How To Start Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to start pressure washer? If you don’t, this article will teach you how to start a pressure washer essential things in a pressure washer, and proper handling.

Many house cleaners use a pressure washer to flush any attaching dirt, molds, and grimes. Cleaning the house is often rated as one of the most challenging chores at home, especially on walls, decks, and roofs.

how to start pressure washer

Due to the efficiency and limited time, they prefer using a pressure washer instead. Cleaning any parts of the house can be done by manually applying cleaner solutions and rinsing it off with a regular water hose. Even if you are not a professional cleaner, you can clean the house yourself. You only need to follow the essential guides on how to start a pressure washer and tips. The pressure washer comes into two different types: electric and gas. 


Types Of Pressure Washer 

These two do not have many differences, but their unique features will help you recognize each, along with their particular uses and how to start a pressure washer. Both pressure washers can give you an efficient and professional-like cleaning. If you are still comparing better and easier to use, continue reading and find out what washer suits your needs. Almost all machines nowadays have been carefully innovated to function with electricity as the power source, similar to this pressure washer. The electricity will be able to start the engine. But before purchasing, you must know the product features.

If you don’t like loud noises, this pressure washer suits you. As this washer has a lower PSI (pounds per square inch), the sound that came from the pump is quieter than the gas pressure washer. But, in some brands, the pressure can be controlled to either increase or decrease it quickly and is commonly used in cars and other soft surfaces. Electric pressure washers also cost and weigh less. As this pressure washer needs electricity, you must plug it into an outlet, which anyone can move anywhere. 


Gas Powered Pressure Washer

A gas-powered pressure washer is more recommendable if you require a higher PSI. Why? This type of pressure washer is powered by fuel and pump oils. However, it needs more maintenance than the electric, but this device lasts longer and is more accessible. You can bring the pressure washer anywhere, don’t forget the fuel and pump oil. However, this pressure washer has a louder noise than the reports. The report says the sound ranges from 75 to 105 decibels.


Step To Start An Electric Pressure Washer

It is essential to know the step-by-step guide to start the pressure washer, as this will help you maintain the performance and expand the washer’s life. If this is your first time and has no clues on how to start the machine yet, we got you covered! Unbox your pressure washer, and let’s begin. Here’s how to start pressure washer:


Step #1. Place on a flat surface

After unboxing the electric pressure washer, place it on a flat surface. Most electric pressure washers models are in an upright position. Suppose your washer is required to be in an upright position, then you should follow it whenever you’re using the machine or storing it. Laying it down or putting it on its back might damage the inner or outer tubs, suspension, and support pads. Carefully check the parts of your pressure washer. There might be loose parts, and you can tighten them using the right tool such as screwdrivers or wrenches. Double-check the caps or lids on gas pressure washers. 


Step #2. Fill the fuel tank

If you have a gas-powered pressure washer, you must fill it with fuel first. You can check the handbook for the right amount needed to run the pressure washer. You can use a funnel to avoid fuel splattering. Do the same process on adding the pump oil. 


Step #3. Connect the garden hose

If you want to try the electric pressure washer, you can use it in a few minutes by cleansing the concrete driveway or walls with water. Connect the garden hose into the pressure washer’s inlet. Do not turn on the pressure washer if the garden hose is not yet connected, as this may damage your device. 


Step #4. Prepare the washer wand

Choose the right size of your nozzle depending on what you need in cleaning. Then, please attach it to the wand’s tip and connect it to the pressure washer. Note that the pressure of the water is higher and controlled through the washer wand nozzle. You may also want to read about how to choose the right pressure washer nozzle; find out the pressure nozzle chart.


Step #5. Start the pressure washer

After you securely attach the garden hose inlet to the pressure washer, you can now turn it on. Plug it into the outlet and turn it on for an electric pressure washer. You can now start cleaning! On the other hand, you need to switch on the fuel for a gas-powered pressure washer. Then, open the choke and throttle. Pull the cord until it starts, then turn to close the choke.


It’s A Wrap!

Learning how to start pressure washers is not hard! As it holds a higher water pressure, you must impose safety first. Click on these links to read related articles; know why wont my pressure washer start and how to use soap with pressure washer.

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