it safely and then finally, store it flat somewhere with stable temperature and humidity. The emphasis is necessary on selecting the best area for storage and how you position your mattress. Errors in these considerations can cause deterioration on your mattress, which can make it unusable later on.