How To Seal Window Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Steps!

Using curtains is not enough, you need to know how to seal window air conditioner. Even the smallest caps can allow the air to leak. This will reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency.

It will even allow dust and bugs to get in your house. A lot of ways can be done to seal the gap between your air conditioner and the frame of the window. Remember that installing an AC can be hard.

how to seal window air conditioner

Some flaws may occur that can lead to the failure of the unit to provide a balanced air. This in turn will affect the comfort of the room, especially during extreme heat which is why it is important to seal your air conditioning unit.


What Are The Things Needed?

Before anything else, you need to gather the things that you need for this job. It includes the following:

  • Scissors
  • Weatherstrips
  • Tape measure
  • Liquid soap


Steps To Seal Window Air Conditioner

There are various benefits to sealing your air conditioner. If you ensure to follow the steps that we will provide below, rest assured, the air in your room will not leak. So, how to seal window air conditioner?


Step #1. Turning the air conditioner off

The very first thing that you need to do is to switch off your unit. Also, open your window panel before you start. Others would also remove their air conditioning unit. Remember to turn off the machine first before you pull it out. This will prevent any unintentional accidents from occurring.


Step #2. Cleaning your air conditioner

After you remove your air conditioner, clean it thoroughly. Remember that cleaning the AC unit should not only be done during the summer nor the winter season. Instead, you need to keep it clean every day.

Failure to clean your AC unit will affect its ability to provide your house with balanced air. Most often than not, if you use the system continuously, its engine will become dirty.

But if you ensure to keep it clean inside and out, the longevity of your unit will be improved. Wash the unit in an open area so that you will get this done quickly. Using a liquid soap can help in getting rid of that dirt.


Step #3. Filling the gaps

After you have cleaned the unit, you now have to seal any gaps in between the unit and the window using foam. To do that, put back the unit to its place first. make sure that it is reinstalled correctly.

Now, get the weather seal strips and fill any gaps or cracks, especially at the side of the window where the air can pass through into your house. After you put the seal tape, out it a little for to stick properly.


Step #4. Cutting the seal tape

Once you already stick the weather seal strips onto the areas with gaps, cut them accordingly using a pair of scissors. You may even pull it a little backward to achieve a professional finish.

The weather seal is made of foam so it promotes ease of application and it can provide more insulation for the house as it prevents the warm air outdoors to get in and the cold air indoor to get out. You have to ensure that all gaps from the top, bottom, left, and right of the window is sealed.


Tips To Remember

  • In most of the window types, the gaps are usually found on top. This is where the air conditioner and the window meet. The same goes at the bottom and at the corners of the window sill.


Should I Cover My Air Conditioner During Winter Season?

Many homeowners would just ignore their air conditioning system when the winter season comes along. They think that cold temperatures will not have any impact on the unit. Little did they know that the weather can lead to damages.

The cold temperature will not only cause damages to the body of the air conditioner, but it will also cause its coils to deteriorate. When winter is about to come, your AC unit outdoors also needs protection against elements.

Snow and the falling leaves may get in the condensing unit of the air conditioner. This may damage the unit. So what can you do?

You may utilize a cover that is made of any air porous material. Or you can put plywood on top of the unit so that it will be protected against the snow.

You might as well plant some shrubs around the outdoor unit. This will be enough to protect it from the blowing wind and snow. Or you can build a shelter over it. This will protect the unit both in the summer and winter seasons.


It’s A Wrap!

So, that’s how to seal window air conditioner. By simply applying a weather seal strip on every gap can lead to various benefits. In just four steps you will be able to save effort and time if the warm temperature returns. Thank you for reading this post!

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