How to Revive Old Sofa and Loveseat

Your sofa is looking a bit weary after years of providing you with comfort. It may be time to revive your old sofa, especially if you do not want to buy a new one. So, we are here to assist you on how to revive old sofa and loveseat.

How to Revive Old Sofa and Loveseat?

  1. Vacuuming your Old Sofa and Loveseat

Giving your old couch a thorough vacuum is all it takes to bring it back to life. You’ll need a non-brush upholstery attachment as well as a crevice attachment. Begin by removing the cushions and cleaning the sofa’s foundation. 

how to revive old sofa and loveseat

Don’t be shocked to see all the food, pieces, and baubles that end up stuck beneath the surface. Vacuum all surfaces, including the back, front, and sides, being careful to get into the corners and cracks. Do not forget to vacuum and clean the flooring beneath the sofa while you’re at it!


  1. Cleaning your Furniture

Use restorative cleaning and polishing liquids designed for leather or non-cloth furniture if the couch is leather or non-cloth. Keep in mind that you may not be able to restore the surface to its former state, especially with leather. But, you will be giving your sofa a well-deserved buff that it needs.

If your sofa or loveseat is of fabric, remove the slipcovers and clean them manually. You can do it either with or without a washing machine; it won’t matter. If the cushions are not washable, you can rent or pay someone to steam clean them. 

To eliminate odors, use a spray like Febreze that removes rather than masks scents. You can also unzip the cushions and add several dryer sheets or sprinkle on Baking Soda. Also, another method is to air the pillows out a bit while you perform your thorough clean.


  1. Dealing with Pouf

What is a pouf?

A pouf is a big, substantial cushion usually placed on the ground and surrounded by other furniture. It is a flexible decorative item that you may use in any room of the house. Poufs are becoming increasingly popular in interior design as a subtle yet fashionable way to tie a space together. 


What to do with poufs?

Poufs are excellent functional furniture for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms. If the cushions are sagging, you may plump them up by hand by shaking them back and forth. If they’ve completely lost their pouf, you can replace it with fiberfill or seek the assistance of a local upholsterer. 

The base cushions can be challenging to work with; some have zippers to reach the buffer, and others can’t. You may try to replace the pillow with furniture-grade foam from a sewing store or hire an upholsterer for it.


  1. Repainting your Old Furniture

If your furniture has a wood or painted surface, various solutions are available to repair nicks and scratches. For example, you can go on and repaint your old sofa and loveseat to make it look brand new. Try color-matched stain sticks and wood fillers on wood.

Maybe just a little retouch is needed? Try retouching painted surfaces with a fine brush and acrylic paint. Depending on the surface and condition, you may need to sand and apply a coat of paint or polyurethane. 


  1. Add a Throw Blanket to Level Up your Furniture

Throw blankets aren’t just for off-the-arm use; it depends on the season. You may also use a suitable throw or even a beloved quilt to drape over your sofa. It works almost as well as a slipcover, another option for covering up a drab-looking couch. 

This alternative, though, can be costly, but it is feasible. You can also use a colorful sheet tucked into the folds of the sofa. Again, if required, you may swap this out seasonally.


  1. Reupholstering your Furniture

High-quality furniture is hard to come by these days, and it would be a pity to throw away a lovely piece. Reupholstery is the most expensive choice on our list, but it is also the best option. If you have a complex couch design that requires a lot of details, better reupholster it instead.

You may get a couch reupholstered if you can’t bear the thought of parting with it, but it needs a makeover. It is the most expensive choice, and you should not just choose it carelessly. Some things to think about if you select this path are:


A nice frame

Try to check your furniture’s frame, if it is broken or in good condition. For example, check if the sofa has a solid wood frame because you will almost certainly dismantle the couch. There must be something substantial remaining to attach the new stuffing and fabric on.



Another thing to check is the price if it fits your budget or if it is worth it. You will most likely pay extra for the chance to reupholster your sofa. On the other hand, if you are strapped for funds, purchasing fresh is the best option.



Another factor to consider is the fabric they used in your sofa or loveseat. The price rises as the quality of the cloth and leather improve. But, again, if money is an issue, you always have the option to purchase a new sofa or loveseat.



After your evaluation, if you decide to reupholster, do research and select the highest-rated artisan you can afford. It is vital so that you know your old sofa or loveseat is in good hands. You will not be disappointed in the long term, and you can also save money and time.



You don’t have to say goodbye to a piece of family furniture if it’s very worn out; just revive it! These are six simple ways oo how to revive old sofa and loveseat. Think things through thoroughly before making your final decision about your old furniture.


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