How To Sew Rod Pocket Curtains? In 3 Easy Steps!

How to sew rod pocket curtains? All you need to do is make a plan, prepare and sew!

I know how costly it is to buy a ready-made curtain.

How to sew rod pocket curtains

So why not make your own?

It is cost-effective and budget-friendly. Not only would you enjoy making one yourself, but you will learn at the same time.

So, if you are wondering how to make your curtain, you’ve come across the right place.

Let’s start your curtain-making process with simple rod pocket curtains. Well, why wait? Let’s get started.


Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtain is a type of curtain which appears to be classic and classy.

They are often called casement curtains or a pole top.

It works well with layered drapes and perfect for hiding the rod even if the curtains are opened.

You can select a variation of rods with this type of curtain that could match its appearance and pattern style.

Also, you can customize rod pocket curtains, especially if you know sewing.

Or alter the functions and its design no with whatever available.

So if you’re planning to make one, I’ve laid out some guidelines for you to follow.


Steps To Sew Rod Pocket Curtains

So, how to sew rod pocket curtains?

Follow through the following steps, and you will have your very own handmade pocket rod curtain in time.


Step #1. Plan

First things first, you should always have a plan.

Consider these things in planning your pocket rod curtain.



Of course, you will need to set the purpose, whether it’s tor decoration, additional privacy, or both.



Decide on the window’s appearance after the pocket rod curtains are installed.

Will they look classy, elegant, or fancy?

Make sure of what color and fabric you will use.

Consider the opacity of the material, too, as it will contribute to the curtain’s overall performance.



Will you use the curtain for a long time? If so, making it sturdy is necessary.

Are the pockets be permanent or temporary? Choose one only.


Step #2. Preparation

After you have decided on the ones mentioned above, prepare the necessary tools needed for the process.



Knowing which fabric to use as an advantage, especially when you are starting your sewing hobby.


Ruler/ measuring tape

A ruler or a measuring tape is needed to ensure that you get the dimensions and the measurements right.



Scissors are a household tool we usually use in our homes.

Find one that could cut through the fabric of your choice.


Tailor’s chalk or pencil

If you don’t have tailor’s chalk in your house, you can use a pencil as an alternative.



When choosing a thread, make sure that it is sturdy enough and matches the color of your fabric.

If the fabric has been designed, match the color of the thread to the fabric’s dominant color.



Pins are sewing aids. It will help you keep the fabric in place and makes sewing easier.



Use a clothing iron to fold down sewn edges neatly.

It is to make your work look presentable and gets rid of fabric crumples.


Sewing kit or machine

You could either use a sewing machine or sew the curtain by hand.

Using a sewing machine could save you time, but you could always do the handwork if it’s not available.


Step #3. Sewing

Follow the following steps thoroughly to achieve a better look for your rod pocket curtain.



Measure the windows and cut the fabric based on their size. Make sure to add 4 to 12 inches allowance.

If you’re planning to have a full curtain, multiply the window’s width and cut the fabric according to the answer.

Add 12 inches on the length, or add another for some allowances. Make sure to add allowances.


Prepare the cut fabric

Prepare the fabric and lay it on a clean flat surface.

A floor or on a table will do.

Fold the edges for about 2-4 inches each depending.

If you want bigger hems, you can fold them up to 6 inches.

Iron the folded fabric to keep it neat, then place pins to hold the material in place.

Pinning will make sewing easier.

Secure the edges of the folded fabric using a backstitch. Do this for all the sides.


Top hem

The top hem should be at least 3-6 inches wide.

Make a double folded hem so that the rod could fit right in the pocket.

To complete the pocket crease, sew a half-inch away from the folded edge. It will create a classy look.


Additional Tips

You can also add a header for your curtain if you want. It will give an impression of a higher ceiling.

The longer the curtain, the higher your ceiling may seem.

Attach the rod at least a foot away from the window frame s that it will not look messy.

If the curtain tends to look longer than intended, you can always add an extra fold to the hems.

It will adjust the curtain’s length.



Knowing how to sew rod pocket curtains will make things much easier if you want to make a curtain on your own by altering it.

You could also do other types of curtains if you already know the basics of sewing.

Add some frills if you want to add some details too.

Do anything you like and I hope you learned a lot!