How To Start Gym For The First Time For Female

The beginner’s guide to workout for women tackles the important measures to follow to ensure you get the best results from these workouts. Women have different body requirements than men. According to experts, women have a more holistic approach to wellness. Let’s take into consideration how to start a gym for the first time for females.

What Should Women Do First Day In The Gym


What Should Women Do First Day In The Gym

Women are usually attending the gym training for three main reasons: to look better, to sport a more slender figure, and, to lose weight. Most of the time, their workout includes cardio exercises, strength training, and practices to balance the mind and body, including yoga and tai chi. However, these are usually a mix and not too intensive compared with those amongst men.

How do you start your first day in the gym then? The usual approach is having the physical fitness tests and medical examination. Before signing up for you, the consultant will talk to you about your health and should any concerns need attention. 

Body Mass Index or BMI assessments, percent body fat, height, and weight measurement, and short fitness tests will help your trainer determine the best workout program to give you.

Your first day at the gym must never be intimidating. The place has a mix of both men and women, but fortunately enough, today, several gyms and facilities exclusively cater to women. 

For someone who is a beginner in the workout program, the temptations are the Zumba dance floor, the yoga mats, and the treadmill. You know that the weights are for men, but hold on, did you know that these may be stereotypes? You will be able to learn more later on. 

Health advisors tell you that the best practices on your first day at the gym or how to start a gym for the first time for a female is to prefer the simple workouts. You should remain consistent and begin with the lighter equipment. And, you never know how lighter this has to be. 

Should these weights be inadequate, starting with the lighter ones will provide more scope to adjust further? Getting the heavyweights to work out with even if your body can physically tolerate it may get you nearer to injuries, especially in these first days since your body is adjusting to the new routine. The food and diet, as well as changing life’s habits, will follow suit. 


How Do You Start With The Workout: 10 Fitness Tips Designed For Women 

The atmosphere that the gym can bring you will tend to be very scary. Thus, here are 10 fitness tips customized for women. 

Before heading into the workout, it is important to be sure to keep in mind that the gym will be for the best of your health. How to start a gym for the first time for females? There is a known “spotlight effect” where you will be conscious about everything, and that will make you think other people are looking at you. However, this effect is universal, and it is also what’s currently in their mind.

How do you conquer this? Proper mind-setting is key. Know that other people around you have started where you are right now. They have been to the first overnight muscle strain, and they have felt the hesitation when trying out the equipment. Concentrate on what you are doing, and you will take your body goals to ultimate levels.


  • Modify your exercise every 14 days. Even beginners can take advantage of this rule. According to studies, women who modify or change their workout program twice a month are more likely to stay consistent with these plans than those who randomly just change this. Variety is the opposite of boredom.



  • Do not skip the healthy breakfast. They say you cannot get the workout gains without proper diet and sleep. The healthiest breakfast is a must, and this comprises of fiber and glucose, complete to get you ready for the rest of the day. Eat like a queen on the breakfast table, and keep the meal healthy, nutritious, but light. Find the protein, calcium, and vitamins in your balanced diet.



  • Bring together a support system for motivation. Weight loss is promising but could bring in the pressure once you are in there. Many ladies who hit the gym happen to want a more slender figure for their bodies. For instance, you get get-together online or start a virtual group where you can update each other about your goals. You may also invite a fitness trainer or a health consultant to participate in the conversation. 


  • Move with your pull-ups. These workout routines will get you on the groove; in other words, it will require much effort and strength as you move along. But you shouldn’t forget about your pull-ups. 


  • The best ones are strengthening muscle groups, your lats, biceps, shoulders, and middle back. It is also a recommended exercise for the upper body. Beginners may do so with ten reps in their first few months.


  • Vary the workout, plus the low-intensity classes. The key to a healthy body is mixing up your workout. A variety of forms is a balance of form. This means that if you are into strength training, you can add the low-intensity classes such as yoga and pilates, elevate to a high-intensity routine, and repeat. 



  • Reduce carbohydrates. And then, you want to modify your diet and avoid too many carbs or food sources that include honey, chocolates, cookies, and the like. They may increase your blood sugar levels too much, contributing to the spike up of fat in your body. We will have your diet plan later, so stay on. 



  • Battle it out with the jump rope. The jumping jacks are easy to do but can maximize the results of the training. Those who jump every single day produce fit and healthy bodies without spending a dime. You’ll only have to invest in the jump rope once, and you can even do this at home. 



  • Have your outdoor workouts. The gift of the outdoors for your body is quite overwhelming. Do you have nature around, the fresh air, and the sunlight’s Vitamin D? What more could you ask for? Studies reveal that people could burn seven percent more calories when working outside during the winter, speeding up the transformation process.



  • Make your workout a morning ritual. Upon waking up in the morning, get your body into action. The early morning is the time when you are filled with energy. Head over to your breakfast and munch on the healthiest meal before heading to the gym. It is way better than working out exhausted from the workplace. 



  • Increase the weight from time to time. It’s not your weight, but the weights on the equipment which you are exercising. Strength training is ideal for trimming down and sculpting your body into the right form. This means adding weight to your lifts every three days or as your body adapts to the previous weight and feels it must increase the resistance. 


What Shall I Do Before And After The Gym

It matters not only stuff you do in the gym matters, but also your habits are just as important before and after the workout. Women’s body systems are very different from men, especially when talking about hormonal functions. 


