How To Reupholster A Rocking Chair: 6 Easy Steps

If you want to know how to reupholster a rocking chair, look no further because this article will help you to do just that. You will need a solid plan, repairs here and there, and creativity! Adding a rocking chair in your home decor will give that cozy and welcoming vibes to your house.

Do you know that using a rocking chair can also be beneficial to your mental health? The gentle rocking back and forth motion causes the brain to release endorphins in your brain. In return, this will lead to improvement in mood, and it can also reduce stress.

how to reupholster a rocking chair

If you have an extra or old rocking chair lying around, what better way to spice things up by making a complete makeover to your old furniture!


What Is Reupholstering?

Let’s first talk all about reupholstering. It is the process of stripping the furniture to its frame and putting it all together again with reinforcements and new fabrics. It brings a unique and refreshed look to old and worn-out-looking furniture.

Why buy a new one when you can transform your furniture by yourself? One benefit of reupholstering is it’s environmentally friendly. When you rework a piece of furniture, you are reusing the frame and other things, which means fewer natural resources are used.

However, it’s important to note here that not every piece of furniture can be reupholstered. Read here to know the thing to keep in mind before committing to reupholstering.


6 Steps On How To Revamp Your Rocking Chair


Step #1. Plan how you want your chair to look

Before anything else, it’s wise if you first sit down and plan how you want your chair to look. Do you want a completely new style, or perhaps you want to fix some things a bit? Making a solid plan before you start reupholstering allows you to keep in control and may even save you money.

This is also the part where you weigh the costs of your project. If you want good results, stick to the plan and your budget.


Step #2. Strip off the old upholstery

To start your reupholstery project, carefully place your rocking chair in a carpet or something where it can’t easily slide off. Then, strip down your old upholstery to its original frame. Be careful with the fabric because you will need them later.

You should also take caution when dealing with really old furniture as some parts may be fragile. You don’t want any added work!


Step #3. Repair and reinforce

Take your trusty staple gun and work on repairing any loose webbings that you might see. These webbings may get worn down over time. Simply attach it on both sides to enhance the lumbar support of your rocking chair.

It will help if you get yourself an upholstery hammer. This kind of hammer is smaller than the average one to secure the frames easier.


Step #4. Sand it down before painting

Prepare your chair for painting by cleaning any visible dirt or debris with a brush. If the stain is hard to remove, try using a bit of water and soap. When the chair is completely dry and free from any debris, sand it to remove previous paint.

Doing this will make a smooth surface so you can paint with ease. Then, you can now get your brush and get into painting with the color of your choice.


Step #5. Change the cushion

If the foam has damage, discoloration, or smells different, toss that out and buy a new one. Carefully place the foam on top of the seat and mark the excess ones with a permanent marker. Use the old foam as a reference on how big or thick you need the cushion to be.

Cut the foam using a band saw, then staple it to the seat. Next, get that old fabric and use it as a guide to know the size of the seat. Cut your new fabric and staple it on top of your foam.


Step #6. Finish by applying a topcoat

Finish your craft by applying a thin layer of topcoat. A topcoat acts as a protective sealer for the paint against damages. It makes sure that no matter where you bump your chair is, the paint underneath will not get ruined that easily.

Especially if you have a wooden frame, a top coat will make sure that your furniture will last for a long time. It will preserve the beauty of the structure itself.


Is It Worth Redoing An Old Chair?

Reworking an old rocking chair can be worth it, especially if this piece of furniture has sentimental value to the user. Maybe you inherited this rocking chair from your mother, grandmother, or other beloved family members. It’s a great way to preserve any memories that you might have on that chair.

Reviving old furniture can be rewarding. It gives you the freedom to add a personal touch to your chair. However, it’s also challenging as it’s not exactly cheap, and it also may take you days to complete it or a few weeks when you take it to a professional.

Take a look at this article to know how to save a bit of cash while reupholstering.



When your furniture is still in good shape but has seen better days, learning how to reupholster a rocking chair will be a great way to revamp that furnishing. The beauty of reupholstering allows you to work on something and make it uniquely yours.

Reupholstering takes time and a lot of patience. Start by making a concrete plan and go from there. Make sure to keep yourself safe while you’re at it!

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