How To Start A Donation Pool On DeviantArt

How to start a donation pool on DeviantArt? Donations in DeviantArt are expressed through their point system, and all you have to do is set a goal amount and create a donation button on your page.

If not all, then some of you are probably either art enthusiasts or an artist that wants to collect funds for your artwork in DeviantArt. Yes, you might be one of those who live for the love of art, and the colors and forms are your passion.

How to start a donation pool on DeviantArt

Whatever the case is, you will need points to help you out with your journey in DeviantArt. But what is DeviantArt, by the way? What do we mean by the point system? All of those questions will be answered in this article.



DeviantArt is an online platform where most artists or art enthusiast show their love and selves through art. It is a cultural context for how art is created, captured, or shared. The platform was founded in August 2000 which up to this day, is one of the most extensive social networks for artists and art-associated people. They could exhibit, share or promote their works with the people who have the same interest—which is art.

So after more than a decade, millions and millions have become members and visitors to the page. The members—deviants, posts tens of thousands of unique artworks every day from painting, digital art, anime, and all sort of art forms you could think of.


Point System

If you are new to DeviantArt, they have a point system where you could use to purchase a core membership or support commissions. But what can you get from stacking up points?


#1. Buy Deviantart merchandize

Yes, you’ve heard it right with the use of points; you can buy cool stuff from your favorite deviants. Redeeming points in the DeviantArt Marketplace like memberships, commissions, and prints from your favorite deviant artists.


#2. Share with your friends

Point sharing is one of the most effective ways to support your favorite deviant artist. You can quickly transfer one for a commission or simply as a gift. As easy as sharing, you can also try to ask strangers for points.


Starting A Donation Pool

So, how to start a donation pool on DeviantArt? There are two ways of adding points to your account. That is through a point transfer system or buying off matters from your currency.


#1. Money Conversion

One way to quickly stack up your points is by funding them with money. A dollar is equal to 80 points. You can access the form through the Points page to get the transfer started.


#2. Donations

Yes, help from a fellow artist can be a great way to boost your points. You could ask for topics from your friends or start a donation pool on DeviantArt. Well, if you plan to create a donation pool, here are a few simple steps to follow. The first thing to do is to log in to your account on the DeviantArt page. Go to your profile settings. You will see a button labeled “Edit Page” at the right side of the screen, right next to your username.

Next is to scroll through the pages and find the Donate Points option on the left side panel. Drag and drop it onto the top of Personal Zone, where your viewers or visitors can see it. Then Click done to save the setting. You can’t receive a donation yet if you haven’t set up your goal. So set up a destination first. The points goal pertains to the number of points you want to accumulate. Set the donors’ information, whether their names will be seen or their avatars only, and click save.

After saving, DeviantArt users can now donate points to you either anonymously or privately. Either way, you will still be notified when they do and how much they presented. Take note that if your goal is set into 200, or has reached almost the plan, how much you spend will only be deducted from your balance, and the amount you receive will remain the same posted on your donation page. 


Points Guidelines

Of course, there are rules associated with the point system of DeviantArt. This is to maintain order and be fair to everyone. If this is new to you, it is a chance to know these guidelines better to maximize your points without breaking any rules.


#1. DeviantArt members only

The DeviantArt points can be used by DeviantArt members only. With that said, if you haven’t signed up yet, you are not entitled to the point system. All you have to do is sign up and set up your account.


#2. No reverse transfer

If you decide to donate your points, the action cannot be reversed, so you must make sure that everything is correct. The same thing is applied when converting money to points. Points can be added if you buy it with your money, but points cannot be redeemed back into your currency.


#3. Limited point transfer

If you are supporting a specific artist, you can only send a maximum of 3,500 points within a single transfer or 20,000 points for the same person in a year. So you can’t send points endlessly, well, unless you have so many.


#4. Security

DeviantArt will always keep the personal transactions of points privately. But do your part as well. After every completion of the transaction, keep a record of your balance and take time to read the full Terms and Conditions for the point system.



Now that you already know how to start a donation pool on DeviantArt, I hope you can reach your goal point and use the points wisely. So set up the donation button now to raise your funds and purchase your favorite artist’s works on DeviantArt.

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