How To Reupholster A Curved Back Chair In 4 Easy Steps

Do you want to give your curved back chair a new look, so you are wondering how to reupholster a curved back chair? Well, you do not need to find answers elsewhere anymore! This article will guide you on how you can quickly solve your problem.

Reupholstering your curved back chair does not only allow you to add new flavors to it, but it also helps you to strengthen the quality of your chair, which can help you to avoid expenses. It is such a good idea, so let’s get started with yours!

how to reupholster a curved back chair


Things You Will Need

Reupholstering your curved back chair is easy when you have the complete materials to use. Before anything else, ensure to prepare the following:

  • Fabric
  • Batting
  • Staple guns
  • Pins
  • Markers
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Screwdrivers

Once you have prepared the needed materials, you can proceed to the reupholstering process.


How Do You Reupholster A Curved Back Chair?


Step #1. Disassembling the chair

Before anything else, check your chair whether the seat and the back are removable or not. If possible, disassemble the parts in the meantime.

Removing the seat and the back enables you to reupholster the chair easily. Set the parts aside in a safe place.

Next, carefully remove the old fabric of your curved back chair. You can use either a razor or scissors for this. After that, if you think that you also need to replace the batting of your chair, detach the batting.


Step #2. Attaching the batting

For this step, you need to get your measuring tape first. Accurately measure the seat of the chair, as well as the front and the back.

Ensure to write down all the measurements so that you will not get confused with them. Add two inches to every measurement.

Get your batting and cut it according to the measurements you had earlier. The thickness of the batting that you want to use depends on your preferences. Thicker batting can give you a softer seat, while thinner batting can help you to reupholster easier.

Once you have cut the batting, start attaching them around the chair’s seat, front, and back. You can begin with the straight sections first and continue with wrapping the curves and the corners. You can use your staple gun in fastening the batting.

Remove the excess batting after attaching them.


Step #3. Applying the fabric

Applying the fabric can be similar to how you attached the batting. However, since the chair has new batting now, the measurements will be different.

With that, you need to measure the parts again. Ensure to add extra two inches.

Cut your desired fabric according to your measurements. Start applying it to the chair’s seat, front, and back by wrapping and pulling it tightly. In this way, you can avoid getting creases to your chair.

Do not cut the excess fabric. Instead, fold the fabric neatly. You can put decorative upholstery tacks on your chair afterward.


Step #4. Reassembling the chair

To finish the process, you only need to reassemble the chair. Get the parts you disassembled earlier and put them all together again. After doing so, you are good to go!


Why Is Having A Curved Back In A Chair Important?

Designs and structures are essential when it comes to chairs. Using a curved back chair enables you to have a comfortable seat in the living room or dining area. Sitting on it provides comfort due to its soft seat and back.

Moreover, curved back chairs are also perfect for correcting your posture. Its curved feature supports your back while you are sitting on it. It assists your lower back to avoid back pain.

Chairs with curved backs are one of the best chairs for you to have, especially when looking for something perfect for your lower back.


Why Is It A Good Idea To Reupholster A Chair?

Reupholstering your chairs is the best idea when you want to renovate their appearance. You are free to replace the color and the texture of your old chair. Moreover, you can match the designs to the theme of your house!

Aside from upgrading its looks, you are also enabling your chair to have a sturdier seat, front and back. Replacing the fabric and the batting allows you to give your chair a longer lifespan. Instead of buying a new chair, you can simply reupholster your old chair.

Additionally, reupholstering your chair can also help the environment. Since you are not throwing your old chairs away, there is a lower amount of waste in the landfill. You are only recycling your chair; that’s why there is no need for you to dispose of it.



Knowing how to reupholster a curved back chair can contribute to many things — health, lower expenses, and environment. Since this article has already helped you solve your problem, you can now start doing the process.

For you to reupholster your curved back chair, you only need to disassemble, attach the batting and the fabric, and reassemble the chair! Once done, you can enjoy your chair again.

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