How To Start A Wedding Business With No Experience

Those who want to know how to start a wedding business can consider seven industries. Of course, before you start any business, you have to ensure that you’ll have the budget for the first years and the time to study the specific venture. 

And for those who already have an area they can use for the wedding business, why not manage a venue? Here is how to start a wedding venue, for example. 

how to start a wedding business


How To Start A Wedding Business: Best Wedding Industry Ideas You Can Try


Wedding planner

The first industry of weddings that you can consider when starting a wedding business is becoming a wedding planner or coordinator. This business venture is ideal for people with many vendors they can contact, and they have a knack for leading and overseeing people. 

But of course, you have to learn all the roles and expectations as a wedding planner, especially if you have no experience in the industry. For additional guidance, you can also read how to become a wedding coordinator since these two wedding roles often overlap. 


Wedding venue

The second type of wedding business you can start is a venue. Again, this is a good investment, especially if you already own a good place that only needs renovations. 

But if you are opening a wedding venue without the place yet, you’ll need to have enough budget to buy or rent one. Furthermore, wedding venues need significant capital to maintain and constantly reinvent to stand out from the competition. 


Wedding caterer

The wedding venue business can also cover the catering, so your wedding business will have a broader scope. But if you love food and think you can handle the requirements for this business, then consider catering for events. 

For starters, you don’t need to take large orders immediately. You can even do specific meal setups and widen your offers once you gain experience. 

You can read what is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding and be known for offering affordable but quality meals.


Wedding florist

Those who know where to source flowers can consider a floral shop startup for weddings. Of course, this will need some knowledge in arranging flowers, but there are different seminars and courses you can enroll in. 

You can also start a wedding decorating business and be a florist so your client doesn’t have to find another vendor. Just ensure that you can acquire the flowers, especially since some are seasonal


Wedding stationery and favors

If you enjoy crafts and can manage the time to produce quality products consistently, try getting into the wedding stationery business or be the wedding favor provider. The former doesn’t require you to source materials because you can use software for them. 

The investment would be printing and knowing the standards for each stationery. You can read what is a wedding stationery to learn more. 


Wedding DJ

If you love parties or you already have the equipment for providing sounds and music, why not try the wedding DJ business? Some places even rent out equipment, so you can rent them first before buying them as a starter. 

It would also be more practical to include services like the lights and other performances to keep the reception lively. Read how much wedding DJs make to know what to expect. 


Wedding photography or videography

Do you have a knack for photoshoots and film? Then consider delving into the photography or videography business that specializes in weddings. 

There are seminars and lectures you can attend, or you can go under mentorship from experienced professionals. Read how to become a wedding videographer if you’re interested. 


How Do I Start My Own Wedding Brand?

A wedding business needs a brand to separate you from other vendors. Here is a simple step-by-step process, but, of course, you should do your research on the specific business you want. 

  1. Know your budget and set the legalities and paperwork of the specific business venture you’ll enter
  2. Invest in mentors, seminars, or join bigger businesses first to gain experience
  3. Have a backup plan regarding your finances
  4. Name the bridal business and register it with your country and state
  5. Focus on one specialty in the industry
  6. Get to know your competitors
  7. Know what’s trendy and ask for feedback
  8. Have a marketing strategy and maximize social media and connections
  9. Find suppliers and also use them as contacts as someone starting in the wedding industry
  10. Ask clients to recommend you after your service 
  11. Join organizations and other groups in your community specific to your industry 


How To Get Into The Wedding Business?

  1. Decide on the industry you want to pursue and make sure it’s something you’re passionate about
  2. Create a realistic plan based on your financial capacity
  3. Find an industry professional and work under them to gain experience
  4. Create a brand
  5. Know the trends in the industry and follow the changes as you go



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to start a wedding business, know the role you’re most interested in. 

The famous wedding industries include the wedding venue, catering, photography, flowers, and planning, to name a few. Then, research the trends and competitors in that business to create an effective business model. 

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