How To Ship A Sofa: The Best Way In Just 2 Steps

Did you know that you only need two steps to learn how to ship a sofa? We will talk about the proper way to pack the couch for shipping and how you can find the best courier to match your needs. Perhaps you want to sell your old sofa, and you can’t deliver or have it picked up. 

Knowing the best way to ship the furniture, you can avoid the hassle and possibly save some extra bucks. But, of course, you might also be looking to move and bring the couch with you, so this two-step tutorial will always be helpful.

how to ship a sofa


How To Ship A Sofa Easily And Cheaply


Step 1. Pack the sofa properly

  • Clean and disinfect the sofa before packing it
  • Take out the cushions and covers, and pack them accordingly
  • Remove the sofa legs if you can, and wrap them in bubble wrap 
  • Construct a box around the sofa and tape everything for added reinforcement
  • Secure the boxed furniture with straps to keep everything intact during shipping
  • Get the package’s size and weight to help you know the shipping cost dictated by your chosen courier

Step 2. Select your courier

  • Select the nearest courier or shipping company such as UPS for your convenience
  • Some companies will even do the packing for you, but you might save a couple of bucks if you only pay for the moving or shipping
  • Determine your costs and options according to your sofa
  • Schedule for a pick-up by calling or setting an appointment with your courier
  • If you are planning on shipping a couch regularly, you can check if the company offers a membership because you can get perks and discounts if you’re a regular customer

How Much Is It To Ship A Sofa?

Shipping a sofa can cost as much as $700, depending on various factors. Its overall size, weight, and the courier you’ll choose can affect the cost of the sofa shipment. Measure and weigh your couch carefully so you won’t be surprised by the costs. 

You also want to consider the distance during shipping because of the required transportation fees. For example, you might need additional costs to cross some borders if you’re shipping across the country. 


What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Furniture?

The cheapest way to ship furniture is if you know how to move the sofa yourself. This means you will pack the couch yourself and ship it via your own vehicle or by renting a truck such as those from U-Haul. However, you may have more limitations if you are shipping the couch across the country and not just locally. 

If you find it a hassle to transport the couch on your own, consider dropping off the couch at companies like UPS versus having them pick it up for you to save some extra costs. You might also find it cheaper to have it picked up by the buyer in exchange for cutting its price than shipping or delivering the furniture to his location.


Is It Cheaper To Buy New Furniture Or Move It?


Furniture’s value

It’s worth moving your furniture if it’s still in good shape and it suits all your needs for decoration and comfort. It might be something unique, an antique, a family heirloom, or an expensive piece of furniture that is simply irreplaceable. Suppose it’s also made by a reputable designer or sofa manufacturer using high-quality materials. 

In that case, it’s better to move it because getting a similar one might require a heftier price tag than the amount you originally bought it from years ago. 



It would be cheaper to get a new sofa than moving your current one, especially if you are traveling a long distance. The sofa can be too bulky, have damages, and not that unique anyway to go through the hassle and expenses of relocation. If you truly want to save money, you can always shop for a new sofa at the right time


Is It Better To Sell Furniture Or Move It?

Deciding whether to sell your sofa or move it with you will depend on several factors. First, you want to consider the value of the furniture, its current state, and the costs it will require during shipping. Then, check some online shops and physical stores near your new location to gauge if you have the budget to get new furniture

If your sofa is still in fantastic shape, you can always make the old couch look modern to sell it at a reasonable price. The amount you’ll earn from selling used furniture might suffice to get you new items in your new location. However, it’s better to consult a professional for an antique as it might sell at an even higher price. 



Are you selling the sofa, or is the family relocating to a new place? Then, it would be best if you remembered this two-step guide on how to ship a sofa. First, as discussed above, you only need to prepare the couch for shipping then find a reputable shipping company. 

However, we recommend that you weigh your options because selling the furniture might be more rational than moving it with you. 


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