How To Restore Memory Foam Mattress. 3 Best Tips

If you want to know how to restore memory foam mattress, you have three options to do. It can be disappointing to notice that our memory foam mattress has lost its structure. However, this article will teach you some techniques to bring back the mattress’ form. 

It’s also worth noting that proper memory foam mattress maintenance is crucial. Not cleaning and maintaining your mattress well will eventually cause it to wear and sag. You can avoid this problem in the first place just by using it carefully and cleaning it regularly. 

How To Restore Memory Foam Mattress


Can You Restore A Memory Foam Mattress?



We all know that to make a memory foam mattress last, we must lessen the wear and tear it experiences. But more than prevention, habits like repositioning by rotation and flipping might also be useful for restoring a sagging or lumpy memory foam mattress. The idea behind this trick is to help distribute the pressure throughout the mattress. 

Instead of encouraging a dent in the middle, you’ll also use the other areas of the mattress. If you have a double-sided memory foam mattress, you can flip it to use both sides. You can also rotate the mattress every month or so to use both ends and balance the pressure.

The emphasis is necessary that mattress repositioning does not apply to all types of memory foam products. You might be using a one-sided mattress where the other side is meant to be the bottom portion only. Always check your product before practicing this tip. 


Improve support

Another way to restore a memory foam mattress’s conformability and bounciness are to check your bed frame. If the frame is successfully supporting the mattress, it will push it upward and ensure that you’re lying on a leveled foam. The mattress support will also fill the spots in between the slats, so its form is no longer compromised.

A useful tip to remember is to check what bed support is best for the product you’re using. Your manufacturer may have a particular recommendation to ensure that you’re using compatible items together. This way, you’ll no longer experience sinking from the dent in the mattress because it’ll be well-lifted.


Use toppers and pads

The final trick for restoring a memory foam mattress lies in what you put on top. The first tip addresses the mattress structure itself, while the second one addresses the issue underneath. If these methods are unsatisfactory, perhaps you can check your mattress’s surface. 

Consider adding a mattress topper or pad as a permanent fix for a sagging or lumpy mattress. It can even prevent further issues as the material will take the pressure off the foam. By adding a topper or pad, you’ll still sleep on a level surface and avoid body pain

If you miss the memory foam mattress’s contouring abilities, find a topper that also uses the same material. Quality memory foam and latex should also relieve pressure as effectively. However, this final tip doesn’t really change the mattress form but acts as a temporary solution until you get a new one. 


Can You Damage A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have an impressive lifespan compared to other mattresses. It can take up to 10 years before your mattress shows signs of aging and need replacement. However, it’s still likely for you to damage a memory foam mattress due to two factors. 



The first and most obvious reason why a memory foam mattress may get damaged is how you use it. This isn’t limited to when you’re lying on it, but it also applies to how you consistently sit on the edge. If you have kids, they might even add extra pressure on the memory foam by jumping on it. 

You can prevent dents and damages on the mattress using tip number one earlier. Make sure that you’re distributing the use and wear on the mattress. You also want to avoid abusing it by jumping or adding heavy objects over it for extended periods. 



The second factor that can damage the mattress is insufficient support. The lack of proper support will eventually cause the mattress to lose its properties. You want to ensure that the base supports the mattress and distributes the pressure well. 

You may need to improve the foundation by adding a base such as plywood underneath the mattress. You also want to check the ideal structure to lift the mattress up and prevent sinking. For example, are you using the ideal bed frame for your specific memory foam mattress?



Are you unable to replace your mattress at the moment? If so, you must know how to restore memory foam mattress until you can get a new one. Start by flipping or rotating the mattress if the area is sagging. 

You can also improve the bed foundation or use a mattress topper to prevent body pain from the uneven surface. These practices should even prevent further wearing of your mattress. Please read above to know what habits to avoid to help extend your mattress’s lifespan. 

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that you must replace your memory foam mattress after some time. If it loses its contouring abilities, it’s best to get a new mattress. Your body must always be well-supported to avoid body pain and pressure.