How To Start A Gas Pressure Washer Craftsman? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you searching about how to start a gas pressure washer Craftsman? You do not have to worry. We will guide you through all the parts and the steps of operating a pressure washer. After reading this article, you will be able to handle a gas pressure washer as effectively as an expert.  

A gas pressure washer is an essential appliance for every home. It helps you clean the exterior of the house, garage, front yard, backyard, driveway, and fence. A pressure washer saves you elbow grease. Instead of carrying a typical broom and brush, you can easily clean your house using a pressure washer.   

how to start a gas pressure washer Craftsman

The setting up of pressure washer is necessary before you begin operating it. Generally, a manual is given along with the pressure washer to help you set it up. Read that manual thoroughly to get to know about your device. Never start working on your pressure washer without enough knowledge of operating it because it is dangerous and can cause an accident. Remember gas pressure washer works differently than an electric pressure washer. 


Steps To Start A Pressure Washer 

Below given six steps have a detailed explanation of your question of how to start a gas pressure washer Craftsman. 


Step #1. Check the water filter 

Before setting up your pressure washer, place it on a flat plane surface. Then check the water strainer. It must be clean no dust and debris clogged in it. Also, make sure that the water strainer is not damaged. The water strainer prevents the dust from getting into the pressure washer. It protects the vital component of the pressure washer like the engine or carburetor. If the dust builds up inside the pressure washer, it can cause many problems. For starters, your pressure washer will not operate. 


Step #2. Connect it to the water supply 

The second step is to connect your pressure washer to the water supply. Unwind the garden hose and connect one end of the hose to the water supply and the second end to the pressure washer. The garden hose is essential for the pressure washer. The garden hose must be sturdy to withstand the high-water pressure. When using a garden hose that is not durable and strong enough to sustain high-water pressure, you might wind up with a nightmare.  

The garden hose must not kink even when the water pressure is high because unkinking the hose every few minutes while cleaning will not make your work easier. Your garden hose should be flexible, lightweight, and at least 100ft long. So, you can comfortably drag the pressure washer and clean the area. Additionally, the garden hose must be tangle-free and hold a pressure of a minimum of 180 psi. The garden hose should withhold a temperature of at least 41 Fahrenheit.  

Know how much water does a pressure washer use


Step #3. Connect the high-pressure hose 

The high-pressure hose comes with the appliance. Connect the male end of the high-pressure hose into the water inlet on the gas pressure washer hose. Now push the plug present on the tip of the gun component into the other end of the high-pressure hose. Ensure that the clip clicks in position after sliding the plug. The gun comes with the unit. Each pressure washer consists of a gun that is designed specifically for that unit. The gun helps you in getting rid of stubborn stains from the exterior of the house. You may also want to read about how to repair pressure washer hose.


Step #4. Attach the nozzle 

There are high-pressure nozzles that come with the gas pressure washer. Choose the high-pressure nozzle that is according to your cleaning requirement. There are five different types of nozzles: red, yellow, green, white, and black. The red nozzle is the most powerful. It is small and delivers a concentrated stream of water. This nozzle is used for removing stubborn stains and dirt from concrete and metal. Never use this nozzle on light surfaces like wood. Yellow is used for cleaning unpainted hard surfaces like brick walls or driveways.  

A green nozzle is used for regular cleaning. You can use green to clean lawn furniture or sideways and concrete and brick surface. White is used for cleaning delicate surfaces like wood. While the black has the lowest pressure of all and can be used on every surface. To fit the high-pressure nozzle, tug the collar on the end of the gun and the wand assembly, connect the high-pressure nozzle to the gun collar and tighten it. Ensure that the nozzle clicks into the position.  


Step #5. Get rid of the air 

Turn on the water supply and wait for the pressure washer and hose to fill with the water. It is essential to get rid of air before starting the pressure washer. Therefore, pull the trigger on the gun and let water flow. It will get rid of trapped air.  


Step #6. Start your pressure washer 

Now before you begin your cleaning, check the fuel level. If the tank is full, the fuel valve will be in the open position. Then close the choke and move the throttle to the left. Finally, switch on the engine and begin your cleaning. Know how to start a pressure washer.


It’s A Wrap!

At this point, you should know how to start a gas pressure washer Craftsman. The procedure is simple. Remember, pressure washers require good maintenance. So, if any component is damaged replace it instead of trying to repair it. Also, keep the filter and hose clean to prevent clog formation.  

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