How To Run A Clean Cycle On An Electrolux Washer? 7 Easy Steps!

How to run a clean cycle on an Electrolux washer? You can run the clean cycle for your washer with the use of control panels.

But of course, you will have to do some preparations first before you start the cycle.

How to run a clean cycle on an Electrolux washer

I know you hate it sometimes that you’ll have to clean your cleaning? But it does you good if you do so frequently. Cleaning it is a part of its maintenance to avoid future damages. Doing the cleaning by yourself will save you the expense of fixing the appliance. So why hire a professional if you can do the simple cleaning all by yourself. This article will teach you how to maintain your Electrolux Washer with the help of its cleaning cycle. There is so much more to know, so read further!


Electrolux Washer

Electrolux is a brand of appliance which specializes in front-loading washing machines. Each washer could take a capacity of 4 cubic feet but differs in features. Some models have wave-touch controls, and some rely on the Electrolux IQ interfaces, which are pretty similar in construction and designs.

With that in mind, basic washing techniques are best recommended by the manufacturers throughout different models. One of the key features that the Electrolux washer is specialized in is its cleaning cycle which enables them to run the cleaning cycle after doing the laundry. Well, of course, you will have to do some things to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.


Steps To Run A Clean Cycle On An Electrolux Washer

So how to run a clean cycle on an Electrolux washer? Well, you’ll have to follow a few simple steps to finish the process. Even though it is all automatic, the washer wouldn’t wipe itself won’t it? So get those cleaning tools ready, and let’s get started.


Step #1. Remove all the clothes

The first thing to do is to remove the clothes from the washer. Of course, we will be cleaning and not doing the laundry anymore. Then close the front door of the washer securely. Next is to fill the main washing compartment for the detergent chamber with a cup of liquid chlorine bleach. Finally, remove the “Liquid Only” dispenser cup in your washer if yours is installed.


Step #2. Click “Specialty Cycles”

Along with many buttons available on your washer, find the one that says “Specialty Cycles” and press it. You will see an array of specialty cycles on the control panel, and with the use of the knob, turn it into the Clean Water cycle. You may read it as “System Clean” displayed on the screen, then press the start button to start the cycle. The washer-cleaning process will enable your washing machine to rinse off all the dirt left after the laundry. It is also a way of maintaining the appliance clean and ready for subsequent usage. Read how to fix spin cycle on washer.


Step #3. Set the washer cycle to “Spin Only”

Make sure to set the washer cycle to a “Spin Only” state with no detergents added. The recommendable use for a clean washer cycle is once a month. It is a form of preventive maintenance for you to use the appliance for a longer time.


Step #4. Clean the inserts

While we wait for the cycle to stop, let’s clean the inserts. Pull out the dispenser drawers and the detergent compartments. Rinse them in hot water to wash away the residues and soap build-ups. If the compartments have stains, you can still remove them by cleansing them in hot water and soaking them in liquid bleach. Next, scrub the inside drawers using a cleaning brush and wipe them all clean. Finally, use a paper towel or a soft cloth to clean the compartments before placing them back into the drawers.


Step #5. Wiping the interior drum

Using a sponge and a non-abrasive household cleaner, wipe the interior drum thoroughly. Some suds or small spots in the interior may not have cleared in the clean cycle. Rinse and pat the drum dry with a clean cloth or rag.


Step #6. Dry clean the rubber gasket

Next is to clean the outer parts of the washer. Clean the outer fold of the washer gasket using a dry cleaning cloth and remove the debris and lint. Spray the entire surface with bleach or a mildew spray and wipe the dirt off, focusing on the folds to prevent molds from forming. You may also want to know how to clean mold from the front load washer gasket.


Step #7. Final clean

Add a mild dish detergent to the cloth and warm water to wipe the washer’s cabinet. If the wardrobe has stains, tap it with a solution of bleach and water. The key is for every part of bleach, and you should add eight parts of water. After wiping it with the solution, rinse it with water only and wipe it dry. I sometimes polish my washer’s chrome accents with the use of ammonia or window cleaner. But be cautious not to mix the ammonia with bleach. Check out how to use bleach in the washer.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowledge is power, so knowing how to run a clean cycle on an Electrolux washer, you won’t have to pay for someone else to do the cleaning. All you need to do is clean the washer yourself and treat yourself to something nice to eat after the job. Yes, it is tiring to do the cleaning but based on my experience, it was very informative and satisfying to accomplish. Finally, you can see the fruit of your hard work, which is a clean washer ready to be used for the next batch of laundry.

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