How To Search Wedding Registry On Amazon

It’s very easy to learn how to search wedding registry on Amazon, and we simplified the steps according to their customer support. We will also discuss everything you need to know besides familiarizing yourself with how to find an Amazon registry. 

Perhaps you’re also curious if it’s possible to be notified if someone bought from your list. And to tell your guests regarding your wedding registry, here is how to word registry information on the wedding invitation

how to search wedding registry on amazon


How To Search Wedding Registry On Amazon: Complete Guide On Amazon Wedding Registry

  1. Refer to the link of Find a Wedding Registry on Amazon
  2. After clicking the link, you should be able to find the registries on Amazon as long as it has been a minimum of 15 minutes after it’s created
  3. Fill out the boxes with the Amazon wedding registry name, event location, and the date of the event to narrow down your searches 
  4. Click the yellow “search for registry” button, and you should be able to find the Amazon registry
  5. You can contact their customer service if you have an issue or read the FAQs for wedding registries on Amazon


Where Is The Add To Wedding Registry Button On Amazon?


How to create your wedding registry on Amazon

  1. Go to Amazon’s official website and click on the Amazon Wedding Registry portal
  2. Follow the instructions as you go
  3. Select Create My Registry and submit
  4. To ensure that your registry will only be viewed by the people intended to, know that only your name, city, and state are shown when your registry is viewed
  5. Select Wedding Registry on the drop-down menu of the Account and Lists to view your list
  6. Select Settings at the menu on the top of the registry to further customize your Amazon registry


How to add items to the wedding registry on Amazon

  1. Click on the Custom Gift List link
  2. Select the Create a Custom Gift List option and follow the instructions as you go
  3. Hit submit and add items to your list
  4. Search the wedding registry items you want 
  5. Find the Add to Registry and Gifting option below the Add to Cart option on the product page
  6. Find and select the list you want to add the item to


How To View Amazon Wedding Registry?

After making your wedding registry, the list should be accessible on the Amazon Wedding Registry. There is also an option on the drop-down menu when selecting the Account and Lists. 


How to edit items in your Amazon wedding registry

  1. Visit your wedding registry
  2. Find the gift you want to change
  3. Select Edit item and customize or do the changes you need for that specific item; Amazon allows you to mark the item as essential, allow comments for guests, or even change the requested amount
  4. You can also remove the item from the list
  5. Select Save Changes once you’re done


How to share your Amazon wedding registry

  1. Select Wedding Registry and go to the Menu
  2. Find the Share Your Wedding Registry option and select your preferred method


Does Amazon tell you who bought off your wedding registry?

A convenient feature of using Amazon for your wedding registry is you’ll quickly know if someone purchased an item from your list. You can view your registry, and the item will show as Purchased if someone has already bought it. 


How to delete your wedding registry on Amazon

If you need to delete your wedding registry, follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the menu and select Manage Settings
  2. Find the Delete Registry option and select it
  3. Select Confirm Deletion, and you’re done

It would be helpful to know when to register for wedding gifts, so you won’t feel pressured to make a list. Your guests will also be able to get you gifts in advance. 


Is Amazon A Good Place To Register?

Amazon is a good place to register for your wedding gifts. After all, it’s one of the largest online retailers, and most people already have an Amazon account. 

You can easily find various items to add to your list, and it’s easy to adjust the privacy settings if you’re worried. Another helpful feature is the gift card fund, where guests can contribute to your personalized fund in your wedding registry, so you’ll have a balance you can use for the purchase. 


Amazon Group Gifting

Amazon Group Gifting is a feature where your guests can contribute any amount towards the items in your registry. You’ll receive them as an electronic gift card redeemable to your balance for easy purchasing. 


Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount

You would receive a one-time 20% discount as a Prime member or a one-time 10% member as a non-Prime member on select items if you qualified as a registrant. Remember that you have 90 days after the event day to use this completion discount. 


How To Shop Amazon Wedding Registry?

  1. Sort accordingly using the drop-down menu
  2. Select the item you want to buy and Add to Cart
  3. Choose Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions 



And that’s it! To recap how to search wedding registry on Amazon, you’ll click on the Find a Registry link and fill the boxes with information. 

We hope this was helpful; let us know below for other tips for using Amazon for your wedding. 

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