How To Return Puffy Mattress: A No-Hassle Guide

Those who want to know how to return Puffy mattress must check the brand’s policies and instructions to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. We created an easy-to-follow guide according to Puffy’s guidelines and included other tips when returning a bed. This article will also talk about how you must prepare the Puffy mattress for returning. 

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how to return puffy mattress


How Does Returning A Puffy Mattress Work?

Puffy mattresses come with a 101-night sleep trial, as you can see in Puffy’s return policy. However, like most mattress manufacturers, Puffy requires a certain number of days to try the bed because of the adjustment period. Therefore, the earliest you can only return the Puffy mattress is 30 days after your purchase. 

The excellent news with returning a Puffy mattress is that they consider their return policy risk-free. They promise a no-questions-asked policy for a smooth and quick transaction. Just remember their 101-night trial to ensure that your mattress will still be eligible for return. Furthermore, it’s normal for sleepers to adjust to a new bed, so the 30-day trial before accepting a return is reasonable for any mattress brand. 


What about the free accessories with the Puffy mattress?

Puffy often has offers and promotions where they include accessories with the mattress purchase. For example, they sometimes include a mattress protector, sheets, and even pillows. So if you return a Puffy mattress, you must prepare these free accessories as well for the full refund to be processed and issued. 

You don’t have to shoulder the shipping charges when you return the free accessories. And if you happen not to want to return them, Puffy will deduct their value from the total mattress refund. Finally, please remember that even the bases from Puffy come with a 101-night sleep trial so that you can return the base and the mattress at the same time. 


How To Start The Puffy Mattress Return

  • You can start your mattress return by contacting Puffy via their email with your order number. The brand’s email address is [email protected], and Puffy is also available for calls seven days a week at +1 (800) 430-8380 if you have more questions. 
  • An additional consideration when starting a Puffy mattress return is that one household can only have two returns maximum. 
  • Customers who bought their Puffy mattress and shipped it to Alaska or Hawaii won’t get their shipping fees refunded. 
  • It would be best if you transacted with Puffy directly for any returns, and the mattress should be purchased directly from to guarantee its authenticity. 

How To Talk To A Person At Puffy Mattress

You can contact a person at Puffy Mattress by emailing the brand directly at [email protected] or via a call at +1 (800) 430-8380. The brand’s website also has a contact page to send a message directly to them. You’ll only fill the boxes for your name, email, concern, and message. 

You can use this message tab to ask questions and concerns about product info, shipping and tracking, warranty, returns and exchange, or others. Please note these legitimate ways to contact Puffy because the mattress brand has no other websites or partner retailers. Always practice diligence when transacting with any company to avoid scams.


How Do I Package Return Puffy Mattress During Trial?

You must contact Puffy’s customer support to know more instructions on preparing the Puffy mattress for return. Furthermore, Puffy doesn’t resell or throw away any returned mattress, so please keep it in a pristine condition. Finally, Puffy donates the bed to a local or national charity, which means you must keep it clean without any damage or dirt as you wait for it to be returned. 


How Do I Return An Open Mattress?

There are no specific instructions when returning an opened mattress because some stores and brands even prohibit the returns of any used beds. This is entirely acceptable because of hygiene reasons, and nowadays, more companies are getting stricter due to the pandemic. Therefore, to save time and avoid frustrations, always check the return policies of the mattress brand and if they have requirements to follow to accept any returns. 

For example, you may need proof of purchase, the original mattress packaging, a particular time trial period, and some stores even require the original buyer to do the return, or it won’t be accepted. If you ordered from big stores such as Amazon or Ikea, here are more detailed guides on how to return a mattress to Amazon and the Ikea mattress return guide


Can You Really Return A Mattress?

It should be every buyer’s right to return a mattress after a trial period, but it’s still understandable if some stores don’t allow it. But if you bought the bed online where you can’t test it before purchasing, it’s more likely for the brand to enable returns.



And that’s it! In this article, we discussed how to return Puffy mattress by elaborating the company’s policies. Take note of the 101-night trial with a minimum of 30 days before returns and how you must contact Puffy for your request. You also need to return other freebies, or they’ll be deducted from the refund. 

Overall, if you’re unable to return any mattress due to an expired trial period, not being covered by warranty, or general disappointment, here are some things you can do with a used bed


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