How To Steam A Wedding Dress In 2 Easy Steps

You can learn how to steam a wedding dress in two steps. We will also discuss if it’s even a necessary practice in the first place.

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how to steam a wedding dress


How Do You Steam A Wedding Dress?


Step 1. Preparation

  • Place the wedding dress on a padded hanger to restore its structure after arrival
  • Keep the dress hanging for a few days, as it might help with getting some of the folds out
  • Decide if it will still need steaming or do the steaming the day before the ceremony 


Step 2. Steaming

  • Most wedding dresses can have wrinkles removed with quick steam from the shower
  • Hang your wedding dress in the bathroom door and let the shower steam do the work; this can be useful on the day of the wedding date itself
  • Run a very hot shower with towels on the bathroom floor to fill the room itself with steam
  • Don’t close the door because the air might get the dress too damp
  • If the wedding dress has noticeable creasing, shower steam wouldn’t suffice, and you’ll need a steamer


How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of A Wedding Dress?

  1. Request your wedding dress to be steam pressed 24 hours before it gets shipped from the boutique so it will dry nicely and prevent wrinkles in the first place
  2. Remove the dress from the bag upon its arrival and hang it to remove some of the wrinkles from being packed 
  3. Check with your tailor if you can iron the wedding dress; once you confirm the go signal, put fabric over the dress so the iron won’t directly touch the garment 
  4. Turn the dress inside out and iron it along the seam lines 
  5. Use the iron at a low setting and move it slowly to press the dress safely
  6. Avoid going over the embellishments of the wedding dress that aren’t meant to be ironed (e.g., sequins, beads)
  7. If ironing didn’t restore the smoothness of the dress, use a steamer if it is compatible with it


Can You Use A Hand Steamer On A Wedding Dress?

You can use a hand steamer on a wedding dress as long as you check the garment’s material if you can steam it. For example, it should be safe to use a hand steamer on a wedding dress made from polyester, cotton, or even silk, while others are at risk of melting. 

You should also never steam directly on the wedding dress because the water droplets from the device can leave unsightly marks. Most wedding dresses are white, so use a white cloth over the dress or steamer itself before steaming. 

Ask your tailor regarding the safety of steaming the wedding dress to feel secure. You can also test the hand steamer on a small and hidden part of the dress to check. 


How do you steam a dress at home?

  1. Hang the dress to make steaming much more comfortable
  2. Check the steamer’s setup directions diligently
  3. The steamer’s attachments and lids should be securely installed 
  4. Put a white sheet between the nozzle and dress to keep water droplets from directly hitting and potentially marking the dress
  5. Test the nozzle of the steamer to the ground to ensure that the device has warmed up, and the droplets are perfect
  6. Hold the steamer so that it’s 6 to 10 inches away from the dress
  7. Keep the nozzle horizontal to prevent droplets from dripping onto the wedding dress
  8. Start from the top of the dress, then go down without turning the steamer’s nozzle to the side
  9. If the wedding dress has ruching and other gathering details, steam them from inside the garment to avoid ruining the stitches
  10. Do not steam the dress’ embellishments 


Do You Need To Get Your Wedding Dress Steamed?

If your wedding dress can be steamed, then it’s a good idea to do so before the ceremony. This will freshen your dress and ensure that it will look perfect on your wedding day.

If the creases and wrinkles are only minor, you don’t even need to use a handheld steamer. Instead, consider hanging it inside the bathroom as you take a steamy shower. 


When Should I Steam My Wedding Dress?

Consider steaming your wedding dress 24 hours before the wedding. You can even do it quickly before the ceremony on the same day if it’s just shower steaming. 


How Long Does It Take To Steam A Wedding Dress?

Steaming the wedding dress can take an hour or thrice the duration, depending on its intricacy and your chosen method. Remember that this preparation shouldn’t be done quickly and carelessly. 

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And that’s it! We just discussed how to steam a wedding dress in two steps. First is the preparation, then using the shower steam or hand steamer. 

The emphasis is necessary on using the proper method and steps and whether the dress material can be steamed. We hope this helps; leave us a question if you have any. 

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