How To Sleep On Memory Foam Pillow. Best Guide

You can learn how to sleep on a memory foam pillow, depending on your sleeping position. This article should guide you in properly using a memory foam pillow to get the most out of it and get your daily good night’s sleep. Remember that even though memory foam pillows are meant to be ergonomic, it’s still important to know how to sleep on them correctly. 

It’s also worth noting that there are many kinds of memory foam pillows in the market. In addition, brands like Tempurpedic pillows have different products to suit every sleeper’s needs. So constantly adjust accordingly and find the ideal pillow for you. 

how to sleep on memory foam pillow


How To Use Memory Foam Pillow For Every Sleep Position


For sleeping on your back

Using a memory foam pillow is no different from other pillow types. However, remember that memory foam pillows conform to the user, and they typically have an ergonomic shape. Therefore, you can take advantage of a memory foam pillow the best way by using it for back sleeping. 

Sleeping on your back is the ideal position since it keeps your spine neutral. With a memory foam pillow, position it accordingly for sleep. Lay the pillow with the flat side down and the larger curve facing the end of your bed. 

It cannot be very clear for first-time users to sleep on a memory foam pillow, so remember this orientation to get the most out of it. Then, you can lay on the pillow with your head sunk in. Because it’s memory foam, it shall adjust according to you after a while. 


For sleeping on your side

Pregnant women and those with acid reflux can only comfortably sleep if they’re on their side. The good news is you can also sleep on a memory foam pillow in this position. If you inspect the form of the pillow, it has a large loft.

You can use this to maintain your head aligned with your shoulders. And because of the shape, even the lower part of your body won’t deviate and cause sleeping posture issues. Sleeping on your side is not problematic, as long as you keep your spine neutral to avoid back pain. 


Can you sleep on a memory foam pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper?

Unlike back and side sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach is discouraged by health experts. It may feel comfortable for some, but this position turns your head away from the body too much. Also, a memory foam pillow won’t help you get your spine in check because its shape will put your head and neck at unnatural angles.

This will lead to discomfort that can ruin your sleep quality and even cause headaches and neck pain. You might also develop stiffness on your jaws, shoulders, and back after some time because of the contour these pillows have. While a memory foam pillow is ergonomic for sleeping, sleeping on your stomach wouldn’t be ideal.


What Makes Memory Foam Special?

You are probably aware that NASA developed memory foam to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Over time, memory foam is marketed for medical use in the form of temper foam. But what makes it unique compared to other foam?

Using a memory foam pillow or mattress will provide a noticeable difference in the sleeper. The pillows themselves have a unique shape to ensure the proper alignment of the body while lying down. More so, the foam itself softens according to your body heat, making every pillow customized for the user. 

The contours of the memory foam pillow will respond to heat and pressure, which means there will be an adjustment period for every user. However, the resulting customized pillow will relieve stress and support you accordingly. You can also find different memory foam pillows that come in shredded or solid form to suit your taste. 


Solid Vs. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Sleeping on a memory foam pillow will only be perfect if you find the best pillow for you. Therefore, you must identify which type suits you best. For example, do you want a heavy pillow, or will you prefer something that needs regular fluffing?



A solid memory foam pillow weighs more, and it won’t need fluffing. On the other hand, a shredded memory foam pillow will require fluffing to eliminate clumps and keep the fill distributed. On the bright side, you can easily machine wash this type and easily keep it clean in the long run. 



Another reason why some users prefer a shredded memory foam pillow is because you can customize its loft. You can add or remove the fill to get a higher or lower pillow. Still, solid memory foam pillows allow some adjustment because some have removable inserts and some brands offer different loft choices. 



When it comes to comfort, you can assume that the shredded types are moldable. This means you can sleep on it in any position than the solid memory foam pillows, as discussed earlier. However, solid pillows retain their shape and firmness well, ideal for keeping your body level.



The memory foam pillow is an excellent addition to your nights because it is ergonomic and conforms to the user. Regardless of your sleeping position, you can quickly learn how to sleep on a memory foam pillow. In addition, its curves are ideal both for back and stomach sleepers because they keep the body aligned. 

However, stomach sleepers won’t be comfortable with the ergonomic shape of the pillow. It would also be best to select which memory foam type is ideal for getting the best posture and restful sleep. 

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