How To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing? 3 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to shorten sheer curtains without sewing?

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how to shorten sheer curtains without sewing

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Sheer curtains are commonly used at beachfront rooms and houses or on the terrace.

It enhances the beautiful view you can see outside.

But then sheer curtains are almost transparent, but it also holds a little bit of thick side that allows it to be somehow helpful.

It is also used to be highlights or decorations on top of some curtains.

It looks so much better when added to the sides of darker curtains.

Although it is longer than it should be, it does not look too nice for one’s eyes and looks dirty.

Cutting and sewing it shorter is easy but making it short without sewing is almost impossible to do.

And that’s why we are here to help you out on how to shorten your sheer curtains without sewing them.


Ways To Shorten Sheer Curtains Without Sewing

If you do not know how to shorten sheer curtains without sewing, you can still do something to shorten it.

As promised, we will help you out.

We will give you options to choose from then you can pick what is easier and more comfortable.


Option #1. Fold and use a fabric glue

The first option is to fold the sheer curtains backward and use fabric glue to stick them.

Although you should make sure that you will put only enough fabric glue or else it will spread on your sheer curtains.

You have to measure first and mark the area you will fold, making sure you are doing it right this time.

Gently spread your fabric glue and let it dry for a couple of minutes. You can lay it flat on the floor.


Option #2. A hemming tape!

Another option to solve your problem is using hemming tape. This one is a bit confusing.

You will have to find a transparent hemming tape to ensure that it will not be visible upon your sheer curtains.

Hemming tapes are said to be washable and can be a permanent solution to your problem.

But you have to be very careful aligning them on your curtains so that your curtains will still look great and balanced.


Option #3. Have it changed

When you are left with no more options, you can have your curtains changed.

In that way, you will be able to check it.

But before that, measure your windows first.

Consider the length where you want it to be.

You can then bring the measurements with you when buying one or have your old one customized.

I am sure that you can find one you can use in your windows or at least one place in your area with customizers of curtains.

It will be less hassle for you, but you will be spending a bit of money if ever.

However, money can’t be your curtains, so better but one.

You can choose a new style, and you will have new and better sheer curtains for your windows if ever.


Where can you buy sheer curtains?

A curtain is what you need for your shade at home and also as a decorative piece.

It makes the interior of your house better than what you think. Just wait and try it yourself.

There are two options for you to be able to buy your sheer curtains.

Buy from your local stores or online.

One must be a better choice for you, and that might be buying sheer curtains online.

This option is practical during this time of the pandemic.

Also, online shopping can introduce you to more options and wide sources of curtains to be bought.

You can choose your style and designs based on your preference.

Also that there are ratings that can help you out.

Find a store that provides feedback and has customer service provided so that you will be able to return it if anything wrong happens.

Your comfort and want are what is more important.

Be sure to go for one.

Another option is to buy in your localities.

I am sure that you will be able to see one in stores near you.

But then it is not practical to do so. It is up to you because you can still shop by making sure you are safe.

It is better if you can see the product you will be purchasing.

The quality is more realistic and reliable.

You can also ask salespersons to assist you in finding your curtain of choice.

Sheer curtains are light and thin. It would help if you handled it well, and they should look nice in actuality.

And that is how you shorten sheer curtains without sewing.

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Regardless, that is all you need to know.



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