How To Start Gym For The First Time For Male

Let’s be at the stage where you have decided to go to the gym for your workout regularly. It is not as easy as 1-2-3, and for men who take into the gym workouts just now, it is important to know the guidelines on how to start a gym for the first time for males. 

Intimidating and discouraging are often the initial reaction when you approach the fitness club’s reception, talk to a consultant, or lift the first free weights you bought for your home gym. Beginners must take their time, and not do any rush. 

For beginners, there are adjustments you have to make within your life to carry on with this commitment. It is true, visiting the gym regularly is a commitment to better muscular structure, bone health, strength, and endurance. 

Having said this, lifting weights may get you toward injuries if you don’t know what to do. To avoid this, it is necessary to use the equipment in your proper form and with the right volume. Do not worry because guidelines like this, including diet and teachings on strategies, are here to take you to your goals.

What Should I Do First Day In The Gym

What Should I Do First Day In The Gym

Men’s demands for their physique are different from those among women. The latter tend to keep an estimated ⅔ of their muscle mass, and twice the fat from men, but women have better metabolism compared with men. To deduce, you might expect those with most muscular volume and little fat to be healthy and fit metabolically. 

Yet, the numbers among men are different. With them, based on studies, the rates of elevated glucose and fasting in the blood are 50 to a hundred percent higher, with the entire body’s blood glucose clearance at 15 percent slower. Meanwhile, the glucose uptake rate in muscles among men are approximately 30 to 50 percent lower. 

The first day at the gym feels roughly like your first day in class or your first-time in a new house move-in. The consultant or the trainer will get you through a series of physical fitness tests, checking on your weight, body mass index, or BMI, looking at your percent body fat, and more before getting you to the actual workout.

There are terms you should be familiar with, such as “sets” and “reps.” You may have read about this as you search for workouts from the Internet, but it is great to define them here. 

A rep, otherwise called repetition, is doing the workout once. If, during the first day, you are told to do six reps of push-ups. It must include six counts or every one or two seconds.

A set refers to a collection reps without rest or with rest. The first set may contain six push-ups, and then rest, and the second set with another six push-ups. Right here, you have two sets. 

Do not head over immediately to the weight you see others are working with. Start with a 20-pound dumbbell for your goblet squats, light enough yet heavy enough to provide counterbalance as you get deeper into your squat. Romanian deadlifts may require you to begin with a 45-pound barbell. But of course, these are ideal and may change according to the weight you can lift. 

Stay hydrated and do not forget to rest in between the sets. It is good to allow a minute to rest before continuing on. Now that you are almost ready, let’s take a look at the tips 


How Do I Start Working Out In The Gym? 10 Effective Tips For Beginners In The Gym

The question on how to start gym for the first time for male individuals might get into your mind once you have decided to sign up for a membership in your nearby fitness center, or visit the outdoor park. However, there are tips to follow when you are just a beginner in this kind of workout.

You may be used to running or jogging in the morning, riding the bicycle, or playing a particular sport. However, getting yourself into fitness in the gym may be different. Here are tips to follow.


  • Keep a balanced diet. Your diet prior to going to the gym must change, since everything could be different now. Your diet determines the impact of the workout, and it is from from where you will get the energy you need for the workout or when attending a spinning class.



  • Stretch to maximize flexibility. One of the things that make men different from women is that, men are more flexible than women. What better way to work on this quality of the physique than to maximize it? Do not forget that stretching is a vital part of every workout. Have this before and after you commit to the day’s training.



  • Skip the workout if you lack sleep. As a beginner, you are gearing up your body to muscle building. Time management should be a primary task to fulfil when you are working and hitting the gym at the same time. Take this as your homework: sleep soundly and adequately between six to eight hours a day to obtain the best results.



  • Take it slow. The tendency for every beginner is to jump right into the free weights or the machine they want to use in the gym. But wait, there are prior considerations. For instance, it is imperative to make sure you are knowledgeable about using the equipment. Then, you must start slow and progress gradually, and this is alright, every bodybuilder has been into your situation when they were just starting out.



