How To Set Up Chairs For Wedding Ceremony: 6 Ways

If you’re running out of ideas on how to set up chairs for wedding ceremony, you can do a setup for the reception chairs in six ways. These are fantastic for different types of reception or ceremony styles, so you can select what fits the theme and size of the venue. 

The wedding chair setup should be one of the first things you plan after the layout of the reception or ceremony. And for decorating each chair, you can read this tutorial on how to make a wedding chair cover

how to set up chairs for wedding ceremony


How To Set Up Chairs For Wedding Ceremony: Best Chair Setting Examples


  • Semi-circle seating 

The first way you can set up your wedding chairs is in a semi-circle. This is ideal for an intimate setting, but you want to maximize the space of the wedding ceremony venue. 

Setting the chairs in a semi-circle is as easy as having them in straight rows, but you’ll have them curved to create an inclusive feel. This wedding ceremony setup is also perfect for highlighting the ceremony background and the place itself is already circular, like a wedding hall. 


  • Chairs in a circle

Will you be having drone shots for your wedding? You can make the ceremony more visually appealing at the top when you set out shapes in a circle. 

The ceremony chairs surround the focal point or the spot in the ceremony where the couple will exchange vows. Even if you have many guests, it will feel cozy and somewhat personal surrounded by your loved ones. 


  • Square chair reception

An alternative way to be surrounded by your loved ones during the wedding ceremony is to have the chairs straight. Imagine a square shape where you’ll be in the middle with your partner. 

This layout is not as packed as the feeling of a curved or circular wedding chair set up. However, this is a good choice if you want the guests to maintain some personal space. 


  • Planning chairs in rows

Instead of having a classic seat setting for your wedding ceremony where everyone is in rows focused on the front, why not mimic a runway? But, of course, the end of the “runway” will be where you’ll exchange vows. 

This setting will have the guests facing the aisle, perfect for smaller venues. This way, the guests can still focus on the front even if their chairs face the center and not the front. 


  • Mismatched wedding chairs

A trendy way to set up wedding chairs nowadays is to have them imperfect. You’ll have them asymmetrical to each other, and the chairs you’ll use for setting up are also not uniform. 

This quirky wedding ceremony is perfect for outdoor themed weddings such as boho or rustic. But of course, you still want a sense of cohesiveness in the chairs so they’ll register nicely on your wedding ceremony pictures. 


  • Theater seating

Will you have a sizable guest list and a massive wedding venue that will allow you to have guests elevated? Then why not use a theater ceremony chair setup?

You’ll have the guests seated like a movie theater to watch your wedding ceremony. But of course, please familiarize yourself with who sits where at a wedding ceremony, so the prioritized guests will be seated in the front. 


How Do You Set Up Seating For A Wedding?


What is the order of seating for a wedding?

You only have to remember that the closest people to the bride and groom will be the closest to them when seated during the ceremony. This is because the bride’s side, which is left, is for her guests, while the groom’s guests will sit on the right

The first four rows of the wedding ceremony seats will also be automatically reserved for the family, special guests, and wedding parties of the bride and groom. However, the wedding parties can also stand up at the front with you. 


How should you arrange the seating of the guests?

  • Make sure that your wedding chair layout provides everyone a clear view of the ceremony
  • The seats should be far enough from the wedding parties, so they’re not hovering over the guests during the ceremony 
  • Keep space in mind so the seated guests will be comfortable 
  • Remove potential sight obstructions from decors or pillars
  • Provide seat signages for the seating arrangement or task ushers
  • Consider the aesthetics of how you set up the wedding chairs, especially for photos 
  • Adjust the ceremony chair setup according to religion and traditions of the wedding 


How Many Chairs Are Needed For A Wedding?

The chairs needed for the wedding ceremony and reception chairs set up will be according to your guest headcount plus 20 extras. Therefore, it’s crucial to secure your guest number early on to reserve or book the rentals for the chairs. 

Then, work with the venue on arranging the seats for the guests. It’s better to have more chairs than to rent too few that some guests need to stand or use other seats. 



Was this layout guide helpful? To recap how to set up chairs for wedding ceremony, have them semi-circular, circular, square, runway, asymmetrical, or theater style. 

Select the one that will be comfortable for the guests and maximize your venue’s space and beauty. And, of course, know which rows are reserved for your closest family and friends. 

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