How To Reset Whirlpool Duet Washer? 4 Easy Ways!

We are here you present you a comprehensive guide on how to reset Whirlpool duet washer? In just a few methods, you can; and these things you will know as you delve into this article further.

The Whirlpool washers are made in stringent conditions, and you don’t have to worry about their performance, as a simple reset can fix most of the issues with your washer. 

how to reset Whirlpool duet washer

A reset process is not only related to pressing the buttons on the control panel of the dashboard. But you have to check the inner and outer parts of the washer to make sure that all of them are working correctly. Keep reading if you wanna know their exact methods to shoot the error codes from your whirlpool duet washer.


How To Troubleshoot The Whirlpool Duet Washer?

Now it’s time to know how to reset Whirlpool duet washer.


General reset method

You need to turn off the wash cycle before resetting the washer. Then rotate the dial to the normal position. Now you have to play a game. Yes, resetting the Whirlpool dryer seems like a game! Turn the knob six times in specific directions. You have to rotate the dial one time counterclockwise, three times clockwise, one time counterclockwise, and lastly, one time in the clockwise direction. Press the start button to observe if all the lights are on. 

Press the start/stop button and rotate the knob until the lights of rinse wash and stop illuminates. Plug off the washer for 10 seconds to complete the whole procedure of reset, and voila! You have finished your task.


Run the diagnostic mode

You must know how to run the diagnostic or test mode on the washer. We have described the two methods below. These procedures will display the error codes on the control board. 


#1. Push one random button

Plug the washer into the receptacles and press the control on the button from the dashboard. Now you have to turn the knob on the drain position and spin. Move to the next part of the control board and keep pressing the spin button until the red light illuminates the no spin option. Then push any random button four times, and the whirlpool washer will go to the test mode.


#2. Push any three buttons

Push the power button to turn on the washer. Locate four buttons of wash temperature, spin, extra rinse, and soil buttons on the control board. You have to choose any three of these. Then press the selected buttons three times, and the washer will go to the test mode showing some error codes on the control panel screen where you see the water temperature. 


How To Reset Specific Parts Of Whirlpool Duet Washer?

You have to check and reset the following parts after getting the error codes on the display screen of your whirlpool duet washer.


#1. Motor

You must have to check the motor of your whirlpool duet washer to make sure it is working all good. Take a digital multimeter and test the continuity in the motor after disconnecting the two wires from its terminal. Also, ensure that the grounded connection of the engine is good by touching the two probes with its bare metal housing. If the result of both tests shows the needle on zero, it indicates that the motor is working in perfect condition. 


#2. Locked door

Did the door get jam when you pressed the stop button between a wash cycle? Press the drain and spin buttons to remove the water from the drum. Then plug off the washer for 10-15 manures, and the reset will be done. 


#3. Pump filter

You must know how much a clogged filter can cause damage to a washer’s performance. Reset it by opening a panel at the front bottom using a Torx-20 screwdriver. Then disconnect the hose from a plastic plug and drain the water out. Then turn the filter cap counterclockwise and remove the debris and foreign objects like coins or pins from inside. Reconnect the lid by rotating it clockwise. It may be helpful to read about the definitive guide to pressure washer pumps.



#4. Water flow 

Does your whirlpool duet washer stop before completing the wash cycle? Firstly, you have to confirm if the drum is spinning as usual. If yes, check the bearings. All good? It is time to review the lint screen of the hoses. Unplug the washer and locate its rear part. Disconnect the hoses and after shutting off the water valves. Remove any buildup junk that reduces the flow of water. 

Reconnect the cold and hot water hoses and turn on the water valves. Select a wash cycle and observe the water flow by taking off the detergent tray. You have to check the hoses for leakage if the water is still flowing at a low rate. Lastly, you must ensure that the faucets are open to the whole level. I hope that it will solve the issue of decreased water flow. If it does not, uninstall and reinstall the hoses to remove that reset issue. 


Do’s Of Resetting

Here are the do’s of resetting 

  • The paper book that comes with the washer as a user manual is your best friend for any problem related to repair or reset.
  • You should not start the test mode before letting the washer unplug for 30 seconds.

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It’s A Wrap!

You cannot ignore the effectiveness of resetting as the washer’s performance boost up after going through a troubleshot process. That is why we compiled this guide on how to reset Whirlpool duet washer to help you out. We are optimistic that you need not worry again about resetting your whirlpool washing machine. 

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