How To Start Honda GX200 Pressure Washer? 7 Easy Steps!

So, you want to know how to start Honda GX200 pressure washer? Are you confused about manual instructions on using the Honda GX200 or want to learn more about this product? This article will deliver the information you need, like starting it, using it, and maintaining it in good shape. Let’s get it started!

If you just brought a Honda GX200 pressure washer, you indeed choose it as it has reliable and good product reviews. Sometimes, the instructions in the manual with the product do not explain all the problems we have in mind or the other concerns.

how to start Honda GX200 pressure washer

Most people nowadays use pressure washers to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces, walls, and others. As the demand gets higher for these products in the market, the question of the products also rises. There is an electric pressure washer brand, but some people prefer using a gas-powered pressure washer. Here are the lists of the few steps that you should consider upon starting your Honda pressure washer. 


Steps To Start Honda GX200 Pressure Washer

Don’t start the engine right after to assemble the machine. Make sure that parts are tightly attached and firmly placed into the spot. Well, anyways, here are the steps on how to start Honda GX200 pressure washer:


Step #1. Add oil fluid

Look for the manual for the appropriate oil to be filled into the oil filler. But, as for Honda GX200, it is recommended to use fluid with a 10W/30 API SG. It can fill the oil tank up to 0.6 liters.
Open the cap or the dipstick and funnel the oil to prevent spillage. You can fill the oil until it reaches the same level as the canal of the valve. Then, return the cap and close it tightly.


Step #2. Add gas

Gas-powered pressures need gas to run the machine. Open the gas tank’s cap and use a funnel to the gas to deliver it carefully without spillage. The spillage may get into breathable areas and get inside. It will always be better to prevent these things from happening than to give it a solution afterward. Close the cap firmly. Note that before filling the gas on your tank, make sure that there is no paper or anything stuck at the cap. In addition, do not fill it up to the cap, as the lid has a filter on it. It might be clogged, and the air cannot get inside. Wipe the fuel that has spilled after filling. 


Step #3. Check the air cleaner

Check the elements inside the air cleaner if it is firmly attached. Get the wing nut from the top of the cleaner cover then, remove the cover. Check if the wing nut is linked tightly to the air filter.  Cover it again and look the upper wing snug.


Step #4. Check the screws and the shaft

Before starting the engine, check all the screws in every part of the machine if it’s tightly connected. The screws might fall off or remove after the machine starts to move. Also, some of the people are not yet aware of the shaft’s incident. On the side of the GX200, there is a quarter-inch shaft installed and keyed inside it. You must ensure that you get it out of there before turning on your pressure washer, as it may hit you during the usage and cause injury. 


Step #5. Check spark plug

Spark plus has an essential role in the engine. It supplies a spark that ignites to the fuel or air mixture. It creates an explosion that results in the engine’s power. Check the spark plug if it is connected firmly to its spot. Remove the spark plug and insert it firmly. Know how to check a spark plug.


Step #6. Remove paper tags

Gas or fuels are at high risk of creating fire. To ensure that it won’t cause or break a fire, remove all the paper tags attached to the engine. The paper may be heated over time as you use the pressure washer. 


Step #7. Turn on the choke and fuel

If you have already done all the things mentioned above,  you’re ready to start your Honda GX200 pressure washer. Flick the choke on, as well as the fuel. The choke goes to the left side, and the fuel switch goes to the right if you’re facing it. Give an average pull off the starter rope once or twice. When the engine starts, turn off the choke. It will lock the starter rope and prevent it from going out.

If you want to use your engine after you test it, you can do it by following the steps on using the Honda GX200 pressure washer. But, as this washer is gas-powered, it is advised not to use this type of washer inside the house. It needs ventilation and must only use for outdoor cleaning.

Just like any other gas-powered pressure washer, you need to attach the garden hose into the garden hose inlet. Then connect the high-pressure hose. If you have filled out the gas and the oil into the correct levels, skip refilling but check the cap or lid if you had carefully attached it. Then, prepare your spray gun, connect the extension wand. Open the faucet of the garden hose and turn on the engine. 


It’s A Wrap!

The steps on how to start Honda GX200 pressure washer have the same procedures as other GX series by Honda and how to start it. Be careful and practice the tips. Applying it will help you to prevent accidents and other incidents. The GX200 by Honda is rated to have a good performance quality and reliable product by the Honda company. It may also be a good idea to read about how to start a gas pressure washer and how to start a craftsman pressure washer.

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