How To Reset Water Filter On Samsung Fridge? Only 2 Easy Steps To Follow!

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge? We will talk about this in detail as you read along. As we all know, Samsung is one of the biggest and most trusted companies out there by people who are into electronics. When you first hear the brand, quality is what comes into mind. Little did people know that Samsung isn’t only one of the leading phone producers but also for fridges.

They’re pretty unique from other brands too. Now, talking about resetting the water filter of your fridge, you should clean it regularly, preferably every six months, to enjoy a glass of clean and fresh water. To avoid any problem, we should know the ways or methods to reset a Samsung fridges’ water filter.

how to reset water filter on samsung fridge

If you have an instruction manual, then good for you. It’ll lessen the hassle and can be used as a basis for doing the task needed. However, each unit has its unique manuals as they may have components that may differ from other models. If you lost yours, then it may be a bummer.

But you don’t have to worry. Thanks to the internet, there are many sites with a manual that you can use if you don’t have a hard copy. Regardless, keep on reading to learn the steps on resetting your fridge’s water filter.


Resetting Water Filter On Samsung Fridge

How to reset water filter on Samsung fridge? Samsung refrigerators are quite a giant leap to the current technology of fridges that other brands have to offer since they are the first, if not, to integrate a system wherein your appliance is totally in control using some buttons and a screen to adjust, boost, and do some things with its temperature control.

But that isn’t the only thing that it has on its settings. There are various options that you can see, and one of those is resetting multiple components of the fridge. Unfortunately, you cannot find it on some, but fortunately, with Samsung’s growing technology, they can make more of those units that can be comparable.

That’s why this article is specifically made for Samsung fridges. But, of course, some of its parts can be different from others. Regardless, let’s learn the steps to reset the water filter that is handy when you need to change the filter.


Step #1. Installing a new water filter

This step requires you to have a new water filter on hand before doing the process. As much as possible, we want this process to cost you lesser time to be done since it can be very lengthy for those who do not have an idea about what they’re doing. Samsung refrigerators are unique.

Their water filters can rarely be seen on the back panels. It is usually placed somewhere inside the fridge for easier access. If it cannot be located inside, try to check for the sides of the appliance’s rear.

Firstly, unplug the fridge to ensure that there will be no accidents that’ll happen later on. We want to avoid that as much as possible. Then, a knob can be seen in the old water filter, which you should turn so that it gets out of the place. Once you’ve removed it, slide the new one back and make sure it’s tightly placed.


Step #2. Resetting the indicator

Now that the new filter has been put in place, you’ll now want to reset the indicator so you can keep track of the filter’s situation.

It is essential to follow the replacement of the water filter since they only last half a year at max. More than that, it should be replaced right away so that it works properly.

To reset an indicator, there are many ways since it is Samsung’s appliance. For this one, what you’ll want to do is press and hold the alarm for a maximum of 3 seconds so that the reset filter will appear. That is if your unit has an outside panel.

If it only has an inside panel, hold both the power cool and fridge buttons simultaneously for five seconds. If you continue to do this, you will reset the light for the indicator of the fridge to a state where it can track the new filter. Learn everything you need to know with a Samsung fridge, such as replacing the water filter to know why resetting the fridge is needed.



And that is how to reset water filter on Samsung fridge.

Again, take note how often you should change the water filter of your fridge and that is every six months at maximum.

All the steps provided are easy to execute, but if you are not confident to do it yourself, you can call a friend or a professional to handle this one. Regardless you might find this one topic on how to move a fridge without scratching the floor. Feel free to read that one.

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