How to Restore a Stroller: A Step-by-step Guide

Do you have a stroller that has seen better days? Strollers can be expensive, and it may seem too costly to invest in a new one. Strollers are made with tough materials so they can withstand daily use for years without showing significant wear or damage, but accidents do happen. This post will teach you how to restore a stroller to its former glory by following these easy steps!


How to Restore a Stroller

Steps on Restoring a Stroller

Step 1. First, you’ll need to remove the fabric from your stroller. This can be done by taking a deep breath and pulling on two opposite corners of the fabric until it unzips or unravels. If there are any loops left over that don’t seem to want to come undone, use pliers with some heavy gloves (or else they may get caught in the loop).

Step 2. Next, scrub down all metal parts and other surfaces using water mixed with soap; this will remove dirt as well as grease build-up from oils that accumulate while storing your stroller near food. Once everything is clean, leave it out in direct sunlight for an hour so that evaporating liquids break down the remaining grime.

Step 3. Finally, wash all fabric surfaces with a gentle soap and water mixture. Rinse well to remove any residue before drying the stroller in direct sunlight for at least an hour (or until dry). Strollers should be dried out of doors or else they may develop mould which is unpleasant for both humans and our environment.


But why do I Need to Clean my Stroller?

A dirty latching mechanism will make it more difficult to open your stroller – especially if you have children who are always running around while pushing the seat up – so take care of that first!

Stains on fabrics can lead them to pill over time to make them feel less comfortable; plus, when dirt builds up outside its natural habitat (the ground),   it will start to be tracked into your home, and that’s not a good thing.


How do you Fix Faded Sun Fabric?

A professional cleaner can usually restore the sun-faded fabric to its former glory. Stroller experts recommend using a laundry detergent that is designed for use on fabrics as well, such as Clorox’s Sun Brightener or Woolite’s Dark Stains Remover.


How do you Clean Dirt From the Stroller?

If your stroller has not been cleaned in some time, it may have accumulated unwanted debris like insects and dust bunnies under the seat.

For a thorough deep-cleaning (and if there are any stubborn stains), mix two cups of bleach with four gallons of water then pour into a spray bottle before spraying down all surfaces thoroughly! Rinse fully after each application so no trace remains and let dry completely before using.


Can you Reupholster a Stroller?

While reupholstery is often the best option to restore a stroller that has been damaged by water or stains, it can be difficult for those without sewing experience.

Strollers with cloth seats are likely easier and less expensive than others to have upholstered because you do not need strips of fabric sewn around the edges. For more information on how to get your seat repaired professionally, please see our blog post about Stroller Seat Repair!


Can you Remove Scratches From Rubber?

If there’s dirt beneath the rubber bumper pad where kids’ shoes might rub against it over time (especially if they’re wearing Crocs), try scrubbing gently using soap and warm water before taking a dry towel in hand and buffing it dry.


Can I dye my Bugaboo Fabrics?

Bugaboo fabrics can be dyed by a professional upholstery technician. Contact us for more information!


What Should I do With my Baby’s Clothes?

The Stroller Source is always accepting donations of new or gently used, clean clothing and gear in good condition! You may also want to check out our Strollers Recycling program. 

We are happy to offer you a trade-in credit on your next purchase when trading in lightly worn items like stroller parts, car seats, carriers, cribs and play yards.


How to Make a Stroller Hood

Stroller hoods add a wonderful layer of protection from the sun and elements, but they are not very expensive to make. Strollers can be found at garage sales or on Craigslist for cheap prices as well!  If you’re looking for something new, Stokke makes an amazing line of strollers that have reversible canopy covers with UV 50+ fabric -perfect if you live in an area where the sun is abundant year-round.


How do I Know Which Stroller will Best Suit my Needs?

Which Stroller is Best for Me? You’ll want to keep in mind what kind of terrain you will be on the most. For example, if you are taking mostly urban walks and prefer an easy fold, a lightweight stroller like the City Mini would work best.

If your walking adventures take place on grassy surfaces or over gravel roads where pushing gets difficult, a wider wheelbase might suit your needs better with models such as our Mountain Buggy Terrain Strollers- these also have great suspension systems which make them perfect for rougher terrains.


Can I Paint my Pram?

Prams are made of a range of substances, from metal to plastic. You can paint this kind of stroller if it is either made from wood or painted in a way that will not interact with the finish on your car seat.


Do Strollers Need Wheels?

No! Strollers come with wheels because they make them easier for you and yourself to push when walking- but many parents prefer other kinds of mobility systems like frame bikes where you carry your baby by their chest, back or belly (depending on how old they are).

These options may require more work out of your arms, which is why we recommend using one in tandem with an ergonomic carrier such as our Ergobaby Carrier Comfort Curve 360 – these have


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