How to Sew Swag Curtains? 9 Easy and Simple Steps!

This blog post is about how to sew swag curtains. Swags are a great way to add elegance and style to a room without taking too much space. This tutorial will guide you on how to make your custom-made swag curtains!


how to sew swag curtains

Steps on How to Sew Swag Curtains

Step #1: Measure the width of your window. You want it to be at least three inches wider than the window frame on each side for gathering fabric as you sew and add a seam allowance.

Subtract six inches from this measurement (this is how much extra fabric you need). Put your measuring tape inside the frame, and use a pencil to mark the measurements on the outside.

Step #2:

  1. Measure how long your curtains need to be, and add six inches for gathering fabric and adding seams.
  2. Measure from the top of your window frame (or where you want them) down to where you would like them in a finished product.
  3. Add this measurement to your width measurement (in step one), and add the six inches.

Step #3: Cut a piece of fabric to these measurements. Make sure you use a sturdy material such as burlap, cotton, or linen for this since it will need some weight to hang nicely when finished. If using velvet or other thick fabrics with more weight, you may need to make them a little longer than your measurements.

Step #4: Gather the fabric by cutting it into six-inch sections and sewing each one with about two inches of space between stitches on both sides (less if using thick material). Fold these edges under so that they’re hidden on the inside of the curtains.

Step #5:

  1. Hang the curtains in your desired location and measure how long they need to be.
  2. Add at least six inches onto this measurement so that you have plenty of fabric on either side of where the curtain will be hung – these extra pieces are called swags.
  3. Bring both edges up to meet in a point near the top of the rod and pin them in place.

Step #6: Sew a basic straight stitch along with your now pinned swags, about two inches from either edge, so that their weight will help hold it up. Leave enough room at the top to hang both curtains over each other – this is called shirring. If you want more room, you can add a second row of stitching.

Step #7: Cut the excess fabric at either side so that it’s approximately one inch shorter than your curtain is long. Hem each edge by folding under and sewing them down with a blind stitch or using an overlocker on a serger machine.

Step #8: Hem the top of your curtains by sewing up all four sides about two inches from either edge.

Step #9: Hang both curtains over each other and enjoy!

The curtain will be hung – these extra pieces are called swags. Bring both edges up to meet in a point near the top of the rod and pin them in place.


What are Swag Curtains?

Swag curtains are a type of curtains made out of two layers, cut to the desired length. These extra pieces are called swags, and they hang from either side or at the top with one edge pinned in place near the ceiling rod.

They can be used as soft window coverings for any room in your home or as decoration.


How do I Wash my Swag Curtains?

The fabric can be washed either by washing machine or hand, with cold water and a gentle cycle. When drying your curtains, hang them outside to dry, so they don’t shrink. You should also use an airtight container for storing them when not in use.


Can I Bleach my Swag Curtains?

Yes, you can bleach your curtain fabric. However, be sure to follow the instructions on how to do so correctly and use a mild detergent made for delicate clothes or linens. When washing the curtains before bleaching them, always wash in cold water with a gentle cycle first and then rinse well three times before drying in the dryer.

Can I Iron my Swag Curtains?

Yes, you can use a warm iron to press your curtain fabric as long as it does not have any decorations on them, like embroidery or appliques that might get ruined by an ironing board.

Be sure to always test first for colorfastness and if it is, always use a cloth between the iron and your curtain fabric to protect it from heat.


Can you dye Swag Curtains?

Yes. However, before proceeding, ensure to test the curtain first for colorfastness. If it is not, then a good idea would be to use vinegar as an alternative and then soak them in hot water with two cups of distilled white vinegar per gallon of clean, warm water. Soak for twenty minutes or until they are soft enough for you to work with.

Can I fold my Swag Curtains?

Yes, you can fold your swag curtains. However, be sure to iron the right side of the fabric first before folding it over not to wrinkle when completed.


Can I add a Valance With my Swag Curtains?

Yes! the addition of a valance is an easy way to dress up plain or simple curtains without too much effort. You can add a valance to your swag curtain using the same method as you would for any other curtain with some important changes.