  • Conquer your intimidation. It is true that your gym could be compared to the first day at university. The culture shock could be there but you must be able to conquer this intimidation. Open your lines and communicate with the peers and new acquaintances in the gym. Your fitness trainers and consultants can also help.



  • Be familiar with the gym etiquette. Working out at the gym will give you freedom. Meaning to say, you can make the fitness facility your outlet for whatever is your mood for the day, just be sure to remain calm. However, there are do’s and dont’s in the gym, known as your gym etiquette. It is alright to be confident, but always remember that there are limitations to everything. You will know more about these in a bit.



  • Always remember to have your compound exercises. Remember that compound exercises will target particular muscle groups, and every workout session must have this. Among the best compound workouts is the DB squat that can modify yourself to build the core and work on various muscle groups.



  • Vary your routine. Your workout program may come from your favorite YouTube channel or it could be created by your personal trainer. Remember though that not all workout video tutorials can present the required information to you. Match these with your body goals. Change up this program every two or three months. 



  • Load yourself with carbs after the workout. The rule of thumb is to eat 45 minutes to an hour before and after hitting the gym, not immediately. Then, as you take on the meal, increase the carbohydrate intake. The diet will repair your body after energy depletion in the gym. 



  • Take your supplements. Natural fruits and vegetables are expensive when equated to what your body truly needs to transform itself from a lanky frame to the perfect form. You might need to purchase a lot of these crops, but luckily, there are supplements you can take in order to maximize and amplify your workouts and the results. You can also mix fruits to turn this to a better-tasting smoothie. 


What Shall I Do Before And After Working Out

Much of the guidelines you will read below may have already discussed with you in the previous paragraphs. Since you are a beginner in the workout, bearing these in mind is crucial for your physical development.


Before the workout

Prior to visiting the gym, be sure that you prioritize the following: adequate sleep, proper diet, and the warm-up. First, getting enough sleep will provide the body with a powerhouse of energy even prior to food intake and taking supplements. 

Stay hydrated. Bringing a jug or tumbler of water in the gym is a must, because water will hydrate the body, keeping the energy levels where they should be. It will be difficult to get through each of your rep and set without drinking water after doing these reps. 

You can also grab snacks before the workout. Food provides the energy, and without it, the body cannot carry the weights compared to the days when you have had this snack. Then, wear the right clothing. If you are used to wearing the collared long-sleeves and trousers at work, change this up to fitness apparels and workout gear. 


After the workout 

The after-workout habit is just as important as pre-workout duties. Miss any of these and you are failing to maximize the way you take your fitness goals to the next level. Stretching to cool down after the workout is a must that failure to cool down may result in muscle cramps. Hold the stretches for about 15 seconds each.

The post-workout nutrition should be able to re-fuel the body after so much energy was consumed and released during the workout. Later on, you will be able to learn what food should go with your workout program. 

Keep track of your workout program. It could be in a traditional notebook or in your smartphone’s notepad. This will avoid confusion and having a de-cluttered workout lifestyle. Log how many reps and sets you have done for the today, and update this right after the workout. Upon reaching home and before taking on another session at the gym, review these notes. Treat yourself to a steam bath or shower bath to freshen up.

The Medical Examination

Among the stages you will have to go through when you start in the gym is the medical examination. Many gym clubs include this for free. 

The medical examination includes determining your Body Mass Index, per cent body fat, and various fitness tests. You may also be referred to the resident nutritionist and skincare specialist of your membership gym for your diet plan and a free consultation, plus treatment for your skin.

The rest of the medical exam includes the general evaluation, body composition tests, cardiovascular endurance tests, strength and endurance examination, and flexibility tests. Should the medical practitioners see areas to improve, you will have to follow their prescriptions.

