How To Ship A Pillow? In 7 Exciting Steps!

Are you planning to purchase a pillow but don’t know how to ship a pillow? Well, you landed in the right place. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step process of doing so.

You are probably wondering what shipping processes the pillow has to go through before the delivery.

how to ship a pillow

And what things you need to consider in getting your shipping done right without any complications.

Smartly shipping a pillow can save you time and money. The processes can be a piece of cake with the guidance of chronologically organized instructions.

So stay tuned and follow the steps listed below:


Steps To Ship A Pillow

These are the following steps on how to ship a pillow:


Step #1. Know the “before ship essentials”

To successfully ship your pillow, you should understand the essentials basically from the start.

You must confirm the following details before the shipping process:


Product categorization:

Since pillows are lightweight materials, they belong to cushion products. It is decisive to know how to classify your product accurately.

Misclassification may affect the item’s customs regulations, taxes, and duties.


Suitable delivery time:

As the sender of the pillow, you should pick a suitable shipping time for you.

The seasons’ sales may affect the delivery time, so it’s better to prefer non-holidays as your shipping date.


Confirm recipient detail:

Verifying the exact location details of your recipient will minimize the possible delivery errors.


Step #2. Researching requirements and regulations

To ensure the successful shipping of a pillow, you must research the specific local or overseas’ requirements and regulations.

Now that you have done the research, you will know the following set of rules and what documents you need to comply with later.


Step #3. Selecting the courier services

Don’t bother to take time in selecting the most trusted courier service, especially if you are a business person.

Why so? It’s because the delivery time may affect your customer’s feedback to your pillow business.

Things to consider in finding the best courier:

  • Overall shipping cost
  • Tracking quality
  • Fast delivery services

After selecting the courier services of your choice, you may now move forward to create a shipment.

Then, decide whether you or the recipient will cover the payment to avoid further intricacies that may lengthen the time of receiving.


Step #4. Filling up shipping documents

After deciding the best courier service to ship your pillow, you now have to fill up and compile the Shipping documents needed.

These documents are forms that convey the date of shipment, the recipient, the shipping process, and the quantities and specifications of the shipped pillow.

Shipping documents may include airway billsbills of lading, and insurance documents.


Step #5. Packing a pillow

In this step, you will need packing materials such as “scissors”, “tapes,” and “plastic bags”.

After gathering the materials needed, follow the packing procedure below:

  1. Make sure to brush off any dust on the pillow.
  2. Put the pillow inside a neat pillowcase.
  3. Cover the pillow using a plastic wrap orderly, so compressing it will be easy.
  4. Use good quality tape to secure and bundle the plastic wrap around the pillow.
  5. Once you finish packing the pillow, we advise you to compress your pillow to avoid large boxes and prevent your shipping cost from skyrocketing.

Two ways to compress a pillow:

  • “Compressing a pillow with a vacuum.”

You can easily flatten a pillow using a vacuum by;

Firstly, place the pillow on a flat table, then make a little hole in the plastic wrap covering it.

Next, put the vacuum hose in the hole and wait until the pillow is flat enough.

When it is shrunken, remove the vacuum and cover the hole with tape.

After this, you may now roll the shrunken pillow and surround it with tape.


  • “Compressing a pillow without a vacuum”

Rolling the pillow is also an alternative to reduce the size of the pillow for shipping purposes.

All you have to do put the pillow inside the plastic wrapper of your choice, then use your hand to compress it in a rolling way.


Step #6. Turning over the pillow package

You are now ready to ship!

Check if the courier offers a handover service.

If you want to pick your pillow package at a particular time, rest assured that you already have your pillow packed, wrapped, and have attached all the necessary labels and documents.

If handover service is not available, search the closest drop-off spot and turn over your pillow package during their opening hours.


Step #7. Tracking your shipped pillow

Track your shipping online.

Be diligent in monitoring the location of your shipment using the shipment tracking ID given by the courier.

You may also want to provide the tracking ID to your receiver so that they can navigate shipping details promptly as well.

Best couriers usually have tracking details of higher quality and much better customer service.

Tip: Even though pillows are flexible to ship, it’s still better for a recipient to accept the packaging decently.

So, it’s a good idea to put a fragile sign outside the box to lessen it from overly worn out during the shipping.


Final Words

Shipping a pillow for the first time may be hard for anyone.

You might spend more effort, time, and money if you are completely clueless about the shipping process. Therefore having an organized instruction can help a lot.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, your curiosity about how to ship a pillow is filled out. May you be guided clearly by the chronological steps stated above.

It is a pleasure for me to reach the last part of the article; your time and effort are greatly appreciated.