How To Set Temperature On Samsung Refrigerator? 3 Easy Steps!

Today, many appliances and things are a must-have at home, especially refrigerators from trusted brands like Samsung since they last longer, but how to set temperature on Samsung refrigerator?

The primary purpose other than its storage is to prevent food items from rotting exposure and extend their shelf life to prevent them from expiring. You can use refrigeration and freezing techniques to accomplish this. These are used to keep food safe at low temperatures by slowing or stopping the bacteria.

how to set temperature on Samsung refrigerator

It doesn’t completely kill them, though; these techniques only stop most bacteria from dividing so that it doesn’t multiply furthermore and rot the food. And because of that, you’ll want to know more about how you can set your refrigerator to the perfect temperature so that it stores all your food items properly.

There are many brands, models, sizes, and designs of refrigerators that you can find on the market today, which means their specs and features differ from one another. Samsung has a unique touch to their appliances, so you might find it hard to fix from their unit without any reference. But this article will help.


Setting Up The Temperature Of A Samsung Fridge The Correct Way

How to set temperature on Samsung refrigerator? Believe it or not, but Samsung is one if not, the first company out there to make a simple layout to be navigated with ease for their refrigerator models by providing you two separate buttons.

These are used so that you can easily change the temperatures on each part separately. Foods have different recommended temps, so this is an excellent unit to own. Before anything else, you’ll want first to find its booklet or instruction manual.

It may contain some critical information to might be applicable for this case. But, you see, instruction booklets are essential for one, especially if you’re struggling to do something. That’s why you should at least keep it for future references to read.

Samsung offers a wide variety of products made with advanced technology, so their refrigerators can be considered high class and top-notch. But we will assist you in easing out a little bit with your problem. You can use the methods below to work on it efficiently and without any worries:


Step #1. Locating your refrigerator’s control panel

On some Samsung refrigerator models, the control panel is located differently than on others. They can usually be found in the front of the unit, above the ice maker. If yours has one, the situation remains the same except for a minor shift in the location.

Take note that the two buttons are labeled Freezer and Fridge separately. You can find the Freezer button on the control panel’s bottom left, whereas the Fridge button is usually found on the opposite side of the other button. Refer to your instruction manual if you do not have any idea on how to do it.


Step #2. Setting the temperatures

Now, first press the Fridge button so you can check and switch for any temperature presets that are available on your refrigerator’s display. As for the Freezer button, it goes the same as with your fridge’s control.

You can also switch to any temperature preset that you like for your freezer. It has a wide variety of temperatures to consider. However, temperature range from different brands or models can lack performance.

But with Samsung’s, they won’t let you down. Regardless, Samsung fridges have a graphic that displays the range of your temperature integrated with new technology. With this, you can adjust anything easily and easily see numbers when changing the temperature values individually.


Step #3. Finalization

We are nearing our last step, which is finalizing every single part of the process. What we’ll want to accomplish here is setting the Power Cool in both sections of the fridge so that your refrigerator can work efficiently.

To do this, you’ll need to start by pressing and then holding either button for about 3 to 5 seconds. Then, once a menu screen pops up, try to navigate it. Of course, it differs from the model you have; some may pop up when pressed for how many seconds, but you should be the one to set it up for some.

The Power Cool feature on Samsung units is used for cooking anything in an instant quickly. It temporarily drops the temperature by 10 degrees for around 2 hours. Samsung isn’t called one of the best brands for nothing. With their innovative thinking, you can now chill beverages, ice, and even foods instantly.



And that is how to set temperature on Samsung refrigerator. Once again, units vary from one another. So before you based on this article, make sure that yours fit the description above. For adjusting the temperature of the fridge, two buttons that have indications on them are located at the front of the unit.

You can use them for several functions. Power Cool is also available in most units coming from that company. It is used so that you can put anything inside of the refrigerator cool in an instant. Regardless, if you want to learn about how to reset your air conditioner, click here. That is all.

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