How To Set Up Candy Bar At Wedding Reception

Those who are unsure about how to set up candy bar at wedding reception can consider three steps. This guide will provide examples for candy containers, how to arrange the candy bar at the reception, and the costs you can expect to spend to have one for your wedding. 

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how to set up candy bar at wedding reception


How To Make A Candy Bar For A Wedding Reception


Step 1. Prepare the containers and candy bar elements

  • The look and organization of your candy bar for the wedding reception depends on the candy containers
  • Consider the type of sweets in your wedding candy buffet because some, like chocolate candy, should be in hardy containers to avoid ruining their shapes
  • The containers for the candies can vary in shape and size, but make sure that they have a common theme for a cohesive candy bar arrangement
  • Besides the transparent containers that match the wedding theme of the reception, don’t forget the serving utensils, signs for the candies, and take-home containers, especially if you’re also giving away the candies as wedding favors


Step 2. Experiment with heights and positioning

  • The set-up for your candy bar will depend on what would be comfortable for the varieties of candies and the space that the table can provide
  • You also want the candies to be easily accessible, and there are plates and serving ware that the guests can use to maintain hygiene when using the chocolate and candy buffet 
  • If you have different types of candies and you’re using one long table, setting the candy containers in uniform rows or lines of boxes and bowls will look attractive
  • If space is not a limitation, you can offset the place of some containers, and the resulting empty spaces can be for serving bowls and containers 
  • You can also put the candies over boxes or tiers to add varying heights to the candy bar 
  • Don’t forget to label the take-home bags or containers so the guests can easily get one 


Step 3. Decorate the wedding candy bar

  • After you set up your wedding candy bar, you can add the decorations as long as they won’t obstruct the guests from reaching for the candies
  • You also don’t want hot decors like candles and lights that can melt chocolate and candies
  • You don’t need to fill the candy bar table with items, but decors can help bring everything together and make the bar more fitting with the rest of the reception 
  • Start with a backdrop behind the candy bar to make that area of the wedding pop out more; you can use fabrics or read this tutorial on how to make a wedding backdrop 
  • Add garlands and signs around the table or above the bar to make that space look more eye-catching 
  • If there are spaces on the bar itself, experiment with mini sculptures, floral arrangements, photos, or other elements seen in the wedding venue


How Do You Display Candy At A Wedding?

  • Use varying shapes of jars and place them in front of a mirror for a classy reception
  • Have candies in buckets and pails to suit a farm wedding
  • Use a ladder with boxes for a rustic candy display for the wedding
  • Fill a piece of luggage with candies for a destination wedding reception
  • Use crates and wooden slices to change the heights of the candy containers
  • Pre-pack candies in takeaway bags
  • Fill mason jars with candies as wedding centerpieces
  • Add candies as decors around the wedding cake table
  • Spell out your initials with candies
  • Instead of going through the colorful route, use black and white candies

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How Many Pounds Of Candy Do I Need For 100 Guests?

Before starting a wedding candy bar, you must know how much candy you’ll use for the buffet. For example, if your wedding has 100 guests, the candies you’ll need will be around 50 pounds. 

You’re assuming that a guest can take as much as half a pound of candies, but there will still be enough if some people take less. Also, the leftover candies can always be included in your favors, especially for guests with kids in their household. 


What Does A Candy Bar Wedding Cost?

A candy bar can cost you about $5 per wedding guest, depending on the package and size of the wedding. Different companies offer candy buffets, and some even allow customization. 

If you don’t want to serve candies only, some companies have packages with pretzels, Oreos, and donuts. Remember to consider your wedding budget, primarily if you’ll also provide cake to the guests.  


Are Candy Bars Still A Thing At Weddings?

Candy bars and other dessert buffets will always be enjoyed at weddings because they allow guests to choose what they want. Candies can even replace cakes for desserts if you’re on a budget. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to set up candy bar at wedding reception, you must plan the containers, arrange them effectively with aesthetics in mind, then decorate if needed. 

The key is making the bar pop out more and ensuring that it won’t look out of place in the reception. We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you’ll have a candy bar at your wedding. 

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