How to Restore a Sun Faded Stroller: DIY Tips for Instant Sunshine

This blog post will show you how to restore a sun-faded stroller so that the world can see its true beauty!

A faded sun stroller is like a dull and lifeless flower, with no hint of what it used to be. The plastic coverings, once vibrant and cheerful, have lost their lustre. No one wants to interact with a dirty old object that looks like it needs more than just a little scrubbing.

how to restore a sun faded stroller


Tips on How to Restore a Faded Sun Stroller

Step 1. Do not use bleach, as it will remove the colours from your stroller. Simply scrub with a gentle dish soap and water mixture to restore colour. This is also effective for hand-me-down items that have been lost in someone else’s dirt or stains. Rinse off rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning agent to avoid any damage.

Step 2. After you have scrubbed the stroller, give it a second coat with warm water and a liquid dish soap mixture that has been diluted by half. This will help restore the colour in time for your next outing!

If all else fails, invest in some sunscreen or sunblock so that no one is left out of the fun because they are too sensitive to be near the harsh rays of our dad’s biggest star.


How do you make a pram hood?

Step 1. Start by cutting a rectangle of fabric to the width and length you want. Sew one long edge closed, except for an opening about three inches wide on the shorter side (this is where your child’s head will go), then sew up both sides across the top so that it forms a pouch.

Step 2. Now cut off any excess material from around this open-end—just enough to make room for your hand when placing it in to pull out whatever you need inside without having too much show at the edges.

Step 3. Fold over and iron down a seam allowance along all four sides of this unsewn portion, fold back under the corners, press with the iron again if needed, and stitch into place securely before going on to finish sewing up the openings.

Step 4. You can use a variety of trims to finish the edges, such as rickrack or ribbing that’s leftover from another project, lace trimming found at your local fabric store, bias tape strips (just measure and cut), clothing elastic used for waistbands in skirts and pants, decorative ribbon—whatever you have on hand!

Step 5. To attach them to the edge of the stroller cover: Put some glue along one side and hold it down while it dries so that when you turn it over there will be an even line across both sides where they meet if need be; then fold under one end about three inches towards the inside before turning back again with some glue applied near the other edge of the three-inch fold

Step 6. To make a closure: Measure the circumference of your stroller and cut a piece of fabric that length in one direction; then fold it over lengthwise to overlap about half an inch, twice for thickness. With some glue at each end (or pinning if you want), attach the ends. For extra security, stitch both edges down with coordinating thread; use pins or sewing machine stitching to hold everything in place while it dries

Step 7. A decorative element can be added across the top edge by cutting out ribbon from felt or other lightweight material and using glue with two pieces overlapping on top of one another just as you would do for a hemline. Cut off any excess – A metal eyelet, such as a grommet or D-rings are great for attaching the top of the fabric to your chair.


How do you get scratches out of a stroller frame?

Step 1. Use a scratch remover with light abrasive action, such as an electric sander. Hand sanding alone will not work because the stroller is too big and you need to be able to reach all areas of the frame.

Step 2. Apply polish on top of scratches with a rubbing motion until it disappears; for deeper scratches that have gone through the paint layer, use touch up paint instead

Step 3. If your colour isn’t available at stores or online, try using acrylic paint matching your desired shade. Mix in different amounts of water and/or white craft glue if needed to get the right consistency before painting onto a scratched area.


What should I do about rust?

  • Use vinegar mixed with salt
  • Apply oil
  • Use a rust remover on the area

What should I do about stains?

Step 1. Remove as much of the stain as possible with an absorbent cloth or paper towel by scrubbing in circular motions. Be careful not to rub too hard, as this can damage your stroller frame and make it more difficult to remove the stain later.

Step 2. Rinse out fabric and leave to dry overnight if using water for cleaning; otherwise use a gentle detergent mixed with cold or lukewarm water (if you are unsure which one is best) before soaking stained areas for 30 minutes or so.

Step 3. Launder any parts that have been soaked in soap solution separately from other clothes, following the instructions of the care label -Next, scrub any remaining stains with a detergent or soap and water solution

Finally, rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of your cleaning agent before drying.

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