How To Sew A Patch On A Hat With A Sewing Machine

Those who want to learn how to sew a patch on a hat with a sewing machine can simplify it into two steps. Start with positioning, and then the sewing itself is surprisingly easy. We’ll also share tips on attaching patches to caps in this article. 

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how to sew a patch on a hat with a sewing machine


How Do You Sew A Patch Onto A Hat With A Sewing Machine?


Step 1. Position the patch

  • Position the patch on the hat accordingly
  • Pin the patch in place with their pointed ends in the center of the patch to keep your sewing machine needle from hitting them
  • If the patch is too small and tricky to pin, use a washable fabric glue


Step 2. Sew the patch

  • Turn the hat inside out
  • Set the sewing machine with the correct needle, thread, and tension for the hat material
  • Use the zigzag stitch setting and adjust its length and width so it will be narrow enough for the patch
  • Work around the patch, removing pins before you reach them
  • Finish sewing once you reach the starting point


How Do You Attach A Patch To A Hat?


Iron-on patches

Other than sewing the embroidered patch on your hat, you can attach some patches much quicker with less effort if you use iron-on patches. They are also quite secure once you’ve put them on, but never use them on hats that use delicate materials that can be ruined by heat. 


  1. Lay the hat on any flat and heat-resistant surface and position the iron-on patch over it
  2. Heat your iron to the highest setting and check if you turned off the steam setting
  3. Place a towel over the patch and press the hot iron over them for 10 seconds
  4. Remove the iron and towel and allow the patch to cool 
  5. Make sure to avoid washing with hot water or washing the hat often to keep the patch for longer



If you don’t have iron-on patches, you can use your typical embroidered patch on your hat and attach it in place with glue. Use fabric glue that is meant for prolonged use rather than those that are easily washable. Some even use hot glue for a stronger adhesive, but of course, only if the hat can withstand heat. 


  1. Squeeze the fabric glue on the backside of the patch
  2. Add a bit of glue on the spot of the hat where you will put the patch
  3. Press the patch on the hat for 30 seconds to finish
  4. Allow the glue to dry, but expect that it won’t be as long-lasting as sewing the patch directly on the hat


How Do You Sew On A Patch On A Hat Without A Sewing Machine?

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can still manually sew a patch on a hat. Hand-sewing will take more time and effort, but the process is somewhat similar to machine-sewing that patch on your hat. Remember to prepare the right needle and thread that could go quickly in the materials while also blending well for a professional finish. 


  1. Thread the needle and knot
  2. Place the patch on the hat and pin it in place
  3. Begin sewing from the back of the hat and work around the patch until you reach where you started
  4. Use short straight stitches for a secured yet neat attachment
  5. Tie and cut off the excess thread


What Is The Best Stitch To Use To Sew On A Patch?

The running stitch is the best stitch to sew on a patch, especially ready-made ones. You can do it by hand or with a machine, but remember to attach the patch with a pin or washable glue before working around the patch. For a professional-looking finish, use a thread the same color as the patch. 

Another way to attach a patch on garments and accessories is by putting it at the back of the hole. For this type of design, sew around the edge of the hole with satin stitches. You can also use top stitching thread to mimic the look of store-bought clothes with patches. In the sewing machine, remember to use two thread spools together as well to make the stitching line more visually appealing. 


Can I Sew A Patch On A Baseball Cap?

It’s possible to sew a patch on baseball caps by using the sewing machine’s cap driver or getting a cap backing. Then, create an underlay with the embroidery machine to smoothen the cap as you’ll sew the patch as you usually would. Don’t forget to set the machine accordingly, and read this tutorial on how to change a sewing machine needle since you’ll need titanium-coated ones for caps. 



And that’s it! To recap how to sew a patch on a hat with a sewing machine, it’s as easy as pinning or gluing it into position to keep it from moving when sewing. Then, set the machine accordingly and use a narrow zigzag stitch. 

Work around the patch and you’re done. It’s a relatively easy way to customize your hats with embroidered patches, and using the sewing machine makes it even faster. We hope this was helpful; leave us a question below if you have any.

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