Getting Familiar With Gym Etiquettes

Gym etiquettes are one of the most interesting things to talk about when working out in the gym. There are definitely etiquettes, and believe it or not, there are individuals who turn surprised they might be breaking the rules. Here are the most important tips to remember.

  • Bring with you a towel at the gym. Your sweat can be all over and might get onto the benches and other machines. Dripping with sweat is not just inconvenient for you, but also turns off other gym members.


  • Do not drop the weights and place in their original position. What will you feel if you are about to start the workout but saw weights all over the area? As a form of courtesy to the next person to use the weights area, place the free weights you’ve used to the racks once done.


  • Alternate with others in using the machines whenever possible. The last thing you want to see when working out at the fitness club is a crowded space. If this happens, and if you have longer resting periods, open up the machine for use with a workout buddy or a random person in the area. You can be able to start conversations and make friends.


  • Refrain from imposing your style, or approaching to correct what they are doing, especially if you are not one of the staff or not one of the club’s fitness trainers. Focus on your own workout or better yet, invite a friend to workout with you.
  • Other important etiquettes to remember and to implement are foregoing strong perfumes, dressing up appropriately, and behaving well. 


What Should I Eat After My First Day In The Gym


The food list may include: 

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Peanut butter, and more healthy foods


These are the basic meals that your diet plan must-have. You will notice the significant changes in your diet before you have started training at the gym and on your first day. The list may also include:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Chicken thighs
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein powder smoothies
  • Blueberries
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Veggies, and avocado


How Beginners Lose Weight At The Gym

Strength training is the key to losing weight at the gym even if you are just a beginner in the program. After you have obtained the clearance from the doctor, you must be able to move more when you are at the gym.

Blend your walking routines with slow jogging, progressing this to brisk walking for at least 40 minutes and six days per week. Three dumbbell weight sessions are ideal, and you can do this while watching movies, streaming TV shows, or listening to your favorite tunes. 

There must be one circuit training session in a week, and be sure to keep a healthy diet. 

How Long Should A Beginner Workout At The Gym

The time of the workout will affect the results in your physical attributes. You may have the full energy to workout, perhaps because of the coffee you took this morning, but did you know there is an ideal time to workout?

Exercises must be done within 45 minutes in the gym, and staying for an hour or more is already considered too much. If your time does not permit, then remember, fitness specialists, follow the thought that a 15-minute workout is better than being unable to get to this schedule.


How To Use The Gym Equipment

It is also true beginners may find it rather difficult to get familiar with the gym equipment the first time they try it. Yet, this is what happens normally, correct? It usually takes time, perhaps days to a few weeks, before you can get head-on and do the right workouts in the right way with the gym equipment. 

How to start gym for the first time for male with regards to the gym equipment? Do your research beforehand. Read about blogs that detail what the gym equipment do. And, when you are in the training center, do not be shy or do not hesitate to read the instructions posted in these equipment as part of the manufacturing.

Proper form is important once you are already exercising with these devices. But what could be the best equipment out there?

SEWIM Gym Equipment: Further Into Fitness

What do the best health and fitness specialists say? The top considerations when it comes to gym equipment are quality, ease of use, and pricing. 

SEWIM is a global leader providing gym equipment for clients and gym owners anywhere in the world. Take your fitness further with machinery for individual muscles, consisting of benches and instruments, for free weights, those with stacks, with hydraulic features, multifunctional gear, gym atlases, and more. 

Beginners, get ready, your path to better fitness is about to happen.

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Beetroot Juice For Pigmentation And Other Uses

Beetroot Juice For Pigmentation And Other Uses

You can use beetroot juice for pigmentation of the skin and hair. By definition of pigmentation, you are probably familiar with how it’s possible to use beets for an all-natural DIY hair dye. However, it’s time to show interest in juicing this crop for better skin pigmentation. 

The best beetroot juice comes from fresh beets without any additives and preservatives. Beetroots are a relatively easy crop to grow and considered a cool-season annual in areas like Wisconsin. But if you live in an area with unpredictable conditions, you can find greenhouse gardening of beets for a fresh supply of pigmentation-friendly root crops.  

