How To Self-Clean Samsung Washer? 4 Easy Ways!

Maybe you wondered and asked yourself: how to self-clean Samsung washer? Perhaps you should have attempted to clean your Samsung washer’s drum and observed a flashing light signaling it’s time to utilize the self-clean feature.

Samsung washers include a system that will enable you to cleanse the drums within the washer without using chemicals or contacting a service. The self-clean option is helpful since it saves time and effort by ensuring that the washer that cleans your clothing cleans itself, eliminating the possibility of residual toxins and smells.

how to self-clean Samsung washer

If you ever want to utilize your washing machine’s self-clean option, or just wish to include self-cleaning into your routine servicing, then continue reading for advice on how to do so. Let’s get started!


Ways To Self-Clean Samsung Washer

Then why do you utilize Samsung’s self-clean cycles on your washer instead of cleaning it manually or even in the usual ways? Although Samsung washers do not make it simpler to get it all in the drum, they have a function that allows you to clean the machine without digging within. You may also utilize the self-clean option to avoid using liquid vinegar solutions or other household cleaners, which are not recommended by Samsung. Moreover, the self-clean function eliminates the need for wastewater management.

Even frequent servicing and manually cleaning won’t guarantee the drum is cleaned adequately unless you’re the sort that likes to clean their machine manually. Samsung’s self-cleaning feature was created specifically for the unit, is water-efficient, and is meant to utilize the least amount of water possible.

Furthermore, self-clean ensures that the Samsung washer is as clean as feasible according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This ensures that you comply with Samsung’s manufacturer’s warranty if you ever require service on your device for any specific purpose. Below is a guide how to self-clean Samsung washer: 


#1. Manual self-clean

Follow these steps to utilize the self-clean function on your Samsung washing machine: Ensure your Samsung washer is connected; before starting, self-cleaning empty your washer and activate the button. Self-cleaning is pressed; now, you can start cleaning this process. Before doing a load of laundry, wait 60 minutes after the cycle has finished.


#2. Self-clean with bleach

Whether your washer has an odor or mold, or fungus, perform the self-clean cycle using liquid household bleach filled to the max line in the detergent container and wait till the Self Clean process is finished before inspecting to see if the situation has been fixed. Simple steps to follow: Verify that the machine is turned on and connected. Check to see if the unit is empty before using it.

Activate the button. Pour the detergent bottle with liquid bleach into the top fill line in the washing machine. Press that is self-clean Start. Wait for the cycle to finish for 60 minutes; if you have got a front-load washer, wait for at least four hours.  Ensure that the washer tub is clean by wiping it down. Wash and run the machine. Allow the device to air dry by opening the cover and detergent bottle. Make sure the pump filter is clean.  If the unit is not yet working at full capacity, contact assistance.


#3. Times to self-clean

You may already have routine cleaning when you have a Samsung washer to keep your device in good shape. Yet, you may use the factory-installed self-clean option to ensure that your unit is as simple as feasible, as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. The self-clean option is developed for you if you do not even have your machine’s maintenance and cleaning program.

With very little labor, you can keep the washer drum and other inside components gleaming clean. This will also make your appliance last longer. So, how frequently do you have to use the Samsung washing machine’s self-clean cycle? According to Samsung, you should utilize the self-clean function monthly.  If you operate your washer on a regular or multiple daily bases, you must use self-clean after a certain amount of clothes.


#4. Self-cleaning light blinks, what does that mean?

Maybe you should have seen your Samsung washing machine’s self-clean light turning on or flashing at you? The self-clean light will flash if the pre-installed application encourages you to use the Self Clean function. Even if it’s a front-load type that only requires the self-clean cycle after 40 cycles, the light will turn on after the washer has done twenty loads.

If you don’t use the self-clean process, your washer will stop flashing the LED after five cycles and then blink once more after 20 further cycles. Whereas the washer enables you to dismiss the self-clean alert light to some extent, it’s still necessary to keep track of when the unit has to be serviced. You may also be interested to know about the Samsung washing machine problems and troubleshooting.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all have learned how to self-clean Samsung washer and how often you need self-cleaning. We’ve discussed everything in detail; read the article carefully to understand it well. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. You may also want to read about what is the capacity top load washer and why is my washer not spinning.

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