How To Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer? The Best Guide!

How to soft wash with a pressure washer? Turn your pressure washer down and adjust it to the desired level, adjust its PSI too, prepare a specialized form of spray gun and follow tips to carry out effective & soft washing, and prepare for a detergent tank compatible with a pressure washer.

Soft washing is better than blasting away at the cars, walls, & masonry with three-thousand five-hundred PSI and more. It only utilizes a lower level of PSI that completes the job. Avoiding damage is possible with soft wash as to the grouting, vinyl siding, car mirrors, and more. This kind of washing focuses on increasing the pressure down to 1,000 PSI. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!

How to soft wash with a pressure washer


Ways To Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer

How to soft wash with a pressure washer? With a pressure washer, you have many things planned to do with them. For instance, you want to wash the automotive fluids or motor oil off the driveway. Plus, you want to remove the bird droppings off of the car. Or, maybe, you want to clean off the stains or paint on old glass.

But could you use a pressure washer in soft washing as this may seem not an ideal solution for removing stubborn stains? This is true when handling fragile and delicate materials, but the proper use of a pressure washer is to set it at the lowest possible setting and utilize the appropriate nozzle. If you want, opt for a natural type of soft wash installation as it’s a more improved solution. 

Some main problems will occur as you blast away the stains from the items in the high-pressure water. Fragile materials will ruin, leaving old glasses broken and concrete materials damaged.  The solution to this problem is a soft wash with a pressure washer, as this is a valuable method in cleaning that makes washing even more accessible.


Considerations When You Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer

Soft washing with a pressure washer is possible. There are only considerations to think about, like finding a way to reduce the pressure. This is easier when you say it then when you do it. Other pressure washers provide room for adjusting the PSI. But then, it is not as low as needed for a soft wash. There is no need to worry because there’s always a way. The tip for using a specialized spray gun comes as a good solution.

Look for several tips for spray guns designed in soft washing. These unique tips are enormous in diameter. The water comes out even smoother with no pressure with their large diameter. The flow will not bring damage to the property. Some specialized tips help split the water flow into two. The force is divided in half while it doubles the area to cover. Soft wash with a pressure washer which is what you need.

One more method to soft wash is to search for a detergent storage tank. Gentle washing with a pressure washer involves detergents and specialized cleaning agents. Nonetheless, pressure washers do not often feature detergent tanks. So, grab some pressure washers with a detergent tank to hold unique cleaning agents in soft washing. Know that having no detergent tank does not let you achieve gentle wash.

But while some of the soft washing procedures utilize hot water, not all of the pressure washers make use of hot water. Find the right balance wherein a pressure washer features a unique spray gun tip or an adjustable type of pressure setting. The washer must have a detergent tank that can handle hot water.

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Materials Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer May Be Applicable

Soft wash with a pressure washer but set the pressure below. It should be a little higher than a conventional garden hose but with a spray tip in it. This pressure reduction enables safer soft washing than traditional pressure washing. There are situations where you must apply high-pressure washing or soft washing.

Below are the materials that soft washing with a pressure washer seems useful.

  • Damaged or cracked concrete
  • Old windows which got weak or brittle
  • Soft and old bricks
  • Painted decks and patios and stained glass
  • Corroded or rusted surface
  • Old roofs with loose shingles
  • Old wood or softwood

Soft washing with a pressure washer is helpful, particularly for equipment with exposed parts. They can turn out loose when exposed to high-pressure wash. These equipment types include weed trimmers, lawnmowers, snowblowers, saws, and more.


Safety of Soft Washing

Soft washing is beneficial as it is helpful in situations. It doesn’t require much pressure, which makes it safe without causing further damage. However, apply some chemicals, specialized detergents, & liquids when you remove mildew and mold. It is not easy to remove them by just using pressure. Soft washing with a pressure washer is always the best option. No matter what choice you make, prioritize safety on your property.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to soft wash with a pressure washer by keeping considerations in mind. Apply soft wash only with selected materials that proved to be helpful. Never disregard safety, as this is always a priority. You may also be interested to know about how to use soap with pressure washer.

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