How To Save Impatiens Seeds

Are you wondering how to save impatiens seeds? With their eye-catching and bright-colored blooms on top of the bushy foliage, Impatiens are known best for giving life to the dark and shady areas in your garden.

While Impatiens flowers can already make a strong impression on its own, it can guarantee a head turn when mass planted.

Typically, they are purchased in garden centers as well-rooted plants, but it can be quite pricey if you have to buy a large collection. If you want to save on the costs, consider growing Impatiens from seeds. It may be relatively less easy than the usual method of planting, but knowing how to save Impatiens seeds can give satisfying results both on the flowers and your wallet.

Ideally, there are certain conditions in germinating Impatiens. The soil must be warm, preferably around 75 degrees F, and that must be maintained, lest the seeds will cease to grow.

They must also be sowed on the surface of the dampened starting mix and covered in plastic wrap to be constantly moist. They are expected to germinate under the artificial light in a warm location with good air circulation after roughly three weeks.


The Process of Collecting Seeds from Impatiens Pods

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on how to save impatiens seeds:


When is the best time to collect the seeds?

When the vibrant blooms start to wilt, a new beginning comes after the end. Once the petals are individually dropping on the garden bed, you can observe a swollen seed pod on the flower’s base and the end of the stems. Therefore, you must inspect the plants regularly to be prepared for that situation.

Before the popping of the pods, you have to take the necessary steps to save the seeds from spilling onto the earth. That way, you can plant your Impatiens once spring comes on the following year.


What preparations must be done beforehand?

The pods burst open in no specific time as long as the seed pods are developing and the flowers have formed. That causes the seeds to spread and get lost on the surface of the planting area. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for these situations.

To do so, you must cover the developing seed pods with a cheesecloth bag. Afterward, tie the opening together with thread around the stem. Once the seeds have ripened and the pods opened, they will be collected in the bag.


When and how should the seeds be removed?

Once the seed pods have dried up and its color becomes yellowish, then it’s time to cut the stem that it is attached to. Under normal circumstances, the pods should split open even with minimal contact. Therefore, do not remove the bag before cutting the stem.

If they don’t pop after you touch them, then it means that you have detached the stem before the preferred time for collection. However, don’t worry too much because you can still get the seeds. In such cases, dry the pods for a week and manually pinch them to open and reveal their contents.

Gently loosen them and pull the seeds that are stored inside. You can also shake them out of the pod and laid down on a plain white surface. Throw the greed remains and place the rest into a bowl.


How are the seeds saved?

After successfully collecting the Impatiens seeds, store them in a jar container with a lid or an envelope. Make sure to place the stock in a dry area with a cool temperature. You are also encouraged to label the collection with the name of the plant to avoid confusion, especially if you keep other types of seeds.

Include the harvest year as well since that can serve as a guide. Preferably, plant Impatiens seeds after saving them for a year. However, they can still grow after getting stored for another spring or even more.

When the next sowing season comes, you can replant the seeds under the specified conditions. After a week to a month, they should germinate and grow flowers after about two to three more months.

It is crucial to know when you should expect the tiny seedlings so that you can start transplanting those that have sprouted. Do not wait for every seed to develop, though, as it is natural that some are healthy while some are not.


Planting Your Impatiens Seeds in a Hobby Greenhouse

Once you’ve decided to plant your stored impatiens seeds, you should consider growing them inside a hobby greenhouse. Here are several reasons why using a hobby greenhouse to plant flowers, crops, and other plants is a great idea:


A greenhouse protects your plants from insects

Pests, such as mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, and thrips, love to munch on your impatiens plants. Keeping your plants inside a greenhouse lowers the risk of an insect infestation, ensuring that your impatiens plants will grow healthy and strong.


A greenhouse keeps your impatiens plants safe from bad weather

Rain, snow, ice, and excessive heat can damage your plants. A hobby greenhouse keeps them safe from weather changes that could kill them.


Final Thoughts on How to Save Impatiens Seeds

Knowing how to save impatiens seeds is important for gardeners who want to plant them the next sowing season. Be sure to store your seeds properly until you plan to use them.


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