Benefits Of Beetroot Juice For Pigmentation


Revive dull and unhealthy-looking skin

Excessive pigmentation of the skin can cause dark spots, blemishes, and even a mottled appearance. These conditions can make your complexion look dull and unhealthy. Beetroot juice can help with excessive pigmentation and revive your skin’s presence because of its nutrients and compounds.

Beetroot juice is a good source of vitamin C, which is shown to treat hyperpigmentation by decreasing melanin formation. This vitamin also plays a role in skin repair and collagen synthesis for the skin’s overall healthy appearance. At the same time, beetroot juice contains iron, which can improve complexion by giving the skin a healthy glow. 

Another reason why beetroot juice can revive dull skin is because of its antioxidative properties. We all know how antioxidants fight the effects of oxidative stress that contributes to skin aging. Preventing cell damages can help reveal a younger-looking complexion. 


Remove pimples and acne

Besides excessive melanin, pimples and acne can also cause dark spots and other pigmentation problems on the skin. The vitamin C in beetroot juice has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in addressing pimples and acne. Additionally, beetroot juice can also remove excess oil on the skin that is another contributor to acne development.  


Remove dark circles

Another pigmentation problem that everyone hates is dark circles. It’s one of the hardest skin problems to address, considering there are many factors that can cause it. However, you can prevent that exhausted look with beetroot juice. 

The antioxidants in beetroot juice are the natural remedy for dark circles and puffy eyes. They help with the blood circulation to remove the tired look of the skin around the eyes. Lastly, the hydrating and purifying effects of beetroot juice will benefit both our thirst and dark circles. 


Rosy lips

The eyes are not the only part of the body that can make us look tired and unhealthy. If you also have dark, dry, and flaky lips, drinking beetroot juice can help because of its vitamins and hydrating components. As a bonus, the vibrant red stain of beets can make your lips look rosy and healthy. 


Natural hair dye

Lastly, the unique color of beetroot juice from betacyanin makes it the perfect all-natural, temporary DIY dye for you to try. It can give your hair a shiny wine-red color without the risk of toxins and chemicals. You can use the beetroot juice as a mask as is, but you can also add other ingredients to create a paste. 


How To Use Beetroot Juice For Pigmentation



You can simply drink the delicious juice from your freshly harvested beets in the greenhouse. Its antioxidants will help your body remove toxins and reveal a healthy pigmentation of the skin. You can also add other skin-friendly ingredients in the juice. 


Face mask and body scrub

It may sound delicious, but a mixture of beetroot juice, honey, and milk, works as a homemade and all-natural face mask. You will notice that it’ll leave a healthy glow on your face and address other skin concerns like dark spots, wrinkles, and acne. 

You can also use beetroot juice as a body scrub. This vibrant extract can help flake off dead skin cells to improve your complexion. And best of all, beetroot juice is not irritating to the skin. 


Eye mask

To address dark circles and tired eyes, soak a cotton ball in a mixture of beetroot juice, honey, and milk. Gently apply it to your eyes and leave for 10 minutes before washing away with cold water. You can also do the same with beetroot juice and almond oil. 


Lip stain

Natural-looking rosy lips are achievable with a beetroot juice lip stain. Directly apply the juice onto your lips to help not just with color, but also with moisture. 


Hair mask

A beetroot juice hair mask is beneficial for the hair because it works as a treatment and temporary dye. Add coffee seeds to the juice to create a thicker paste, or mix some carrot juice and leave it on for an hour or longer. This leaves a purple and reddish hue on the hair for weeks, but the intensity will vary on the hair type. 



If you want to address different skin and hair problems, you can use beetroot juice for pigmentation. This delicious extract can help with dull skin, pimples, dark circles, and also reveal rosy lips and vibrant hair. However, the safest and best juice comes from fresh beetroots, so allocate a space in your greenhouse for this easy crop. 

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