How To Store A Mattress Long Term In 3 Easy Steps

You can master how to store a mattress long term in just three steps! But what makes storage techniques different for long-term storage that you must read this, you ask? Remember that keeping your bed unused for a long time should be handled carefully to ensure that it will be as good when you take it out. 

Let’s say you already know what to do when you leave the mattress in the storage facility. Are you familiar with how long you could keep it there or the best storage technique to ensure that it won’t get torn or holes? Trust us, you’ll going to want to bookmark this article. 

How To Store A Mattress Long Term


How To Store A Mattress Long Term: The Best Way


Step #1. Prepare

Before you cover your bed, you have to check it first for cleanliness and if it’s free of damages. You must address stains if there are any and ensure that your bed is dried thoroughly before you wrap it. We also recommend vacuuming all sides to remove any build-up of dust and other small particles or bugs that can be stored with it. 


Step #2. Cover

Once everything is clean and damage-free, you can wrap the mattress in plastic. This will serve as the barrier against dust and potential moisture to enter the bed in storage or transport. As additional security, you also want to tape the plastic to keep it from developing holes and tears. 

However, always use light plastic so that it’s breathable to keep moisture from being trapped. Then, place the wrapped mattress in its ideal mattress bag. Opt for something waterproof and thick to be confident, leaving your bed stored for a long time.


Step #3. Store

Finally, you’re ready to set up the bed in your chosen storage area. The best orientation to keep the bed long-term is flat horizontally. This way, you won’t encourage creasing or having the materials deformed. Never have it upright for a long time because you will lose the structural integrity of the mattress.

You can also place it over something flat if you’re afraid of water reaching the storage area. Another reminder we should mention is never place anything over the bed. You might be tempted to do this to save space, but consistent pressure can cause dents on the mattress.


How Long Can A Mattress Be Kept In Storage?

You can keep your mattress stored for many months or according to the brand’s recommendation. However, our advice if you’re planning on storing it for longer is to air the bed twice a year. Open the plastic and let the mattress breathe every six months to freshen it and ensure that it’s dry. 

Make sure that you also lie it flat as it expands. You can even sprinkle baking soda on the surface, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum. Use this opportunity to check the storage area as well for holes and liquids. 


Should You Store A Mattress In Plastic?

Yes, you can use plastic to cover the bed in storage. The emphasis, though, is on using it with a mattress bag. Using a plastic covering alone is still risky, especially for long-term storage. More so, avoid thick plastic materials because they encourage moisture inside the bed. 

It would be best if you also taped the plastic-covered mattress to keep the plastic from unraveling. And as we have discussed, always aerate your bed every six months. By rewrapping it with new plastic twice a year, you can ensure no holes where bugs, dust, or liquids can enter. 


Can I Store A Mattress In A Garage?

We are not excited about the idea of using the garage for storing your mattress. Like the attic, the conditions in this area fluctuate. Remember that unstable temperature and humidity can encourage mold growth, especially when you’re storing long-term. 

So what is the best place to store a mattress? Since you’re keeping it there long-term, invest in a storage facility. Often, it’s climate-controlled, so you’re at no risk for mold and mildew. You can also ensure that your bed will be protected against issues from different weather conditions throughout the year. 


Is It Safe To Use A Mattress That Has Been In Storage?

There is no reason why it will be unsafe to use a bed after it has been stored. However, this will depend on how well it’s cared for inside. Did you pack it well and ventilate it regularly?

If a mattress is also stored somewhere unhygienic and damp, you can face mold, dust mites, and even bed bugs. More so, remember to clean your mattress correctly before using it. This can mean vacuuming it off or even disinfecting it. 


How Do You Disinfect A Mattress?

You can use several everyday household items to disinfect the bed safely. Remember that you can’t wash it by soaking it like bedding, so mist and dry the mattress thoroughly. You can use vinegar, dish soap, and water, or even baking soda to clean the bed against bacteria. 



Do you plan on not using your mattress for months? A quick recap of how to store a mattress long term correctly is to check it before covering and placing it in the storage area. Always clean the bed and then cover it with plastic and tape before putting it in the mattress bag.

Then, lay it flat somewhere with stable conditions and then regularly ventilate.