How to Reupholster a Swivel Kitchen Chair: A Practical Guide

Reupholster a Swivel Kitchen Chair? Yes, it’s possible! This guide will show how to reupholster a swivel kitchen chair using the upholstery techniques I’ve learned over the years. It includes how to measure for materials, how much fabric you’ll need and how to attach it securely.


Reupholster a Swivel Kitchen Chair

Steps on Reupholstering Swivel Kitchen Chair

Step 1. Measure for the fabric to your chair and cut it into two pieces.

Step 2. Pin one of the pieces in place on top of the old upholstery material, lining up all edges as you go. The pins will eventually be removed so make sure they are spaced out evenly with enough space between them to avoid getting caught when removing the pins.

Step 3. Sew around all edges. Take care to use a tighter stitch than you might normally to avoid the fabric slipping out of place when you move it onto the chair base in step two below.

Step 4. Remove pins and carefully flip over old upholstery material so that new fabric is on top as before, aligning all edges.

Step 5. Sew around all edges, reversing the stitches of the bottom layer so that they face in towards one another and creating a strong seam on both sides

Step 6. Place piece over chair base where it will be attached – again with care to align all edges as you go.

Step 7. Pin or tack down fabric according to how much durability you want. Sew around edges, reversing stitches of the bottom layer so that they face in towards one another and creating a strong seam on both sides.

Step 8. Replace furniture legs if necessary – depending on how skilled you are with upholstery this may be an easier task to tackle yourself or it might require more patience and skill than is worth investing.

Step 9. Turn the new fabric over – and sew around the base of the chair legs to secure it in place. Enjoy a spruced up kitchen or dining room from your reupholstered swivel chairs!


How do you Reupholster a Tufted Back Chair?

Step 1. Take measurements of how high and wide the chair is, then measure how much fabric you need to create a rectangle that can cover it with an overhang on all sides.

Step 2. Cut out your piece of fabric – if using a tufted back chair, I recommend adding at least one inch for overlap onto all four sides ( if not tufted, you can measure how much fabric to use based on how high and wide it is).

Step 3. Sew the sides together – if using a tufted back chair, leave the bottom open. If not tufted, sew all four edges together (again leaving one inch for overlap at the bottom).

Step 4. Sew the hem – if using a tufted back chair, create another rectangle of fabric that is wide enough to cover up any visible cords and attach it with slip stitching. If not tufted, this step isn’t needed. If the chair is in bad shape, then your best option might be finding a similar one at an antique store or thrift store and taking yours apart before reupholstering it.


How Much Will it Cost?

The amount you spend on this project depends on how much you’re willing to spend.


Can you Reupholster a Chair Without Removing old Fabric?

Yes! You can reupholster a chair without removing the old fabric. However, you’ll need to remove any staples or tacks before proceeding with the next steps.


How to Care for Kitchen Swivel Chair Upholstery

If you’re reupholstering a chair, make sure the fabric is heavy-duty enough to withstand kitchen use. You also want it to be washable for easy cleaning. If the old upholstery has been treated with stain repellent or water-repellant finish, then skip these steps before reupholstering.


What is the Most Durable Fabric for Upholstery?

Nylon, polyester and canvas are all durable fabrics that can withstand the rigours of kitchen use. Nylon is more resistant to spills than other materials because it doesn’t absorb stains or odours.


What does Upholstery Mean?

Upholstery is how you reupholster a chair by covering its seat with fabric.


What is the Difference Between Upholstery and Reupholstering?

Reupholstering means you replace an old fabric with new, while upholstery simply refers to how you cover a chair’s seat in fabric.


How Much Fabric Do I Need for 3 Seater Sofa?

If you have a three-seat sofa and want to reupholster it with the same fabric as before, then you will need two yards. If there was more space on your furniture for the new upholstery than what is available now, such as if it would be wrapped around the armrests or overhanging by an inch or so, you would need more fabric.


What is the Best Way to Clean Your old Upholstery?

The most effective method for how to get rid of dirt and stains on an upholstered piece of furniture is by using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. This will allow you to go deep into the fabric and remove any dirt or other particles that may be embedded. If you don’t have a hose attachment, then it is best to use an upholstery cleaner.


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