How To Setup A Puffy Mattress: Complete Easy Guide

If you want to know how to setup a Puffy mattress, you need to understand the process from unboxing to allowing the bed to expand. We will talk about every step you’ll need, so your Puffy mattress is ready as soon as possible. This article will also tackle the best base to keep your Puffy mattress supported and durable. 

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how to setup a puffy mattress


How To Setup A Puffy Mattress At Home

  1. After receiving your Puffy mattress-in-a-box, bring it into your bedroom and onto the proper-sized bed frame
  2. Take out the rolled Puffy mattress, and position it at one end of the bed frame
  3. Remove the plastic cover of the rolled mattress carefully to unwind your Puffy bed
  4. With the mattress now flat, you can remove the remaining plastic seal with care to avoid cutting the bed accidentally
  5. Allow the Puffy mattress to expand, and it should be ready to use after a few hours

Puffy Mattress: How Long To Inflate?

The Puffy mattress will need at least two hours to finish expanding. This will ensure that it returned to its original shape to provide the user with the promised support and comfort. You can also check if your specific Puffy model has reached its actual height, where the Puffy mattress is 10 inches, Puffy Lux is 12 inches, and Puffy Royal is 14 inches tall. 

You can also learn more about how long for a Puffy mattress to expand in our separate article. Nonetheless, users can appreciate that Puffy designed their beds to only need a short inflating period before use. 


How Long To Wait Before Sleeping On Puffy Mattress?

You can use your Puffy mattress as soon as it finishes expanding, which is at least two hours. However, you can also read how firm is the Puffy mattress to know what to expect with its overall feel. Since the Puffy Original is a memory foam bed, consider waiting 24 hours before sleeping on it. 

As we have researched how long it takes memory foam to expand, most memory foam mattresses will feel more supportive and comfortable if you wait for it to inflate for a whole day. This way, the cells of the material have loosened up and returned to their actual shape. And since your Puffy mattress is new, please wait for 30 days for your body to fully adjust to this product.


Does the Puffy mattress have an odor?

Another reason why you can consider sleeping on a Puffy mattress after 24 hours is to finish off-gassing. Like all memory foam mattress-in-a-box, off-gassing happens with Puffy, which means you can notice a paint-like smell after unrolling it. Do not worry because Puffy uses CertiPUR-US-certified foams, so they are healthy to the user and the environment. 

Furthermore, Puffy has less odor compared to other memory foam beds in the market. You can also open the doors and windows in your bedroom to hasten the off-gassing. Try these three best ways to speed up mattress off-gassing.


What Does A Puffy Mattress Sit On?

One of the best qualities of the Puffy mattress is you can use it on most foundations and bases. You can place the Puffy mattress on box springs, slatted frames, platform bases, or even directly on the floor. Just make sure that it will stay supported because Puffy’s lifetime warranty won’t recognize any damage due to a bad frame. 

Some additional considerations to remember are to check if your box springs have no damage, the slats on the frame must never be more than 4 inches apart, and the floor is flat and firm. In addition, ensuring that your Puffy mattress is well-supported would guarantee a more comfortable sleeping experience. And, of course, your bed will only last long if it doesn’t sit on a damaged surface. 


Does Puffy Lux need a box spring?

Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are hybrid mattresses that both won’t require a box spring. Just check the size of your bed frame, and your hybrid Puffy mattresses should fit on it smoothly. Unlike traditional spring beds, modern hybrid mattresses like Puffy Lux can stay supported without a box spring. 


Are Puffy mattresses compatible with an adjustable base?

If you want more control with your bed’s angle, you can use Puffy mattresses with an adjustable base. Puffy even has its own adjustable base if you don’t want to buy from another store. And if you’re also interested to know the best adjustable mattresses, check our separate review article.


Do You Rotate A Puffy Mattress?

You can rotate a Puffy mattress every few months, but it’s not necessary. You also don’t need to flip any Puffy mattress because the brand designed it not to be flippable. However, don’t worry about the bed’s durability, as proven by Puffy’s lifetime warranty. 



And that’s it! We have discussed how to setup a Puffy mattress, which is as simple as placing the roll on your bed frame and unraveling it. Then, remove the plastic cover and allow it to expand for two hours. 

We hope this was a helpful guide, but feel free to leave a question below if you still have any.

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