How To Sit On Sofa With Lower Back Pain: 2 Steps

It’s easy to learn how to sit on sofa with lower back pain because you only need two steps. They include checking the body alignment and maintaining the ideal position for the legs. By the end of this article, your back should feel much better.  

We will also discuss why and how sitting on the couch might be one reason why you often experience back pain. But before we go further, consider checking and fixing the sofa cushions if they lose their structure as they can also contribute to a poor sitting posture. 

how to sit on sofa with lower back pain


How To Sit On Sofa To Relieve And Avoid Lower Back Pain 


Step 1. Check body alignment

Start by checking your body alignment when you sit on the couch and sit on the edge only for short periods. Then, instead of allowing yourself to fall into the sofa, control your movement from standing close to the couch and pushing your bum backward. Once you’re sitting on the sofa, check if your back is upright and you aren’t hunching. 

Lean back a little and relax your shoulders for added comfort, but your neck should not turn at an uncomfortable angle. If you’re going to sit on the couch for an extended period, consider placing a bolster behind your back. It will also help if you know how to keep sofa cushions in place because they can cause you to lean backward or forward if they slide around.


Step 2. Keep the hips and knees at a right angle

Don’t forget to practice good posture on your lower body as well. If your feet are not on the ground or crossed, you won’t be well-supported. You also don’t want to have your waist twisted because this can contribute to the pain from straining. 

If you still find the current position uncomfortable for the legs, use an ottoman or the sofa’s footrest to raise your feet. You can also check if your hips and knees are at the right angle. And finally, remember that prolonged sitting worsens back pain, so make it a habit to walk or stand up from the sofa now and then. 


Does Sitting On The Couch Hurt Your Lower Back?


Your sitting posture

Sitting on the couch can hurt your lower back if you’re practicing bad posture doing so. You don’t want to hunch or twist the body because it stresses the discs and reduces blood flow. In some cases, improper posture for an extended period while sitting bends the spine so much that it causes herniation.  


Your sofa

How you sit on the couch is not the only culprit for lower back pain. The sofa itself should provide support by using a firm cushion and good height from the floor with generous armrests and backrest. These characteristics will help you maintain an upright sitting posture compared to a sagging sofa that encourages hunching. 

Don’t forget to select a couch with a proportional size to your height so you won’t feel awkward sitting. If needed, learn how to make sofa pillows. You can use them to improve your seat height or fill the gap between your back and the couch. 


How Do You Sit Comfortably On A Couch?


If you want to lounge

Lounging on the couch is the most comfortable position to do. Sitting this way is a great way to utilize the whole length of the sofa. You’ll use one side’s armrest to support your back and have your legs straight and raised onto the sofa seat. 

To ensure that you won’t round your spine against the armrest, use a bolster pillow and fill the gap in the corner. You also don’t want to slide down and have your head on the armrest as this puts the neck in an uncomfortable position. It’s much better to use a separate pillow than rest your head at an unsupportive angle. 


If the sofa has a low backrest

There are different sofa styles, and some of them have a low backrest. Therefore, it’s better to sit upright on the edge because sitting too far back can discourage good spinal support. Don’t forget to roll your shoulders backward as well to prevent pressure to the upper body. 

Another way to sit comfortably on the sofa if you sink too much and the knees are higher than comfortable is to have them crossed at the ankles. Let the knees fall on each side and prevent discomfort on the hip joint. You can also elongate your back by having your elbows against the knees. 


Is It Better To Sit Or Lie Down With Lower Back Pain?

Both sitting and lying down on extended periods are not helpful with lower back pain. Instead, you want to move around and do several stretches. You can do different stretches and exercises throughout the day to help alleviate and prevent lower back pain. Consider lumbar spine stretch, hamstring stretch, knees-to-chest, press-ups, and standing arch as part of your daily regimen. 



If you spend a lot of time on the couch, you must maintain proper posture to avoid stress on the lower back. Do you remember our two-step procedure for how to sit on sofa with lower back pain? You only need to ensure that you’re sitting upright and your legs are flat on the floor with hips and knees at a right angle. 

Furthermore, don’t forget that the sofa itself should provide good support. The cushions should not be too firm because you can sink and round your back. Finally, don’t forget to consult your doctor if the pain persists or worsens. 


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