How To Roll A Spring Mattress? The Best Do and Don’t

If someone asks you how to roll a spring mattress, please refer to this article and guide them to another practice instead. Experts and manufacturers don’t recommend rolling for this specific mattress type. So what can you do for transporting or storage?

Unlike other mattress types that you can roll with ratchet straps, you shouldn’t do the same with a spring mattress. It will be useless due to its design, and you also risk damaging the construction. Here is what you should do instead:

How To Roll A Spring Mattress?


How To Roll A Spring Mattress Safely: Read This First!


The consideration to remember 

There is no step-by-step guide in rolling a spring mattress. If you think about it, this mattress type is structured with spring coils and even a border rod in some models compared to foam beds. Therefore, the right way to roll it is not to roll it at all. 

While you can try yourself and fold a spring bed, it’s more than likely for it to return to a flat position. The process itself will also be complex, and you risk damaging the internal coils. The mattress will then lose its shape, and you’ll end up with a deformed bed with a potentially voided warranty. 


What you should do is to lay it flat

Instead of rolling the spring mattress for moving or storing, lay it flat in its natural position. It’s the only “do” to remember to ensure that your bed will keep its structural integrity. Lie it horizontally in the moving vehicle or storage space, but don’t be tempted to keep it upright.

You must remember this orientation for spring mattresses. You might think that it’s possible to roll a spring bed into the same position you received it when delivered. However, this is too risky and only recommended for mattresses without springs.


Can I Roll A Spring Mattress?

Rolling and even folding a spring mattress is never ideal. Some manufacturers even avoid sending their spring beds rolled or folded in a box, especially if they will be left inside for an extended period. Why do we emphasize against these practices for spring mattresses?

Rolling or folding the bed is beneficial to some, especially when you’re moving alone, and you have to go through a tight space. However, the springs inside are steel pieces bound to get damaged when the bed is rolled or folded. As a result, the mattress can develop creases or an uncomfortable surface due to the broken solid pieces inside or bent coils. 

At this point, we have talked about the best “do,” which is to keep the mattress flat, and the best “don’t” to remember, is to roll or fold a spring mattress. We also recommend checking the instructions from the manufacturer for your model. Always follow the indications to avoid voiding the warranty accidentally. 


How Do You Pack A Spring Mattress?

Packing a spring mattress is no different when you prepare other mattress types for storage or transport. This means cleaning and ensuring that it’s dry before placing it in the ideal-size mattress bag. However, Zinus tried inventing a method for packing foam-encased innerspring mattresses to solve the limitations in transport and storage space with unrolled and unfolded spring beds. 


Is it possible to roll a spring mattress for packing?

According to Zinus’ invention, they will place the innerspring mattress inside a plastic or cloth bag where one or more sides of the bag are opened to make the process easier. A mechanical press machine will then compress the mattress before sealing the bag. Both the bag and bed will be rolled and taped and then placed in a second bag. 

As you can see, this method is similar to how you’ll compress a foam mattress to reduce its bulk. However, we’ve yet to see spring mattresses following this model. Again, we like to emphasize that there is no best way to roll a spring mattress as it’s better to leave it flat. 


How Do You Move A Spring Mattress For Moving?

If you can’t roll or fold a spring mattress, the most convenient way to move it is to simply prepare the walkthrough. You can’t need any fancy equipment to try compressing the spring bed because the coils are not meant to be folded and rolled as it’ll indicate their thinness and flexibility. A quality spring mattress should use thick and strong coils to keep you supported and comfortable. 


Prepare the walkthrough

For moving, the only issue you must immediately address is your walkway. The areas you’ll go through should be spacious enough, so the spring mattress won’t bump into other items that it may damage or damage it. You should also have someone guide you if there are stairs for your safety since you can’t roll the spring mattress to get a better view. 



If you need to move or store your spring bed, you might opt to roll it to save bulk. However, there is no guide on how to roll a spring mattress because it’s not the ideal practice. Instead, lay the mattress flat and never roll or fold it to keep the materials and structure intact.