How To Sew A Hidden Seam With A Sewing Machine

Those who want to learn how to sew a hidden seam with a sewing machine can try two steps. First, we’ll talk about the proper setting up of the machine with the fabric before the sewing itself. Then, we’ll discuss what a hidden seam is and various suitable stitches for it. 

Speaking of hidden stitches, why not learn how to stitch in the ditch with a sewing machine as well? It’s a valuable technique to learn and relatively easy, even as a beginner. 

how to sew a hidden seam with a sewing machine


How Do You Sew A Hidden Seam?


Step 1. Set the sewing machine

  •  Position the fabric pieces edge to edge on their front sides
  • Set half an inch for your seam allowance and have the thread backward until you finish a few stitches to keep it from getting caught in your machine
  • You can also check the metal plate or foot of your sewing machine to guide you with the seam allowance without the need to mark it


Step 2. Start sewing

  • For durability, make reinforcement stitches and set your sewing machine’s stitch length to 2
  • Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam using the reverse stitching button on your sewing machine for at least three stitches
  • Release the thread slowly and begin sewing forward along the seam allowance to finish the hidden seam
  • Lift the needle and presser foot to remove the fabric 
  • Cut off the threads and iron the seam to finish


What Is A Hidden Seam?

A hidden or invisible seam is a basic seam that leaves a neat finish on the seam without bulkiness. The seam is flat without any noticeable lumps along the stitch line. You can use the hidden seam for various fabric types and projects, but most ideal for garments since the seam allows the clothing to lie flat against the body. 


What Is A Blind Hem?

A blind hem is a method of machine stitching the hem without leaving noticeable stitches outside the material. Do not confuse hemming with seaming since hemming refers to rolling the fabric edge to itself while seaming uses two materials and joining them by the edges. However, it’s possible to sew a hidden seam with a blind hem stitch using the sewing machine. 


How to sew a hidden seam with a blind hem stitch

  1. Set the hem allowance and fold its top edge inwards to hide the raw edge
  2. Iron and pin the fabric
  3. Install the blind hem foot on the sewing machine and set the machine to the blind hem stitch feature
  4. Customize the stitch length and width accordingly
  5. Have the fabric under the machine wrong side up and lower the presser foot
  6. Start sewing with the fold against the guide and removing pins as you go

Speaking of hemming, learn how to use a hemming foot on a sewing machine as well. 


Can You Sew A Hidden Seam By Hand?

You can sew an invisible seam by hand using hemming, lock, or pick stitch. For best results, please use a thread the same color as your fabric as well. But if you’re not familiar with these stitches, ladder and blind stitch are stitches you can do by hand when sewing a hidden seam as well. 


Ladder stitch

  1. Secure the thread on one edge and go to the opposite edge
  2. Take a tiny stitch on the fold and return to the previous edge and do the same 
  3. Repeat the back and forth process until the whole edge is covered 


Slip stitch

  1. Secure the thread
  2. Take up one thread from the front of the fabric and bring it to the fold for about ¼ inch
  3. Come up again and repeat the steps until you finish the whole hem, hence the name slip stitch


What Is The Purpose Of A Closed Seam?

A closed seam is when the seam allowance is on the same side, making it ideal when sewing light and delicate fabrics. The result is a thicker finish with the seam allowance invisible. Remember that you are incorporating it within the seam finish, unlike open seams that would be more ideal for thicker fabrics. 


How Do You Close A Seam By Hand?

  1. Decide between a single and a double thread, whichever is more appropriate for your project, and choose a color that matches your fabric for the perfect invisible seam
  2. Tie a knot at the thread end and bring it in and out of the folded edge of the fabric that is closest to you
  3. Tuck the knot and start with the thread coming out of the edge
  4. Position the needle far away from you and enter the material opposite to where it came out
  5. Position the needle into the fabric fold and run it along the edge for ¼ inches 
  6. Bring the threaded needle out of the material and continue stitching from one side of the fold to the other
  7. Tie off the stitch with a knot and secure it



And that’s it! We just taught you how to sew a hidden seam with a sewing machine, which is as easy as placing your fabric right and letting the machine do the work. You can also use blind hem stitch to create a hidden seam or sew by hand with slip or ladder stitch. 

We hope this tutorial was easy to follow for you. Leave us a question below if you have any. 

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