Parenting 101: How to Set Up Graco Bassinet Bedding

Graco is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of baby products. Their bassinet beds offer parents the opportunity to co-sleep with their newborns in a safe, comfortable environment.

The bassinets are designed for easy conversion from infant to toddler bed, but they require some preparation before use. This article will provide you with all the steps on How to Set Up Graco Bassinet bedding and getting it ready for your little one!

Graco Bassinet Bedding


Steps on How to set up bassinet bedding:

Step 1. Put the sheet over the mattress and secure it with Velcro. There should be one long side of Velcro that attaches under the same long section on top of the other sheet, so you can adjust accordingly if your baby is restless at night time. You also don’t want too much excess fabric hiding out underneath your infant when they’re sleeping – this can cause suffocation.

Step 2. Tuck in any loose ends or material around the frame before using two hands to lift each corner flap, ensuring there’s no way for anything to get caught inside during transport. Once everything has been tucked in nice and tight, there should be no way anything can shift around when you’re on the go.

There are two sides to every mattress sheet, so make sure both sides face up – this will ensure maximum coverage and protection throughout your baby’s sleep time each night.

Step 3. Pull back the Velcro tabs in an upward motion at a 90-degree angle; if they aren’t completely open, there is a chance that material underneath could get caught during shifting. 

Once everything has been secured down from top to bottom, use your hands to smooth out any slack fabric or excess material until it looks nice and tight all over again before securing with the other side of Velcro where appropriate for more security. 

If one corner flap comes undone while carrying bassinet bedding somewhere, re-secure it before continuing.


How do you keep your child entertained while in Bassinet on an aeroplane?

Close the window shades and turn off the lights. Put on some quiet music or white noise, like a recording of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline (available via apps like White Noise Lite). Don’t forget to bring along snacks!

Open up activities that are small enough so they don’t take up too much room but big enough for him/her not to get bored easily by them during travel time.

Grab colouring books, sticker pads, flashcards or even toys if he’s old enough to play with things without ripping everything apart at once! See what kinds of games/puzzles might be available for your child’s age.

If you’re breastfeeding, try to pump ahead of time so that you have a few bottles of breast milk available if the baby gets hungry on the plane.

It might be worth it to buy an additional seat for your carry-on bag or purse (depending on whether there is space in front of you) because otherwise, all of these items are going under someone else’s feet without much room left over!


How to fold a Baby Trend Bassinet: Steps and Instructions

Step 1. Fold the frame down by pulling on each side of the metal bar located below each seat. Pull up at an angle, then lift straight up for it to lock into place. Unfold your canopy or sunshade completely before folding back together so all sides align correctly.

Step 2. Press firmly along both sides until they snap back into place and make sure there are no rips or tears around any holes where clips might be connected with Velcro.

Step 3. To store using one hand, hold onto either handlebar and pull down towards yourself while holding onto the bottom storage basket until it locks into place. To store using two hands, hold onto both bottom handles and pull down towards yourself until it clicks into the ready position.


When should I stop using a bassinet?

When the baby can rollover. You should consult your paediatrician about when to stop using a bassinet.

Most babies are ready to move into their cribs between the ages of three months and five or six months, once they have developed strong head control. Some parents wait until their infants start trying to pull themselves up on the rails of the bassinet.

Some babies begin trying to climb out as early as two or three months old, but you can continue using a bassinet for many more months if you wish by following some simple safety precautions: remove dangling cords from the canopy and mobile toys; place a blanket over the top rail so baby cannot use it as a stepping stool; place the bassinet on a low, sturdy base so baby cannot climb out.

A new trend is to use a play yard instead of a crib for sleep; however, most parents find they can’t leave their babies in these large enclosed areas unattended because it becomes too easy for them to crawl over onto nearby furniture or fall downstairs.


How long can I use the Evenflo bassinet?

We recommend using it up to five months, or until your child reaches 25 lbs!​ Don’t forget that you can always take out the portable playard after the baby has outgrown their bassinet! ​

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