Before the workout 

First, you must have gotten enough sleep. Six to eight hours are ideal, and if you lack sleep, perhaps you must skip the gym and postpone for the next day—secondly, fuel with the right food. Your body will crave for sugar and energy sources to keep it moving during the workout. About an hour or 45-minutes of diet before and after the workout is recommended.

Always warm-up as you begin the workout. Keep the body hydrated in between the warm-up and the actual routines. These warm-ups will facilitate the right flow of temperature, blood flow throughout your muscles, and prepare the body for movement. It gears up your well-being from its mood with the daily grind to what the atmosphere in the gym pushes you with. 


After the workout

After the workout, there is no other way but to cool your body down. The opposite of the warm-up, cool-down sessions will manage the muscle burnout that happened during the training, move the joints, and lengthen the muscles. Breathe. Inhale and exhale in between. 

Wait for the 45-minute window before you can grab on the post-workout meal. However, not all meals are applicable. There are foods to avoid and those which your diet must focus on. Particularly, consider having food with high levels of potassium and those abundant with carbohydrates. 

Lastly, spend some time recording and tracking your progress. It could be in a notepad or your digital notes—update based on the current number of reps and sets that you have. Before the next day’s workout, review this, and read on these during your training. The last thing you want to happen is to lose track, have a de-cluttered program, and revert to a previous repetition. 

The Medical Examination 

How to start a gym for the first time for female involves the medical exam. Working out at the gym is likewise a holistic approach. Not everyone is permitted to do the workout unless allowed based on the physical fitness test results. 

For instance, some women just came back from pregnancy. There are specialized workouts designed for this group. Hence, the significance of taking the physical fitness test. Aside from the BMI, percent body fat, and medical history check-ups, what are the other parts of the medical examination? These include:

  • General evaluation
  • Body composition
  • Cardiovascular endurance (you will be asked to trial running on the treadmill for the first time)
  • Tests on strength, endurance, and flexibility  


Women who are diagnosed with the following conditions are advised to consult first with their doctor before starting training at the gym.


  • Heart problems
  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Undergoing cancer treatment and more

Getting Familiar With Gym Etiquette

Now that you’ve learned the health conditions that must have you consult with your physician prior, the next part is about gym etiquette. Conflicts at the gym happen, either between clients and consultants or among clients. Each fitness club has its set of rules posted in the workout area. Take time to read this. These are also found in your membership contract. 

If you receive a call, take it outside. It will be one of the smallest ways you can avoid distracting others who are focused on the workout. Women tend to show off in the gym, and it is important to follow your reservation on the treadmill. If your schedule says you are only allowed 30 minutes to use the treadmill, avoid going any further to show courtesy to the person next-in-line.

Don’t be afraid to approach a fitness trainer and ask for help. Pretending to know how to use the equipment will just lengthen the time of getting to the right results. If you are attending group classes on yoga, pilates, or aerobics, be there on time. Arriving late will not only distract the entire class but also will reduce the benefits you can get.

And if you are leaving the class earlier, whether someone in the class got against you, or you just have an appointment, gesture to the instructor about it, and make yourself noticed. Walking out lingers that impression even among other members. When you chit-chat with your friends and acquaintances in the locker room, keep the tone and volume of your voice at moderate levels.


What Should I Eat After My First Day In The Gym

It is interesting to note that there are foods that women must take for their physique. Well, it all goes down to their hormones and how these are different from the other group. 

These foods which improve bodily processes distinct among females are:

  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Berries
  • Whole Grain Cereal
  • Chicken Thighs 
  • Hummus
  • Eggs 
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Salmon


The advantages that these foods have are what make them exclusive as food for enhancing your bodily functions. For instance, 


For first-timers in the gym, the foods that must be on your pack shall include:


  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy
  • Grains 
  • Starchy vegetables 
  • Fruits
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Oils

How Beginners Lose Weight At The Gym

When it comes to weight loss, women have less lean muscle tissue than men, enabling women to lose weight slower than their counterparts. However, they cut the same number of calories.

To lose weight in the gym workout as a beginner, you should be able to reduce carbohydrate intake, add resistance training to the program, drink lots of water, and consume more protein. 

Furthermore, getting yourself into more cardio, adding fiber to your diet, being conscious of what you eat, and becoming more careful with any diet program that you follow. 


How Long Should A Beginner Workout At The Gym

Individuals go to the gym for various reasons. For beginners who are adjusting to the cycle, select a time realistic for you and your goals. If you have a day job, decide whether you will head to the gym to work out in the morning or after work at night. 

Thirty minutes of workout is a great time to start with. Two hours are considered too much.


How To Use The Gym Equipment

There are instances that the equipment you’ll be working out with is new to your eyes, at the very least. The rule of thumb is to start slow. The treadmill may be more familiar, but on your first day, be sure you are guided. 

Prepare yourself for the cardio by engaging in a 10 to 15-minute walk. It will ease your body up at the gym, especially that working out as a beginner with all the heavyweights can be quite intimidating. 

You may read the instructions posted on each of the equipment, or approach the trainer to inquire how they are used. It is easy to learn and keep the instructions in mind. If you see that the equipment is too intensive or too heavy for you, it is alright to walk yourself to a quiet and more comfortable space in the gym to perform alternative workouts. 


Best Gym Equipment Provider And Final Words

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