How To Safely Use A Space Heater? 7 Best Tips!

Although a heater can keep you warm, you need to know how to safely use a space heater since some risks are associated with it. The most notable one is the fire hazard. When you utilize a heater at home, it is crucial that you follow both the instructions of the manufacturer and the guidance of the experts. 

You have to note that owning and using a space heater comes with some risks. In as much as possible, you do not want your unit to cause a fire in your house.

how to safely use a space heater

Hence, here are the safety tips and tricks that you should know to avoid any hazards. This post will provide the safety guidelines on using space heaters to prevent any accidents. By being aware of the following, you can particularly avoid fire which can be tragic. All of these can make a difference in keeping you warm safe with your space heater. 


Tips To Safely Use A Space Heater

Keep in mind all the tips below on how to safely use a space heater:


Tip #1. Supervise the space heater all the time

You can supervise your heater closely if you stay inside the room as you use the device. It means that you should not use the heater as you sleep. Turn the unit off when you have to leave your room. If you leave the heater unsupervised, it will increase the possibility of fire hazards occurring. When you are done using the heater, ensure to turn off the unit entirely and then unplug it. If the room is adequately insulated, the room will be kept warm even if you turn off your unit already. Even though the heat won’t be sustained the entire day, it is much safer this way.


Tip #2. Understanding how the heater works

The most common space heater types available on sale include oil-filled convection, ceramic fan-forced, and mica heaters. Some units use infrared technology. You should know what type you have at home, then understand how it works so that you will know better about the risks involved. Ensure to read all the warning labels carefully and the information supplied by the manufacturer. Remember that it varies from model to model, so you still need to read it even if this is not your first time getting space heaters.


Tip #3. Give the heater stability and space

The NFPA suggested that you leave a gap of at least three inches between your heater and the flammable materials such as blankets, paper, curtains, upholstery, and rugs. This is for safety purposes. Also, ensure that the heater is placed securely on solid and flat ground or hardwood so that it will not fall or tip over accidentally. Furthermore, keep the heater facing away from any object, whether or not it is flammable. This way, the space heater will work efficiently.


Tip #4. Consider the unit with an auto shut off feature

This is an important feature that a heater should have for increased safety. An auto shut-off is a feature that will automatically shut off the unit in case it detects imminent danger. Meaning to says if your heater starts to overheat or tips over, the device will automatically turn off so that fire hazards will be avoided.


Tip #5. Keep the heater away from pets and people

The three feet spacing rule also applies to pets and people. It would be best not to place your heater in an area with high traffic. Avoid placing the unit in the hallway as well. This is to avoid the possibility that your fur babies or children can run or walk into it. Other space heaters allow the wall-mount installation. This helps keep the unit out of children’s and pets’ reach.


Tip #6. Testing the smoke detectors

Ensure that the smoke alarms in your apartment, condo, or home are updated, given that it is inherent for space heaters to potentially cause fire or overheat. It is ideal that you test the smoke detector to make sure that they are working before you start using the heater. As a general rule, you should test the smoke detector every month to ensure that the batteries are still working correctly, even though you have packed the unit away. Furthermore, regardless of the condition of the smoke detector, you should replace it every ten years as recommended by the NFPA.


Tip #7. You should not plug the space heater into the power strip

The experts recommend that you power your heater by directly plugging it into the wall outlet. Keep in mind that you should avoid using an extension cord or power strip. Typically, a space heater generates maximum power of 1500 wattages. With that being said, if you use extension cords that cannot handle wattage similar to wall outlets can be dangerous. You may also be interested to know about space heater electricity cost.


It’s A Wrap!

The above tips on how to safely use a space heater are essential for every household using space heating systems. Ensure to keep all of those tips in mind. Otherwise, you and your household members will be put in danger, especially fire. You may want to read related articles; know how much energy does a space heater use and what is the best space heater for a large room.

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