How To Set Up Long Tables For Wedding Reception

If you want to know how to set up long tables for wedding reception, choose among the best three layouts, which we’ll discuss below. We will also discuss tips on effectively designing a wedding reception layout to get the most out of your space. 

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how to set up long tables for wedding reception


How To Set Up Long Tables For Wedding Reception


Banquet tables

The most straightforward setup to try if you’ll have long tables as your chosen reception table type is a banquet table layout. If you want a reception where the guests are passing food around, especially in small-scale weddings, you will arrange your long tables in a banquet style.  

The first option is to have a banquet table for the wedding party with the newlyweds at one end, then the rest of the long tables will face them in rows. Think of the seating arrangement in an amphitheater. 

It would be best if you also familiarize yourself with the size of the long tables and how many guests can sit in one. For example, a 6-foot long table can seat 6 to 8 guests, while an 8-foot long table is perfect for 8 to 10 guests. 


Mixed wedding reception table layout

If having purely long tables at the reception is not practical due to space limitations, create a configuration where you mix in round tables with the rectangular tables. This is perfect for smaller seating groups rather than forcing several people who may not know each other to share a banquet-style setting

To mix round and long tables at the wedding reception, make sure to maximize your floor area so there’s room for movement and the space looks orderly. For example, the couple and their wedding party will occupy the long middle table; then, the sides will be filled with round tables for the guests. 

You can also set four long tables parallel with a space in the middle for the dance floor and the stage at one end. Then, the other end will be the round tables for groups of friends and families. 


Single long table

Another option to set long rectangular tables at your wedding reception is arranging them in a single line. This is perfect if you want to decorate your long tables with a garland centerpiece or if you’re considering wedding venues where you’re limited with space, such as outdoor gardens or under a tent. 

Some wedding venues may limit the space for dining because of the trees or other elements in the area. However, if you’re having a beach wedding, this table setup will also look romantic, especially in the evening with candles and lights. 

The only potential consideration would be the closeness of your guests to each other. You also want to consider comfort, especially if people may want to leave early but wouldn’t want it to be noticeable. 


How Do You Set A Long Table At A Wedding Reception?

  • Long tables in a banquet or single-line arrangement will look best with a single garland running in the middle
  • If the tables are under a tent, consider hanging installations of flowers or fabric
  • Use matching dinnerware and cutlery
  • Decorate with a table cover or runner that matches the texture and colors of the reception
  • Make sure you’re using the same decors throughout a single long table
  • Do not use tall centerpieces that will block the view of the person to the one in front of them

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What Are Long Wedding Tables Called?


Banquet tables

The long tables seen at most weddings are typically called banquet tables. They are the most common type of long table because they come in different sizes, and some are foldable for convenience. 

You can also maximize the capacity of a banquet table by using their ends for seating, usually for the couple. And depending on where you rent them, you may request to have them wider by placing a classroom table to the typical 30-inch width. 


Vineyard table

The other type of long table offered in wedding venues is the vineyard table. It is usually 6 feet long, and 36 inches wide and is sometimes called the farm table. 

While the vineyard table is pricier to rent than the common banquet table, it wouldn’t require much decorating since it’s finished with aesthetics in mind. In addition, you can save on decor costs since you don’t need a table cover or runner for it. 


Royal table

If you want a reasonably wide and luxurious table, especially for your head table with the wedding party, the ideal long table is the royal or conference table. They are 42 inches wide and about 8 feet long, perfect for seating guests on both sides. 

Because of its width, you can also get generous with the centerpieces, and there’ll still be space comfortable for dining. However, remember to consider your venue space still. 



Was this layout guide helpful? To recap how to set up long tables for wedding reception, consider a banquet style, have them in a single line, or mix rectangular tables with round tables. 

You will consider the venue size and seating groups to ensure that your long tables will be effective and stylish for the wedding reception. We hope you learned a lot!

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